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User-Friendly gaming recording software capture your favourite game videos in 2D or 3D and record sound effects of high-quality.

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  • Facilitates 1080p resolution live streaming
  • Captures GIFs, 4K quality screenshots
  • Fast and easy broadcasting of games
  • Customized overlays to monitor frame-rate
  • Easily removes bloopers and sensitive content
  • Records 4K quality videos at 120 FPS frequency
  • Webcam and microphone support
  • Greenscreen mode to cut backgrounds
  • Supports footage of any format and quality
  • Imports and exports files of various formats
  • Picture-in-picture (PIP) display feature
  • Enables screen and webcam recording at a time
  • Has a basic interface for easy navigation
  • Access to social media accounts for promotions
  • Several In-built graphics, audio effects and logo
  • Edits videos and audio with prebuilt templates
  • Enables inserting of transitions between scenes
  • Zoom in, zoom out and pan animations for recording
  • Available as free and paid versions
  • Virtual Reality Player for games
  • Delivers synced videos, audios and texts
  • Highlights game points with pen tools
  • Enable/ Disable video monetization options
  • Light and simple interface for easy navigation
  • Split-screen facility for user’s convenience
  • Noise reduction and suppression features
  • Offers video and audio stabilization tools

Game Recording Software For Professional Gamers And Beginners

To record video games from an external source or a personal computer, there are certain things that one must keep in mind. Although it is quite a simple process, knowing how to record video footage is a skill that one must learn. Professional video gamers and Youtubers have proper setups and systems for tape, and to start, you have to make sure everything is in place. Great and easy to use software along with a computer is all you need to start recording video match footage. To make sure this happens, you don’t need a perfect and fast working computer or the best video chip card. Instead, there is something that you need to take care of.

7 Important Factors To Consider While Picking The Game Recording Software

Record Any Game

First, figure out the play you intend to record. If this is for fun and games, then one goes for their favorite ones, but if you are looking to do screencasting professionally and make money out of it, you will have to think about famous plays and those that attract your attention. The videotaped sports should be visually appealing, and one must avoid those that have been done more than a few times to avoid any repetition. Those plays that are quite popular amongst tournament players have many videos made for gameplay, and therefore, going for these is not the best choice to make. Moreover, the audience ends up getting tired, and therefore, something unique is always appreciated.


This is very important to consider when choosing the best game recording software. If you are filming on your computer, then one particular software will work, and if you are recording it from your Playstation or Xbox, then that is done automatically. These consoles help in videotaping the video output and store programs like screen sharing software easily on your computer. Some of the best game recording software also supports a microphone or live commentary, and portals like Youtube, require high-quality video documentation.


Capturing gameplay can cause interruptions and crashes. When you record video games, the documentation software uses the CPU and GPU, and the load comes mostly on the CPU. But tons of entertainment today rely on GPUs. The CPU is needed to encode the captured gameplay, and not having a good CPU might impact the recorded footage.

High Performance

When it comes to figuring out which is the best game recording software for pc and what will work the best for you, there must be a good balance between the settings and performance, and having a computer that can hold such footage would be the ideal choice to make. If you face any troubles with the PC, you can always upgrade it for better options.

Recording Footage On PC

Recording matches is a pretty straightforward process, and there is no requirement for any extra hardware. To capture good footage, they have to be directed efficiently to the part that needs to be captured. Quick and easy capturings can be done with the help of various software available, for example YouTube live streaming services and you can easily sit at the comfort of your homes to monetize this effort as well.

Resolution And Framerate

When it comes to choosing the best game recording software globally, the resolution of 1080p is considered good. But if your computer is not compatible with recording and gaming simultaneously, then it might be a good idea to dial it down. But when it comes to filming 4K resolution, it’s a different ball game altogether.

Regarding the frame rate, for capturing the plays, a standard of 60fps is considered quite good. The human eye can figure out a particular frame rate and if your computer struggles with recording the gameplay at this frame rate, then lower it a notch to make for high-quality documentation.

Fast Internet Access

Nothing in the world work's without the internet today, and a fast connection is always needed, especially when it comes to game documentation. The upload speed offered is usually lower, and because you are going to be uploading the match videos, the upload speed is an important aspect to consider.

Features Of Game Recording Software

There are different features that several game recording software such as ScreenFlow and Gecata that include:

  • Alterable video frames
  • Cut and paste editing options 
  • Unlimited captured time 
  • Direct link to social media
  • Intuitive and attractive, friendly user-interface
  • It is also important to consider the price of a game recording software before purchasing it.
  • The video format is also another important to consider 

Moreover, game recording software should have area selection features, recording timer, screen capturing, social export, webcam capture, subtitle editing, video effects, etc.


Therefore, if you have the correct computer and know how to use the software, then this skill is very easy for you. The best game recording software like Nvidia Shadow play is made to improve their play and understand the small detailing that will help one improve their play and learn more about mastering the sports.

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