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Conduct comprehensive research on tenants for their criminal, credit records and it helps to get trusted tenant recommendations.

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Guide for Choosing the Best Tenants Screening Services


It certainly isn't a perfect world where every tenant meets the eligibility criteria. Therefore, you, as a property owner, must screen for avoiding issues in the future. There are a lot of factors that you must take into account before selecting a tenant, and it is nearly impossible to approach each one manually. Therefore, it is necessary to choose screening services to help the property owners and landlords ease into the renting process to enhance their money and investment

Property managers must avoid harmful and irritating tenants. Screening services, offered by credible firms, help owners conduct detailed background checks. However, before you finalize, it is necessary to go over certain factors determining the concerning use or security software's efficiency.

Features To Look In Tenants Screening Software

Firstly, before discussing a credible tenant screen features, it is necessary to understand that online screening options are available. Here are some of the best service providers that help owners get a fair idea about the prospective renters. We shall enlist the best features, and before you make a purchase, you should cross-check their availability. 

Background Checks

Here is one feature that is only available with credible tenant screen service. This attribute checks for existing or past criminal implications, conviction records, multistate unlawful presence, if any, and other relevant details.

Eviction History

If you plan on getting a tenant, you must delve deep into his or her eviction histories. A right screen provider makes this possible. There is an advanced tool that allows you to look at the past residences and the history of evictions. You can always dig more into the reasons for removal and take calls accordingly.

Quickest Possible Turnaround Time

You should persist with a tenant screen provider that supports faster turnarounds. As a property owner, you wouldn't like to wait for a long time before getting hold of the details. Therefore, before you make a purchase, ask the provider about the expected processing time. 

Credit History

There are a few screening services that peep into the credit history of the resident. This metric is essential to consider as it allows property owners to understand a bit more about the concerned tenant's payment pattern and their active payment gateways. Here is one aspect that paints a good picture of the payment responsibilities.


As an owner, you might land into trouble if your screen service provider doesn't comply with the regulations. Therefore, an excellent provider is FCRA compliant and makes sure that it has permission to look into the renter’s credit history. If the concerned best tenant screen company is FCRA compliant, it also can look into some other aspects like social security details and other personal information like details of their payment gateways online, sexual infractions, and more. 

What Are The Best Tenant Screen Services? 

The Vertical Rent tenant screen service certainly offers all the perks in the b when it comes to flexibility book. Almost every credible platform provider has a changeable payment plan, depending on the metrics you need to consider. Moreover, it is also essential to look for providers that offer soft queries or inquiries regarding the credit scores. Nowadays, property owners worry about the tenants' credit score, but even the companies realize the hard credit inquiries are detrimental to the existing credit history. 

Therefore, most of the providers offer flexible support to both property owners and even the tenants. There are certain other flexibilities on offer, which include rent estimates for the landlords. This feature makes sure that the owners get an idea of how much to ask from a tenant based on price benchmarks, area trends, and other considerations.

Benefits of Tenant Screen Service

The best tenants screening company offers several benefits to the landlords. These include accessibility to a wide range of innovative products, including detailed reports, accurate criminal records, call-based confirmations, and more. 

Apart from that, an excellent tenant service brings forth a platform that's easy to use and work with. The dashboard, in most cases, is intuitive and user-friendly. Most importantly, the online ordering layout is simple, and initiates checks most seamlessly. 

Another benefit for the property managers is that they can start screening almost immediately upon subscribing to a specific package. The verification process is more straightforward, and managers can easily manage for multiple accounts using a single interface. 

Price Points

A good tenant screening company offers affordable pricing options to the customer. In most cases, the pricing is reasonable, and the details are entirely transparent. Moreover, the pricing plans are flexible, which means that you can only pay for the features you want as an owner. When it comes to determining a service provider's efficiency, the price packages play an important role. 

Companies understand that exorbitant pricing can cut into the owner's existing profits, and therefore, in most cases, the rates are kept to a minimum. 

Customer Support 

Most credible resident screen platforms providers like Experian offer prompt customer support services. Therefore, if you have any issue regarding the pricing or the reports' validity, customer care executives are there to help. Moreover, the staff related to the best screening company is exceptionally skilled and professional and capable of handling multiple user queries with ease. Individuals can also opt for live chat support to clear out the doubts. 


If you are a landlord with a decent property in a good neighborhood, it is your responsibility to screen the tenant before letting access. While this helps you get better prospects and minimizes eviction rates, it also comes as a blessing for the entire local community. Connecting with a verified tenant is highly desirable, and the existing screening platforms like Verify tenant are here to assist you in every possible way. 

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