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Top tier ultra premium models provide satisfying picture quality with a latest colour gamut technology and high refresh rates.

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  • Wall mount invisible connections
  • Real-time lower lag gaming speed
  • Bixby voice command control system
  • Ultra HD smart TV with 8K HDR resolution
  • Auto adjust contrast between darkest scenes
  • On-screen universal guide
  • AI intelligence 4K HDR picture quality
  • Smart speakers expandability and smart device control
  • Exceptional depth with a 100% colour volume
  • Full array backlight 4x feature
  • SmartThing home appliance system
  • Dynamic black equalizer for brilliant visibility
  • Anti blur technology for clear motions
  • Improved brightness contrast with HDR Plus
  • 4K HDR with Auto Game Mode
  • Easy to use controls of voice and One remote
  • Enhances contrast between whites and blacks
  • Fine tune colours with quantum HDR 8X
  • FreeSync Variable Refresh Rate technology
  • Smart speaker and device control system
  • Bazel free boundless 360 degrees design
  • Ambient mode with clean cable solution
  • Easy to use browse menu of universal guide
  • Full array LEDs and anti reflective screens
  • Illuminating super fine colour clarity
  • Ambient mode for perfect natural effect
  • Clean cable management solution
  • Home appliance and device control system
  • Intelligent 4K quantum process
  • Wireless keyboard smart backlit remote
  • Ultra high definition smart TV
  • Bixby voice command control system
  • Ultra slim dynamic fine tunes
  • Simple hands free voice command control
  • 4K UHD resolution display
  • Contrast real game enhancer
  • Dynamic crystal colour contrast ratio
  • Stream content and live TV shows
  • 4K UHD processor for high picture quality
  • Compatible with Google assistant and Alexa

Top Tips: A Quick Guide To Samsung 82 Inch TV


Samsung is one such company that is known for its quality products at a great and reliable price range. Their products noticed that they focus more on the value of money, which is one of the most loved factors of the products manufactured by Samsung. Here in this guide, we are going to talk about one such value for money product by them, and that is Samsung 82 inch tv. In case if you are also trying to find something in the same category, then this is the perfect place for you.

As you would be able to know everything about the best Samsung 82 inch TVs, from its features to support system and price range.

What are The Features of Samsung 82 Inch TV ?

Features are the things that determine if the product is good or not and hence based on TV features, you would be able to assure value for money products. Therefore this is the reason we are going to have a look at all the features offered by this Best Samsung 82 inch tv.

Material Quality

This 82-inch tv is considered as the reality perfected smart QLED tv with Alexa, and it is got a minimum design, which states that there are no high bezels. With the help of which, you would always be able to focus on the content that's being played in your Samsung 82 inch tv and not at anything else.

Along with fewer bezels that tv has also got an iconic back, which is made with durable material. You can use a stand to put it on your table, or with the help of it's iconic back, you can get it stitched to a wall easily. Once you have had a look at this tv, you are going to fall in love with that, as everything in this tv will make you feel like reality.

Size and Design

With the help of this Samsung 82 inch tv, you would be able to take advantage of Solid Q design that is offered to you with three bezel-less and slim type design. Although it comes with a simple type stand that looks extremely impressive on it, moreover, it has got an 82-inch smart QLED screen that supports 8K video playing and many more such advantages.

High-End Benefits Of Samsung 82 Inch TV

There are several benefits that you can take advantage of with the use of this best Samsung 82 inch tv, here we are going to list down some of the essential benefits from them-

  • This tv offers you just one invisible connection with the help of which you would be able to connect and operate this smart tv. With this tv, you will get an invisible looking power connection, hence with this, you will never face any chaos of wires, and you would be able to make your place looks more neat & clean.
  • You would be able to talk with your smart QLED tv with the help of Bixby that you can control with remote control of this tv. With this one remote control, you would be able to control all the compatible devices efficiently.
  • This tv also offers you the support of a new Apple TV app. One thing that you would have to assure before going live with it is that you have a look at its availability.
  • You can even use this QLED tv with the support of Google Assistant to change channels, volume options, and many more such things.
  • You would be able to use it directly with the help of AirPlay 2 on your Apple device. With this application support, you can directly stream and share content from your Apple device to the tv.

Pixel Resolution

This smart QLED tv has got a pixel resolution support of 7680x4320 along with that it also supports Quantum HDR. With the help of its 200 motion rate, you would be able to notice every single point in your video-based content on this tv. Moreover, with such high pixel resolution, you would be able to notice everything in-depth and a realistic feel.

Sound Quality

Samsung has worked exceptionally on the sound quality of this Smart QLED 4k tv, here are the additions that you would be able to get with this tv. It supports Dolby digital plus along with dialog enhancement. With the help of which you would be able to listen to every dialog. You can take advantage of a woofer and multiroom link support along with Bluetooth audio support. It offers a maximum sound output of 60W and has a 4.2CH speaker type.


This QLED is considered in the type of Samsung Smart TV, along with an 8K tv you can also use this as a web browser for surfing the internet, having a look at your social media account, watching videos and movies on YouTube, Netflix and many more.

It also supports a 360 video player that can easily work with a 360 camera connected via Bluetooth. Along with all these features, it also uses AI technology with the help of which you can get advanced user experience and screen output. There are various accessibility options, such as voice guide, multi-output, audio language, and many more.


We have already discussed above that Samsung is one such company that is offering and working more towards value for money products, and the same is the case with this best Samsung 82 inch tv. The features and support you would be able to get with this product is nothing in comparison with the price on which you can get smart QLED tv.


Samsung always takes care of their customers no matter how old they are; this states that you would be able to take advantage of an exceptional warranty period support from Samsung by buying this 82-inch smart tv. During this time, you can get your smart tv replaced for any fault in it, and along with that, you will even get additional support from the team.

Samsung Support Services

There are several ways with which Samsung offers support to its customers. Firstly it is with the help of user manual and downloads that you can get within the package, and after that, you can directly chat or call the support services team that will help you in all the problems that you are facing with this smart QLED tv.


Samsung always offers value for money products, and every new product offered by them is better than the previous one with better facilities and support. Here we have discussed the Samsung flatscreen qled 82 inch tv that is equipped with the latest AI-based processor developed by Samsung, not only that the company has made several changes to make it perfect.

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