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Guide To Choose Screen Sharing Software

In a world that is progressing towards a more virtual setting, screen sharing is becoming an important part of corporations, schools, enterprises, and other businesses. A screen sharing software can make virtual collaboration and support interactive and user-friendly, almost as convenient as presenting something in person. Through this software, you can present your ideas, designs, documents, or website the same way it appears on your screen. Your peers will be able to see what you are doing on your device in real-time, making it very easy to conduct online sessions.

Significance of Screen Sharing Software

The importance of work-from-home or virtual meetings has become evident ever since the start of the global pandemic. Even as corporations pick themselves up and try to rebuild norms and regular routines, we can expect the concept of virtual meetings and online presentations to stick around and gain an increase in importance as compared to before the coronavirus outbreak.

Finding a screen sharing software isn't that difficult; there are hundreds available on the internet, and you can get them functioning with a single click. However, the technology doesn't always seem revolutionary when you find yourself asking your peers, "Can you see what I am sharing or not?" three times during a single meeting. Not only would this be disruptive, but it'll also cause you to lose your peers' attention. To avoid issues and errors like this, you need to do proper research and get yourself an actual good screen sharing software.

Types of Screen Sharing Software

First thing you must know that screen-sharing tool is a form of screen casting program that comes in different forms. For example, some tools are integrated as a part of apps that are primarily meant for video conferencing. Some of these even allow you to access and control the functions available to your peers'. In contrast, some others' functionality only limits their users to see what the host of the meeting is sharing. Therefore, before you can presume to choose the most suitable one for yourself, you need to figure out the various functions and features you will need in your screen sharing software.

Features of Screen sharing Software

Screen sharing software is flexible. You can use it for various purposes, anything from webinar presentation to the school and business meetings or to get a quick review or feedback from your boss or peers. In the simplest of words, it is an application that empowers two or a large number of users to share the content on their screen online. But to handpick the top  screen sharing software, here's a list of features you have to keep an eye out for:

Easy Accessibility

Keep in mind that a popular and proper functioning screen sharing software wouldn't require any setup or installation. You can simply access them through the web and use it across multiple devices. 

Annotation Feature

The annotation features allow both the presenters and the participants to be able to mark up the screen while sharing.

Collaborative Presentation

Sometimes, you need two or more than two people to head up a presentation. This is where you can use the efficient collaboration features of a screen sharing software. It presents options such as presenter-switching, joint annotation, co-presenting, and allows multiple people to edit the document that they're working on or shared streaming services for YouTube.

Customer Support

While this is not a feature that all kinds of businesses would require, it is still great to have remote access features. This is a great add-on for companies that require screen sharing for customer support.

Integrated Features

A screen sharing app has an excellent automated system designed to help you with the menial tasks. With them, you need not do the little things on your own and risk your productivity. You can use these features for tasks like scheduling meetings and accessing uploaded recordings, making your job simpler than before.

Benefits of Screen Sharing Software

A good screen sharing application can help your business soar to new heights if you know how to find the right one for yourself and use it properly. Here's how a screen sharing software can prove to be beneficial for you:

Saves Time and Money

The most common benefit of having presentations and meetings online is that it saves you and your organization time and money. Having a meeting online with a screen sharing tool is convenient and efficient as having it in person. But the traveling and scheduling not only puts a damper on the team's overall productivity but also might prove to be expensive. That is why a good screen sharing software will allow you to save your company's time and money.

Online Training

Every company or corporation operates on a healthy online training program. A screen sharing tool makes it possible for them to train employees and youngsters for various jobs and degrees. In addition to the standard features of online learning like videos and lectures, screen sharing software can also enable the professors or training heads to set assignments, hand out projects, share relevant files and documents, and even access a whiteboard to make learning more efficient and interactive. It is also useful for sharing gaming training experiences by Gaming Recording Software to fans.

Remote Troubleshooting

Customer support can use a screen sharing software to access their client systems and troubleshoot issues remotely.

Cross-Platform Usability

A good screen sharing tool from providers like Adobe and Slack, is as efficient while using it on the phone while you're using it on your laptop or desktop. The easy and equal access from multiple platforms makes it convenient for users.

Final Words

In conclusion, there is multiple screen sharing software from top service providers like GoToMeeting available on the internet. But if you want to facilitate your meetings and presentation in an orderly and streamlined fashion, then you need to choose the best one for yourself. Determine the most appropriate type of screen sharing that your company might need, look at the features available and the features you will need for the purpose, and then decide. All your investments should be worthwhile.

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