Best Tools To Keep Kids Safe Online

Software enables you to track locations and browsing history with notification alerts for advanced protection against children activities.

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  • Easy setups and configuration dashboard
  • GPS enabled location tracking with geo-fencing
  • Screen time monitoring set scheduled screen time
  • Best parenting software for beginners
  • Full cross-platform support with app control
  • Performs monitoring on an unlimited number of devices
  • Monitors all devices from a single app
  • Enables control and locking of devices
  • Best parenting software for employees
  • GPS enabled location tracking system
  • Notification alerts for battery tracking
  • Blocks certain websites and content
  • Analyzes the site visit performance
  • Social network monitoring in 24/7
  • Monitors incoming and outgoing text messages
  • System and location alert history
  • Screen time management of website filtering
  • Digital timeout with uninstall protection mechanism
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Improves internet connections
  • Filters youtube and emailed reports
  • Monitors website usage and data history
  • Periodically captures the computer screenshots
  • Records point to point navigation with Wifi connection
  • GPS enabled location tracking system
  • Screen time-monitoring with device curfew
  • Filters content in real-time with internet monitoring
  • Best parenting software for elderly
  • Simple parent dashboard for monitoring
  • Allows to set time limits and block websites

Ultimate Guide on How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online?

Technology is accessible for everyone, including the children. From a very early age, children learn about the internet, playing games online, and watching videos, so it is important to secure them from the dark side of the internet. The online presence of children can be very harmful to their psychological development. As parents, you should be educated and conscious of your child's online activities, and it is advisable to take into account what your children are watching and reading online. At the same time, it is important to ensure their need for security in private space. As elders and well-wishers, you should make well-informed decisions about keeping kids safe online. Educating them about online security and restricting them to a certain extent will help their character development.

Research suggests that more than 95% of all children between the ages of 12 and 17 use the internet, and at least 20% have reported unwanted sexual advances.

What Online Safety Tools Do?

There are multiple tools to keep kids safe online. VPNs, encryption, and complicated password parameters are the starters for safeguarding them while surfing the internet. These tools address specific parts of the internet that should not be exposed to children and let you block websites, censor content through web browser extensions, safe launchers, or alternative applications.

Things to Look For In Tools For Keeping Kids Safe Online

Feature Of Locking Specific Websites 

While surfing the web unsupervised, kids stumble upon websites that lead to pornography or websites which promote violent activities. So it is best to lock them before letting your children use a device with internet access. 

Most of the softwares or web browser extensions come with a feature to lock particular URLs, and it should be a priority to have this tool at hand. The benefit of having this tool goes even beyond just censoring adult content. You can also lock social media, which should not be accessed for long hours, music videos that show disturbing visuals or gruesome videos and graphic images that can cause trauma in children. 

Alert System 

If you are looking for a safe launcher or specific software that your kids can use to wander about on the internet, you should take into account the feature of having an alarm system. The Qustodio software will send an alert message or warning to your phone when your kids try to access websites that are not safe for them. t is highly beneficial as you will not have to constantly monitor them to notice if they are entering a website that is not meant for children even when you are not home. The alert system will instantly inform you so that you can block that website. 

Kid Safe

'Kids safe' is an important and very helpful feature. It uses artificial intelligence to check and tell you if a site is safe for children or not. As an adult, you might not notice the minute details present on a certain website or in reading material or video that a kid should not read or see.

Kids safe feature does this scrutiny for you by considering the vulgarity of terms that they use, the content they are putting forth, the child safety rating, etc. It gives you the advantage of relaxing and letting the feature block what does not suit their safety parameters. 

Moderator For Online Videos: 

Audiovisual medium proves to be the most effective way of teaching, and you might want to keep an educational environment going while the kids are at home by showing them videos from popular video hosting websites. But it should always be kept in mind that anyone can upload any content on these portals, and thus you should use a moderator feature that allows you to filter out such materials. You can limit your children to educational videos and channels that broadcast cartoons and knowledge-based shows. You can keep them engaged, educated, and safe at the same time with this feature.

Social Media Monitor 

One of the best tools in the list is Kaspersky that helps to keep kids safe while using social media is to have a social media monitor. This keeps track of your child's day-to-day activities on social media sites and keeps you in the loop of what they are watching and who they are talking to. The best part about having a social media monitor is that it alerts you if there is any concerning activity that your child is taking part in or falling victim to. Cyberbullying and unwanted sexual advances are very common problems that you don't want your kids to prey on. It also warns you if your kids show any suicidal tendencies or are exposed to content related to drugs. You will always be aware of their social media access and rescue them if they are being manipulated or victimized.

Pinning Keywords

Ideally, you should always have this feature on your devices. No matter what your kid is doing online, it will immediately flag it if it has an inappropriate word. Your child will no longer be able to see that word or access that content if it is filled with vulgar language. It is very easy to come across filthy language on the internet, and kids or young teenagers might pick the word up without knowing its implications and why they should not use it. Pinning keywords can protect them from unwanted or uncomfortable situations and have them steer clear or filthy content on the internet


You can use Norton Family Premier tool to create a safe environment for kids online. If you are using the internet to educate your children or trying to ease them or comfort them when they are throwing a tantrum, there should be certain boundaries that you set. These tools will make you not worry about them accessing content that you don't want them exposed to. However, no matter how much time you spend with your kids, to protect them from the evils of the internet is not enough. You should be a security-conscious cyber citizen, and to do that, you should get these tools today.

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