Best Gaming Recording Software

User-Friendly gaming recording software capture your favourite game videos in 2D or 3D and record sound effects of high-quality.

By Customer Feedback

  • Facilitates 1080p resolution live streaming
  • Captures GIFs, 4K quality screenshots
  • Fast and easy broadcasting of games
  • Customized overlays to monitor frame-rate
  • Easily removes bloopers and sensitive content
  • Records 4K quality videos at 120 FPS frequency
  • Webcam and microphone support
  • Greenscreen mode to cut backgrounds
  • Supports footage of any format and quality
  • Imports and exports files of various formats
  • Picture-in-picture (PIP) display feature
  • Enables screen and webcam recording at a time
  • Has a basic interface for easy navigation
  • Access to social media accounts for promotions
  • Several In-built graphics, audio effects and logo
  • Edits videos and audio with prebuilt templates
  • Enables inserting of transitions between scenes
  • Zoom in, zoom out and pan animations for recording
  • Available as free and paid versions
  • Virtual Reality Player for games
  • Delivers synced videos, audios and texts
  • Highlights game points with pen tools
  • Enable/ Disable video monetization options
  • Light and simple interface for easy navigation
  • Split-screen facility for user’s convenience
  • Noise reduction and suppression features
  • Offers video and audio stabilization tools