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A Detailed Buying Guide for Stylish Pocket Scarves

We all like adding bits of fashion and lifestyle accessories to our clothing, and a scarf is one of the most versatile and diverse fashion accessories. It can make heads turn and make the dullest and most everyday outfits quite exciting by adding bits of color and style. 

There are tons of fashionable and trending pocket scarves out there today. When you match any outfit with a scarf, it enhances the entire look and makes a great accessory to the outfit. 

Pocket Scarves come in different patterns, prints and colors, and even different shapes. Scarves were originated way before and had a history attached to them. Egyptian Queens wore scarves to match their headgears, so today, the modern-day scarves have Egyptian ties.

What Are Pocket Scarves?

Pocket Scarves are fashion accessories of clothing that can be used in all seasons and is a favorite for every season. Women or men who do not want to go for the traditional headgear can always opt for shawls when the temperatures are too low. 

You can also use scarves in the summer to protect yourself from the sunlight and heat, and even when it rains, you can cover your head with them. No matter what season or reason, throws are always a solution for women’s clothing and have become an integral part of women’s wardrobe today.

Mufflers are clothing accessories that are always trendy and in fashion, and one always carries the scarves in style. They are eye-catching and have a history attached to them. Moreover, shawls are also used as protective gear against dust and rain. Especially during this pandemic era, scarves can also be used as masks for protection and safety.

Buying the perfect scarf is not easy, and a lot of thought goes into deciding which one to buy. When you are looking to add such an accessory to your wardrobe, one must consider the fabric, the shape, the season, the color, trend, length print, and the personality of the person wearing it. It symbolizes your taste and personality owing to the design of the scarf. 

Types Of Scarves

Thousands of pocket scarves are available in the market today, and the first thing to do before buying a scarf is figuring out the reason for buying it. If you know why you exactly need the scarf, the options will be narrowed down, and it will become much easier to choose one.

To start with, scarves come in three shapes; square, rectangular, and triangular scarves. All of them have different looks and effects when worn, and all these mufflers are quite versatile owing to their shape. 

There are hundreds of ways to style these versatile shawls. Introduced by a French brand Herme, a silk scarf was one of the first scarves to be launched in the shape of a square, and it measured about 90*90 centimeters. 

These pieces of clothes can be styled with any outfit for any occasion. When it comes to the rectangular scarf, this scarf helps sync with the casual look in your wardrobe and can be carried off well with jeans or a nice casual dress. You can either wear it like a tie or drape it around your neck. These mufflers have more utility during the winter.

Last but not least are the triangular pocket scarves, which can be paired with turtleneck sweaters used as neck-clothes and were popularly worn as bandanas by the Wild West Cowboys. 

In addition to this, a shawl or wrap is sometimes considered a bigger and larger version of a scarf and can be worn to cover your shoulders or be used as headgear, especially on special occasions. 

Besides these three shapes, another unique shape is called the infinity or circle or a loop scarf. It comes with no ends and is circular, and is usually worn during lower and colder temperatures for cozy comfort and to protect one against the winds and the chill.

Designs Of Scarves

These are the most common types of designs that are available everywhere around the world today: 


This is a triangular-shaped scarf and is usually worn along with western wear and comes in cotton or silk materials.

Head Scarf

These are used to cover most parts of the head and the hair and are usually made of cotton or wool. These scarves are known for the comfort and warmth they provide and are used for protecting against dust and sunlight during the summer.

Neck Scarf 

A neck scarf is used to cover the neck, as the name suggests, and can be used for every season throughout the year. All bandanas, skinny, and infinity scarves are neck scarves, used in colder temperatures to protect one from it.

Hip Scarf

These scarves are usually embellished with stones and beads and are mostly worn by belly dancers. They can also be attached to the wrist and are often used for covering the face as well.

Skinny Scarf

These are very thin and are usually worn during the summers and are made with silk, jersey, or sheer lace.

Shemagh Scarf

These are also called the Desert Scarves and are used by Arabs traditionally. They are made purely of cotton. This scarf originated in Jordan and helped protect one against the heat and dust. Also, this scarf usually comes in checkered weaves in black and white or other darker colors.

Hence, after looking at the different designs and types of scarves, it is now known that choosing the reason or buying a scarf is imperative before actually going and buying one. 

Nowadays, there are scarves with zipper pockets and folding pocket scarves that serve different purposes. Hence, you should figure out the reason for buying one.

Tip for Buying The Perfect Pocket Scarf

Scarves come in various colors and shapes, like scarves with secret pockets or digital print pocket scarves, and there are so many to choose from that sometimes it can get confusing to get to the most appropriate one for your wardrobe. 

Some people have so many scarves that they end up falling from the storage drawers and are even difficult to find when needed. Hence, to overcome such a situation, it is always recommended to get a scarf that you can carry for all seasons and reasons.

There are hundreds of prints and patterns available for scarves, and some even come as convertible pocket scarves, and you can experiment with plain ones or printed ones. 

Also, there is an important need to look at the scarf closely because they will only add to your clothing. For choosing the perfect scarf, there are certain tips to consider:

  1. First and foremost, one should go for neutral colors and can be carried off with any clothing. Eventually, you can always experiment with different kinds of scarves.
  2. Always opt for a scarf that is made of good quality and is well made and manufactured.
  3. A scarf that can grab the attention of people and is unique is a must buy.
  4. Brand names like TwoYek and Hanerdun are well known to make a huge difference, and therefore, it is always recommended to buy one with the highest premium quality and durability.
  5. Check the body type before buying a scarf. A short person cannot go for a long scarf and must go for smaller and stylish ones.
  6. Also, it is always suggested not to go for a scarf that comes in a combination of different colors. Too many colors and especially the bright ones, might end up ruining your outfit.
  7. Always keep a check on the weather condition of the place you are staying at. During the winter, one could opt for bright colors to lighten up the mood, and during the spring, one could choose the floral patterned scarves.
  8. Everyone has a different skin tone, and a scarf that complements your eye color, hair, and skin tone should be bought.


Scarves are great accessories for your outfits, and there are tons of ways even to style them to look even better. This accessory accentuates and enhances the entire look of a person and serves certain protection and security functions. Stores like Waypoint Goods offer great styles and types.

There are certain ground rules for using scarves, and they should never be steam ironed. It is always recommended to hand wash your scarves, as they are a bit sensitive in their making. While scarves serve to protect one from sunlight and dust, they are also used as protective gear during the cold, chilly winter nights. 

The longer scarves can also be used as cover-ups during the colder temperatures. One more important aspect to keep in mind is that the other side of the scarf must also be screened properly, not to make the overall look appealing.

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