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How To Pick The Right Background Check For Employers

People around the world have to go through rigorous hiring processes. Hiring an employee is quite a big decision for any company as that person will contribute and cost your business services a lot of effort and time. To make sure you choose the best possible candidate, it is always recommended to run a background check for employees before deciding. 

Background checks for your company include verifying important and critical information like identity, criminal activity, employment and education history, professional licenses, and other motor vehicle records. Tons of businesses have ventured into a background check process, and such services are available to all big or small companies.

What Do Background Checks Include?

Background check services for employees are a good way to provide employers to know critical and intricate details about the person or candidate they are going to hire for the job they are applying to. Pre-employment background check services come in different forms of screening solutions. A variety of search techniques like online databases and in-person courthouse visits are used to verify important details of someone's background. There are tons of online portals that come offering instant results, but before you opt for a company, keep in mind its legal aspect.

An agency that complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act should be used only. This Act governs how background checks must be conducted for companies and their employees. It implies that nothing can be done without obtaining the chosen candidate's consent to conduct such employee background verification. The candidate should be given the flexibility to review his or her results. Moreover, while using online background check websites that do not comply with the FCRA rules would make your business more prone to lawsuits.

There are different kinds of screenings available for running background check services for prospective employees that include:

  • Social security number traces and address validations
  • Checking the civil records
  • Registry searches of sex offenders
  • Misdemeanor and felony criminal background check for employees searches at the state, national, and country levels

Some of the most common supplemental screenings that are also sometimes conducted include:

  • Employment verification
  • Educational verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Employment credit reports
  • Reference checks
  • Military record verifications
  • Health care sanction checks
  • Drug Screening
  • Workers compensation history searches

Most of the companies conduct these services online today and review their reports completely online. Agencies that are hired charge based on each report and take about five days to complete the whole process.

Features To Look For In A Background Check Service

There are tons of background check services for landlords and employee verifications available in the market today and Background Checks, and it sometimes becomes difficult to assess which one works for your company the best. Hence, certain tips allow one to make a decision better and faster:

Accreditation And Compliance: 

First and foremost, the agency must comply with the FRCA. If it does not comply with the FRCA, it cannot legally be used for pre-employment purposes. Next, it is recommended to hire agencies accredited by the National Association Of Professional Background Screeners since they are the ones that comply with and adhere to the strict guidelines necessary for such a service.


Next, before deciding on an agency, look for an agency that provides clear and complete reports. The information on these reports should be accurate and authentic.

Checks and Screenings: 

This is one of the most important things to look for when deciding the appropriate option for you. An agency that includes all the services of background checks for your company and even includes supplemental services when required should be the one to go for.


Keep in mind the budget before deciding the agency you want to opt for. 

Customer Support: 

Most companies offer their support services through phone, email, and live chatbots. Always go for the agency that provides the support according to your preferred method and specifications and ensures their agents help solve your needs.


This is also another detail that one can look at. One can always research the companies that offer screenings in various plans and packs. Customization is necessary to any business, and those companies that need unique procedures for background checks of employees should keep a check for these options.

Industries Served: 

With so many background check services for dating, landlords and employers available in the market today, there are a wide variety of options available for different industries, and if you go for the correct industry-related package, it will save you and your company a lot of time and money.

Online Portal: 

It is always great to have an intuitive online portal that can easily place orders and view their results, especially for companies with multiple processes to conduct.


With so much being taken over by technology, one should always go for an agency that offers advanced technology features like electronic consent forms and ATS integrations.

Turn Around Time: 

Those who are having tight deadlines and schedules need agencies that offer a lesser turnaround time, and those companies are the ones you should go for.

Steps To Take Before Conducting Background Checks

Have a Consistent Policy: 

Great concise, and detailed information should be documented in a flow chart to ensure everyone follows the necessary steps required to be completed at a particular point. Accurate background checks for employee processes can lead to a hassle-free  and even avoid any legal issues.

Get Legal Advice: 

Always get some legal advice before going forward and conducting a personal or criminal background check on employees. It might end up causing legal problems for your company, which eventually can cost you a lot of money.

Help On Clarity:

Sometimes, the information gathered from these platforms can be inaccurate or wrong. To avoid such circumstances, one should always give candidates a chance to review the information obtained, which can help you hire a great candidate.

FCRA Compliant: 

The Fair credit reporting act includes what can and cannot be done during background checks. The document enlists how information should be treated in terms of the candidate's perspective. Most background check services are compliant with the FCRA and have various other laws affecting them, which vary in different states and regions.

Say No To Assumptions: 

One should ensure that the entire process is done seriously, and good detailed attention is given to all the valuable information obtained.

Previous Employment Details: 

Forgetting such information or background check in an employee file, it is always recommended to get legal advice for it because such information falls entirely under the federal law, and one would need to give notice to the applicant before finding out such details.

Benefits of Basic Background Check

Criminal Records Check: 

This is to understand the criminal history of the candidate who has applied. This normally includes national and county records.

Social Security Validation: 

One must ensure that the candidate's social security number is legit, and the software must find all names. This check can help understand all the undisclosed locations the candidate has been in, which might reveal the criminal records of the particular person.

Address History Check: 

Background checks for employees help trace the candidate's previous addresses and help to understand where a candidate has lived in the past.

Sex Offender Registry Check: 

This is quite an important check from popular companies like Rent Perps and Recruit Screen that is conducted for trust positions and is included in most of the background checks conducted.


Background check services are quite common for most companies today, and the price depends upon the searches that need to be performed. One should always opt for bundled plans and packages to achieve the best results offered by companies like FindOutTheTruth. The companies provided depend upon the role, location, and other such factors for those who seek such reports. Small budget agencies seek for references, while those with more resources ensure to keep a check on the criminal history of the candidate they are hiring as well. Always be careful of what you are paying and the kind of data you are requesting from a particular agency, and what will eventually happen once you use the data. The process also includes a legal aspect, and all the standards and rules should be met before going through such an extensive process.

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