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Fraud protection software enables you to secure advertisements by continuously detecting and preventing spammy links and activities from attackers.

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Click Fraud Protection Software Buying Guide


We live in an era where digital marketing is on the rise. Nowadays, companies are investing more in PPC ads to enhance their marketing campaigns. But things don't always go the way one desires. All undertaking managers are getting inclined towards marketing tools. Big corporations spend a lot of money in establishing these PPC ad campaigns. But things like click frauds hit hard and cause a massive financial retreat. So it becomes quite clear that to balance investments and return of campaign, proper demolition of click frauds is essential. For that, we have a software which is exclusively made for protection against these setbacks.

Security should always be a primary concern, primarily when you are investing considerable money. Therefore, before getting any click fraud protection software, you must consider some vital points. By taking these things into account, you can access best click fraud protection software and protect your campaign. Let's see them now.

Detection System

Click fraud protection software incorporate various types of detection system. You require to select one that suits your business infrastructure and PPC campaign. Depending on the ability of the software, it can detect every click or quarantine suspicious clicks with PPC tools. For a giant undertaking, the recommendation is that buy click cease software as it delivers 24/7 detection. It merely means that not a single click will go unnoticed. But on the other hand, you don't need to take any extra measures if protection is your secondary concern. In such a situation, you can get a low tier to click fraud protection software.

Analyzing Mechanism

Things don't end after detection. For the sake of eradicating click frauds, the system should be complex enough to identify malicious clicks. For instance, some can display legal clicks as illegal or inhumane clicks. This kind of situation could occur if the analyzing mechanism is not up to the mark. That's why it is essential; you thoroughly examine the analyzing mechanism of the software. It will benefit you in understanding the nature of attacks harboured at your campaign.

The software's algorithm takes care of parameters that the software scrutinizes. While the software doesn't particularly mention the parameters, it provides a vague idea of click. Again fraud's algorithm here helps in determining and possibly finding out the culprit. The competency of analyzing mechanisms usually goes with the price of the software. For the most part, software covering a wide range comes costly. Hence, make sure you know the width of required security.


Here comes the important part and probably the most attentive when you select fraud click protection software. Once software distinguishes fraud attacks, the same kind of attacks mustn't occur in the future. For doing that, the software can directly block the IP address of that user. After disposing of it, you will no longer receive any attacks from the same IP.

The thing here is that if one IP address disappears, then another will appear. It can continue going back and forth, and when done manually, it becomes a hectic task. Although if there's a software that automatically takes care of this issue, you won't have to worry. Consequently, whenever you look for best click fraud protection software, ensure that it comes with such a feature. This aspect will allow you to minimize your losses. Furthermore, it will decrease the frequency of such attacks.

Customization of click fraud software

For a big industry, it is elementary to monitor and search the source of click frauds. It could very well reveal the intention of the powers behind these frauds. One option to do it is to customize the software by changing detection rules. For example, consider a scenario where the industry is mostly facing click frauds under the umbrella of a suspicious IP change. 

In that scenario, you can change settings to accommodate and eliminate the nature of clicks. It will give you enough idea of where the attacks are coming from. In addition to that, it will also allow you to block them in large quantities. However, you can deal with it all through Forensiq.

The other advantage of having a custom setting is that you don't need to pay attention to fraud. It is likely that person or group causing click frauds will use the same method. By continuous observation of intervals of attacks, it converts effortlessly to find significant sources of them. It can support you in taking some preventive measures against that type of specific fraud.

Screen Recording

This feature is essential to trail down the behaviour of clickers. While every software should possess this, unfortunately only some have it. Here's a deal, if you want an extensive analysis of the behaviour of click, absolutely don't miss it. It can come handy in the long run.

The screen recording just as its name implies records the screen after it detects suspicious behavior. It assigns you to see how the mouse is moving or where it is clicking post fraud click. The same feature is capable of leading you to some revelations. If you are lucky enough, you can even acquire to know the person behind the planned attack.

Miscellaneous features

These peculiarities mostly take into count plotting of various graphs according to different factors. For instance, a graph that differentiates between devices that perform fraud click can be handy. It will aid determine if the same device is performing those clicks. Along with that, you can also potentially track down the user doing so and take some measures.

Another feature that can give you a better idea of fraud is heat mapping. In straight words, this trait will map down the population of clicks coming from each region. If a particular area stands out too much on the heat map, you will immediately know these attacks' location.

Final Words

As a preventive measure, click fraud protection software are worth spending your money on. We all know how much goes into making PPC campaigns. For them to get tarnished by petty fraud attacks is not sight any company would like to see. To ensure your campaign doesn't go downhill, you can give a try to Click Fraud Monitor. keep the factors mentioned above in mind and select the best click fraud protection software.

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