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Get The Best Jack Stands To Support Your Vehicle

A Jacks is primarily a lifting gadget that is used to apply significant force and lift heavy loads. As a home appliance, it is important for lifting your heavy appliance for repair work. The primary usage of jacks can be seen while repairing a car or any other vehicle.

Jacks, as a tool, are found in different variants. Let us discuss some of the standard jacks and their function. Scissor jacks is a variant that is found in almost all car trunks. It uses the screw mechanism to lift the vehicle instead of hydraulic pressure. The best part of a scissors jack is its size, making it a perfect fit for small spaces.

Then there are the floor jacks, which is the most common variant and is used to position on the exact spot where maintenance is required. This jack is raised with hydraulic pressure. GZYF jack uses hydraulic pressure to lift heavy loads. The floor jacks are also used by many homeowners to keep walls with a sagging foundation from coming down.

Bottle Jack is another hydraulic variant mostly used in the automotive industry. It has the shape of a bottle and hence the name. A barrel jack is a broader form of the bottle variant and is more heavy-duty. Pneumatic Jacks uses hydraulic power to lift heavy vehicles like busses and trucks. It is also called a telescope jack. Hi-lift Jack, Strand Jack, Trolly Jack, and Motorcycle Jack are the other types of devices available for lifting various vehicles and heavy loads.

Jack stands are equally essential devices for holding the lifted load. They are tripod-like stands that are used for controlling the vehicle's weight when suspended. They are usually made of light steel or aluminum. The more powerful types are made from cast iron and steel. The tool height can be adjusted as per requirement. The stands come with a steel pin that is put into the holes in the stands on the central column. Big Red is a Torrin aluminum jack stands with locking.

While choosing a jack stands, it is crucial to consider the car's weight and the maximum height it can reach. Jacks and Jack Stands are usually sold in pairs. Always use both the devices when needed because it is safe while you repair the underneath of your car. There are safety standards to be adhered to while using the jacks and stands. In the United States, the Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Service Equipment has been developed by ASME for all equipment, including hydraulic jacks, transmission jacks, and other lifting equipment. OTC is one such equipment that follows all the standards and is ideal for handling heavy transmission. It has an adapter plate for road ranger transmission and 360 degrees of pump handle rotation. Always opt for the jack that best suits your purpose and makes your work easier.