Best Tools To Create Online Courses

Improves your skill-set with the online tools with the advanced technology of video recordings and slideshows for easier onboardings of course training.

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  • Vast selection of document presets and templates
  • Event scheduling, calendars and mood boards
  • Broad collection of visual assets
  • Simple drag and drop functionality
  • Allows to add images, music and motion graphics
  • Downloadable action-oriented workbook
  • Records and edits professionally filmed videos
  • Performs virtually infinite marketing third-party integrations
  • Accepts various payment methods
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard with tracking
  • Customizable sales pages with course compliance
  • Publishes straightway with pre-launch feature
  • Enables to send newsletters and drip campaigns
  • Allows to set up lead nurturing campaigns and teaser content
  • Provides substantial revenue shares
  • User-friendly interface for massive benefits
  • Marketing promotions to attract a broad audience
  • Offers reliable technology and support
  • Easy to use editor with intuitive navigation
  • Mobile and tablet ready pre-made templates
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Built-in social networking of lead generation
  • Provides HD quality audio and video recordings
  • Interactive learnings with tests and assessments
  • Innovative template management for impressive designs
  • Easy to use and clean interface
  • Various configurable and customizable courses
  • Robust set of marketing automation tools
  • Advanced triggers for email-based marketings
  • Offers both free and paid options for streamings
  • Host live calls with online participants
  • Perfect for promoting a series of webinars and live sessions
  • Membership plans for students
  • Allows participants to share feedback and progress
  • Perfect platform for creating attractive content
  • Includes multiple file types of PDF’s and audio file
  • Content importer for bulk uploadings
  • Robust student tracking tools with integrations
  • E-commerce feature with various payment methods
  • Perfect creating software for beginners
  • Contains videos, audios and PDF’s
  • Enables to add any type of downloadable files
  • Host teleconferences effortlessly
  • User-friendly and customizable interface
  • Provides advanced pre-built layouts
  • Custom-built flexible website builder
  • Intuitive interface for easy uploadings
  • Offers both free and paid versions of hostings
  • Allows to upload, share and host content
  • Perfect for hosting created videos and files
  • Shares links and embedded into the website.
  • Academic and asynchronous learnings
  • Built-in course authoring for mobile learnings
  • SCORM compliance e-learnings

Features To Look While Selecting The Best Tool To Create Online Courses

Learning has become simple and convenient with the emergence of many online course creators featuring video tutorials to improve their knowledge and personal growth and learning on various subjects. 

Nowadays, people prefer learning online from the comfort of their home rather than travelling to institutions to learn from instructors to gain the classroom kind of experience to understand concepts better. It is presumed that the online learning platforms offer a clear-cut explanation with the systematic procedure to benefit the viewers. 

Besides, they provide the right kind of liberty to watch the video whenever the students get doubts, which is a time-saving approach to eliminate the dependencies on a teacher who might be busy with other classes at that moment.

Many online course creators are available in the market for creators or business people to create online courses in a comprehensive way for the learners. These tools' speciality is that it provides the right kind of guidance for learners by conducting many assessments to test their knowledge obtained in the respective subjects post-training session. 

An inbuilt template is available within the online tools to upload the online courses' images and content in the software. Creating and marketing online courses has become easy, with such modern software helping in its successful venture. 

The learning curve is as good with online software as it keeps them interested with an attractive user interface and functionalities.

8 Things To Consider Before Creating Online Courses

Reachability of the Course

Before creating and marketing an online course, the business must analyze the subject's popularity related course in the industry. It is because there are so many physical institutions to teach courses in real-time to students. 

The online course you intend to publish must be unique to drive students' attention to the course. Check the subject's current market value and cross-verify in online learning portals whether the course is listed.

The Expertise of the Tutors

Ensure you hire skilled tutors with in-depth knowledge of the subjects to provide the best learning experience for the students. The prior experience of the tutors is a primary thing to look for before hiring an online faculty. 

Ensure that the tutor has good interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with students on the learning platform and clarify their queries to cultivate students' interest in learning. Put the tutors under some competency tests to assess their knowledge level and hire the best one among them. 

What Type of Delivery?

The streaming of the online course contents happens on the tools via images, audio, video, and posts to convey the concepts positively to the audience. Some people prefer ppt documents as slides to break and learn new subjects quickly. 

It is a cost-effective method and includes reference links in the presentation document to help if the learners get doubts in the process of learning. Images are a prevalent choice to make the learners connect with the situation and learn things quickly.


Video-based software provides engaging learning with both audio and video messages. The best thing about e-learning is that learners get a chance to visually see and learn on the go with diagrammatic representations and examples. 

There is numerous video streaming software available on the internet in both paid and unpaid versions. Platforms like Vedanta provide a live session to connect tutors and learners to benefit learners in getting their queries answered instantly.


Audio-based content positively impacts increasing learners' listening skills and helps them act accordingly in completing the activity. People lacking concentration skills can make use of audio-based software to improve their concentration power.

Course Duration

A standard course will take anywhere between 6 months to 6 years to complete based on the subject's complexity. Some people take the course parallel without disturbing their profession and choose to extend the course to master the subject better. 

Online software should conduct tests at the end of each course to judge learners' level of understanding and give them their scores based on that. 

Keep the courses short to attract learners to your site because people look for productive online courses to complete within a specified time. 

Focus on topics that require more training by arranging practical sessions for it and giving less priority to concepts that are easy to understand with a brief explanation.

Standard Content of Curriculum 

If you are an e-learning content developer looking to build your brand, focus on providing a quality curriculum in line with the market's current educational trends. 

Keep posting the amendments to any changes in the academic content to thrive well in the field. This can attract potential customers to the software by making their investment and time worth it on the particular online educational platform.


Teachable is a reliable platform for delivering high-quality content via dashboards and provides the right breakage of courses on the site. Podia is the next sought after software for promoting the brand of the company with impressive teasers.


Learning is a never-ending process with the advancements in technology, and many online tools are developed to deliver the right course guide to students. 

Canva is an intuitive online learning platform with visually pleasing images to provide the course materials in a very catchy way. The pictures are so eye-catchy in encouraging them to learn better with best-explained concepts via pictorial representations. 

The success of any brand relies on the quality of its services to seek popularity among the audience. Take your business to great heights by delivering online courses with technology to generate handsome revenue by featuring your brand.

Ensure you provide the courses on time to help learners reach their targets and excel in their selected fields.

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