Best PPC Automation Tools

Accomplishing data-driven ad campaigns PPC automation tools gives opportunity to monitor real-time website performance for increasing day-to-day workflow optimization.

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  • Powerful dashboard interface for real-time activities
  • Helps to boost business performance for clients
  • Automated alert engine feature include domain, keywords
  • Customized testing and scheduling functionality
  • Best PPC automation tool for productivity
  • Search engine optimized platform for high ranking
  • Identify product keyword technology with ease
  • Allows to control brand reputation for customers
  • Best PPC tool for improving firm sales
  • Dedicated experts to give quality support service
  • Simple and reliable tool for marketers
  • Provide 24/7 automatic assistant to save time
  • Pre-defined templates for running quick reports
  • Adaptable machine learning feature for better experience
  • Best PPC automation tool for youtube
  • High performing campaigns for profitability
  • Advanced ROI keywords identification feature
  • Negative keyword and bid optimization technology
  • Quality security payment process for valuable customers
  • Cost-effective PPC automation tool
  • In-built monitoring feature to track daily ranking
  • Ultimate backlink analytics with few-click
  • Include IP, TLD, and location distribution function
  • Get right keywords for PPC campaigns
  • Simple adwords competitor keyword platform
  • Rank progress tracking techniques for client activity
  • Offer quality backlinks to particular keywords
  • Social media outreach marketing to build relationship
  • Perfect automation tool for professional purpose
  • Google data studio and BI tool for track marketing
  • Automatic manual reporting tasks
  • Equipped with snapchat marketing, mailchimp
  • Actionable information for better decision making
  • Latest fraud detection technology for great protection
  • Offer 360° monitoring software integration tool
  • Secure API connectivity and auditing feature
  • Create whitelabel reporting functionality for agencies
  • Best PPC automation tool with audit
  • Time-conscious and work effective tool for professionals
  • Simple, creative, and easy to use automation tool
  • Perfectly suitable for small and mid-sized firms
  • Compatible with cross browsing platform
  • Fully customized automated reports technology
  • Build campaigns feature to get alerts from inventory
  • Multiple account dashboard for in-depth data
  • Reporting engines with colors, footer, cover pages
  • API intelligent techniques automation tool for management
  • Equipped with cross-channel ad platform
  • Time-saving PPC and social reporting tool
  • Secure APIs and data connection integration
  • Reliable data to build long-lasting customer relation
  • Intuitive KPI dashboard interface technology
  • Share and analyse insight report for decision making
  • Browse cross-channel with google sheet for single query
  • Give API data intelligent technology automation tool
  • Customized drag and drop function for editing use
  • AI-based algorithms for critical account errors
  • Effortless advertising software for merchants
  • Generate online updates of digital activities
  • Reduce repetition work to increase efficiency
  • Best to boost brand awareness
  • Intuitive google automation ad scripts function
  • Easy to installation software at an affordable price
  • Keyword duplicator and bid optimization technologies
  • Ideal PPC automation tool for programs
  • Location based ad campaigns for target customers
  • Offer social media integration to get scalable performance
  • Give industry expertise survive support to valuable clients
  • Best tool for digital engaging channel
  • Easy to access account for better collaboration
  • Few click A/B testing techniques to save time
  • Grid composer function to create multiple ads
  • Customer relation management synchronized tool
  • Automated multiple bids functionality
  • Intuitive interface to learn google ads
  • Easy to use drag and drop filters for beginners
  • Get schedule notifications for quick viewing
  • Customized template designs for great look
  • Simple and reliable automation tool with mobile app
  • Expertise support to get optimized product catalogue
  • Machine learning software for marketing
  • Perfectly suitable for startup businesses
  • Pre-made smart technology for high performance
  • Bid optimized algorithm strategies function

How to Select PPC Automation Tools for Ad Campaigns


Pay Per Click is a method set up by businesses to grow their market through online. It mainly refers to ads put out by companies on various websites to generate traffic. But managing and keeping track of these ads isn't something one can do manually. That's why there's a need for a comprehensive marketing tool that will perform that task without your aid. Such a device is generally known as the PPC Automation tool. This tool uses machine learning and AI technology to optimize and manage your ad campaigns. As a result, users don't need to monitor the performance of ads. 

Before purchasing any PPC Automation tool, you need to pay mind to certain variables. While you keep your eyes off an ad campaign, this tool will do its job to keep things running. Since it will be operating your ads, it must possess certain features that suit your digital marketing schemes. So let's look at some of the things that you should consider while getting one of these automation tools.


The scale at which you are operating will directly result in your selection of tools. For instance, if you are running an advertising agency, you'll be managing ads for multiple clients. More ads mean more tracking, and for that you will require a tool capable of deriving more data. So when the scale is more, it is essential to get the hands-on tool that can provide you with more versatile reports. It makes sorting and prioritizing easier within less time. It may cause you to invest more, but managing multiple ads will be much more convenient by using a higher calibre tool.

On the other side, for small enterprises that run a low number of ads, there's no need to invest in fancy tools. It is possible to extract sufficient data and optimize campaigns with limited features of the tool. It's like this, higher the scale of your operations, better the reporting system your tool should possess, and vice versa. So, shed some light on this before getting your hands on the PPC automation tool or PPC management tool. Moreover, you can look for Longtailpro PPC tools as well. 


One of the features of the PPC Automation tool is carrying out keyword research. Now keywords hold immense value in digital marketing because they directly describe your business. Keywords used should be compatible with the campaign you're running via these ads.

If keywords and campaigns don't match up with each other, keeping ads won't be profitable. Browsing through thousands of keywords to find one that adds up with your business isn't a sensible strategy. So while we are at automation tools, why not get the one that is proficient in finding the most suitable keyword.

Looking at PPC Automation tools, one must check out keyword research tools that software offers. Each software has its way of matching the best option for you. The difference is time and scale at which it provides you keywords. If your business is more dependable on keywords' efficiency, then a tool that puts more emphasis on scaling words will do a fine job. For someone who is more experienced with digital marketing won't need a tool for finding keywords. If your case is such, then pay no mind to this feature.


One of the popular features of automation tools is its automatic bidding, but there's a trick. Bidding ultimately decides profit which will result from the campaign. For sorting out all the bidding problems, you can consider Ad-free Fiuti as it is one of the best PPC automation tools. While choosing the best PPC automation tools, make sure it has better machine learning software. The reason being that machine learning software will influence the ability of a tool to do good bidding. It is possible to save several hours by assigning bidding tasks to tools. So the pro tip here is to find the best bidding system whenever looking for a PPC automation tool. 

Automated Notification

One of the advantages of using such tools is that it eliminates the tedious task of continuous monitoring. But this doesn't ensure that ads will perform best even when you're not paying any attention to them. Peeking at ads is essential even when using PPC automation tools. A good thing is auditory checks on tools are possible with automatic reporting features. 

Users can set some parameters such as putting a certain metric level. So whenever the value drops below the pre-set level, you will be immediately notified. In this way, users can keep on tweaking parameters whenever required without having to pay continuous attention. 

Cross Tracking

For large scale PPC campaigns, it must have an automation tool with cross tracking features. When there are too many ads to run, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on insights into everything. So why not integrate every ad and do cross tracking? It will allow you to see every insight with a single glance hence saving a lot of time. 

Quality Score Tracker

An ideal PPC automation tool will include a quality score tracker tool within it. It is a handy feature for plotting the quality score of ads over some time. Best PPC automation tools will indefinitely monitor quality scores and keep track of them for future reference. With its help, it is also possible to plot graphs and predict the quality score's deviation. You can enjoy the advantage of a quality score tracker in Opteo.

Simple Reporting

When affiliated with multiple clients, need arrives to keep them updating on regular intervals. For this issue, there should be an established format that doesn't require a fully-fledged report. For instance, if reporting takes place for every 2 days, it's impossible to drive out all data within that time. But if the tool has a feature that offers custom build, you can make your custom labels and automatically fill necessary information. In this way, the process will become time-efficient.

Final Words

By opting for features mentioned above, you won't have problems finding an ideal PPC automation tool like Seranking software for your enterprise. While most tools are more or less the same, there is a vast difference in the scale they operate. It is always better to weigh your options and choose one that complies with your requirement.

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