Best Recliner Sofas

A comfy reclining sofa enhances your mental and physical health by featuring soft-padding and eco-friendly materials.

By Customer Feedback

  • Textured microfiber plush cushions and padding
  • Extra-wide seatings ideal for families
  • Polyester wrapped high resiliency foam
  • Improves blood circulation and relieves back pain
  • Soft-fabric upholstered seats with firmness
  • Premium feel dark brown textured cover
  • Ample support posture design
  • One-touch power control system
  • Offers proper neck support
  • Resistant to skin and sweat sticking
  • Armrests to help alleviate pains
  • Extra Leather upholstery prevents rips and tears
  • Reclining mechanism for sleeping
  • Tailored brown leather glaze finish
  • Pillow back cushions for added comfort
  • Built-in two recliners positions
  • Ultra-modern 6- piece power recliner sofa
  • Functional armrest storage console
  • Easy-to-clean quality leather gel cover
  • Provides excellent lumbar support
  • Durable Bonded leather upholstery
  • Ultra-comfort Large corner reclining ends
  • Multi-need 3 gear position system
  • Buil-in cushions with firm padding
  • Comprehensive for small spaces
  • Faux-leather upholstery for scratch resistance
  • Adjust 75 degrees for the backrest
  • Support upto 600lbs
  • Instant convertible to bed
  • Multipurpose reclining functions
  • Offers plenty of place for family gathering

Recliners Buying Guide

You might've seen these big, giant recliner chairs in movies where only rich and wealthy people own them but that's not the same in reality. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a tremendous change in the development of recliners which has led to normalizing of these chairs. It goes without saying that everyone would love to own a recliner and experience the comfort from the soft and aesthetic surface of, but before that you have to consider some things or else you'll regret your decision later on. This is why we are here today, in this guide, we will put forth some of the points that are essential to consider whenever buying a new recliner. Let's have a look!

Buy a Recliner which Fits your Body

Of course, choosing a recliner that can't accommodate your body isn't of any use; but more than that it can actually cause distress and pain over the long run. Your body doesn't actually have to fit the recliner perfectly, make sure that the chair isn't undersized but it doesn't mean that you have to buy an oversized chair. To get the best comfort to choose the chair that fits your body perfectly with little room for clearance. Usually, recliners vary with the height and are named likewise; Petite size for 5'4" and below, small size for 5'5" to 5'9", tall size for 5' 10" to 6'2" and extra tall size for 6'3".

Room Space

Before purchasing a new recliner, make sure to identify the place where you will put the chair and measure it. It will come handy  if you make a rough sketch of the room; doing so will enable you to change the position of the chair if its size varies. Many of the recliner companies offer this service where they determine the best position in your house to put up a recliner.

Pressure Points for the Recliners

The reason why recliners differ from regular chairs is that they are extensive tools for providing relaxation, and that is done via pressure points. You have to make sure that recliner hits all the necessary pressure points in the body. Head, back and feet, these three parts of your body must be seated perfectly in order to get the best out of a recliner. So, ensure that top cushion, lumbar support and footrest are perfectly aligned with your body.

Material Quality

The durability of the recliner depends upon what material is used in it, especially for the base. If the base is weaker, the recliner will take a fall in no time that's why always select recliners with sturdy materials like hardwood. So, if you keep these points in mind while buying a new recliner, you will get a perfect match. In addition to these points, you can also take a look at upgrades, additional features and type of fabric.