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Built with the manoeuvrable latest technology for easier angling of landscape and portrait orientations to capture and expose shots.

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  • Solid and lightweight build material
  • Handles a wide range of smartphones
  • Creates multi-threads on the clamps
  • Spring-loaded mechanism for phablet size devices
  • Patent-pending ball and socket for effective positioning
  • Allows hands-free live streaming and video recording
  • non-slip feet to create a stable base
  • Best phone tripod for filming
  • Very small and lightweight construction
  • Wraps around objects for maximum flexibility
  • Magnetic feet with flexible legs
  • Phone holder with multi-functional extending column
  • Best phone tripod for cooking videos
  • Compact design with an extendable length
  • Adjustable holder for flexibility
  • Wide compatibility for all mobiles and bluetooth devices
  • Rechargeable wireless remote controller
  • Bundled with mini LED and Wavo mic
  • Standard tripod with removable arms
  • Tight clamp for added security
  • Ball head design with rubber grips each side
  • Supports phone plus video accessories
  • Integrated with bluetooth remote
  • Higher centre of gravity with octopus style legs
  • Helps to capture long exposure shots
  • Best phone tripod for youtube
  • Arbitrary self-timer mode for a remote control access
  • Rubber coating for peerless durability
  • Adjustable phone holder for smartphones
  • Best for taking photos and selfies
  • Multi-functional extra lighting and DIY structure
  • Easy to carry foldable lightweight design
  • Upgraded arcuated lampshade design
  • Easily rotatable swivel ball for ideal viewings
  • Best tripod for android phone
  • Universal phone holder with flexible legs
  • Unique design to secure your phone and camera
  • LED flashes quickly with remote control access
  • Best phone tripod for photography
  • Quick-release plate for easy motion
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Advanced 3-way Panhead of tilt motion
  • Best phone tripod for vlogging

Beginners Guide To Choose Phone Tripods For Immaculate Photography

Lately, we have witnessed tremendous growth and technology advancement in our smartphone cameras with high-quality multiple lenses and improved hardware. A high-tech camera, even with features of optical image stabilization, could never guarantee super quality imagery without the fundamental requirement of complete stillness during photography. As evidenced, our normal mobiles supported on a humble phone tripod can create world-class pictures and videos with advanced mobile and accessories.

A phone and camera tripod is a three-legged collapsible stand supported around the center mount for maximum balance and stability. The center mount is to secure the tightly in a static position, and the collapsible legs with multiple joints are for horizontal and vertical maneuvering. A handheld can never produce photographs that match the quality and clarity of shots taken from a tripod with maximum stability.

Standard cameras like DSLR are bigger and heavier, requiring a more sturdy and robust material design and generally not portable for long distances. There are many different kinds of Tripods available now. The five basic groups are pocket type, Tabletop, Medium duty, portable, and heavy-duty.

Major Components Of Phone Tripod Stand

A phone tripod usually looks simple though many components come in an entire phone tripod assembly. And it comes in a holder for multiple uses and consists of flexible legs for cooking video making to YouTubers.

  • Legs: Legs are the main components that make a stand for the necessary support to the phone.
  • Head: Head is the center mount that secures the phone. There are different types of mounts, but ball heads and pan-tilt heads are most common. The heads always come with bubble levels for ensuring the complete flatness of the camera during photography.
  • Centre Column: It is also known as center post or monopod running through the middle and adjusts the center mount by raising it. It is not mandatory and may cause unnecessary vibrations sometimes. A spreader lock fitted to the bottom of the center Column helps spread the three legs for better stability.
  • Feet and Panhandles: They are the replaceable attachments at the end of the legs, usually for indoor or outdoor photography. Panhandles, Panhandles twist locks. Pan locking knobs are also a few parts of a tripod.

Material Used In Making Tripods

Phone tripods are portable and generally manufactured from lightweight materials. Being light tripods are much easier to carry long distances, unlike the heavier ones made from steel. The following are some lightweight material types used for portable phone stands.


Aluminum is the most versatile and favorite material for tripods. This metal is lightweight, however much stronger than steel on a weight strength basis. Aluminum is easily formable and has a high level of corrosion resistance. It is used in tubular forms with selective slots for foldability or collapsibility.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is also lightweight and possesses good strength. This material is much harder and more durable than the Aluminum type. Being heavier, this is less portable but much more expensive


Plastic is another material extensively used for car phone holders. This material is also light but not as strong as Aluminum or Carbon fiber. This material is the least expensive.


Wooden tripods are seldom used as this is easily degradable in an outdoor setup.

Why Do We Need A Phone Tripod?

Long Exposure and Shutter Speeds

Photographers often adjust the shutter speeds to capture some moving objects to control the picture quality and bring maximum resemblance to reality. With low shutter speeds, the camera needs to be focused for longer times. If handheld, it is almost impossible to focus the lens without shaking or vibration and creating an unacceptable blurred picture. Preferring the kenu phone tripod is a perfect choice for filming or live streaming for effective positioning.


This is one area where smartphone photography has improved immensely with the latest available technology 

Selfie With Timer

Taking selfies with a phone tripod is pretty easy with superb photographic quality in beautiful backgrounds.

Vibration-free Videos

Shooting any vibration-free videos is the main purpose of a tripod. Shaky clips are hardly watchable and often a sure source of irritation and disgust. It comes in handy with a light portable holder for time-lapse videos, the extreme cinematography version.

High-quality Photographs

With its world-class photographs are possible due to the stillness of the camera increasing sharpness and depth of field of imagery at low shutter speeds.


This is again the concept of time-lapse videos as often done in Discovery and Animal planet networks.

Night or Low Light Shots

This is also based on lower shutter speed and virtually impossible for a handheld.


There are times when photographs are needed at awkward angles, and a handheld smartphone can't do the job. However, phone tripods can take wonderful shots.

Must-Have Features of Phone Tripod


The rigidity or stability is important as it would allow you to understand the possibility of a holder vibration under load or even collapsing in the worst cases.


Height is the prime factor that determines the choice for a buy. The camera lens needs to be at the same height of eye or higher to don't need to bend, focus, and adjust the lens. Looking into a viewfinder without getting stressed is important for good photography. In case the height is more, it can always be adjusted and brought down to the eye level.

Some phone tripods have an integral head, and in such cases, you need to get the head close to the mouth. If it is a modular and detachable head, ensure that legs are ending at your shoulder level. The platform needs to be foldable and should fit in the carry-on luggage. The height should be determined accordingly.


Weight is another criterion that needs to be judged. A heavyweight tripod is almost impossible to carry along and can't be used in outdoor photography.

Phone Tripod Leg

The tripod leg types are other valuable criteria that need to be checked. Legs normally come in tubular and non-tubular forms and have a twist-lock system for joining the sections. With more sections increases the height but becomes less stable.

Tripod feet

The tripod feet are replaceable and normally changed in different floor conditions. The feet get unscrewed at the bottom of the legs. The feet are normally made up of rubber or plastic, and rubber feet attachments work fine in most situations. They are designed with spiked metal feet and are also available for extreme outdoor conditions like icy or snowy outdoors.


The head is the central part of a phone tripod. There are several types of head available in the market. With a fixed or built-in head is most commonly used by most. However, for more advanced photography requiring more flexibility and convenience, a separately attached head with advanced vertical, horizontal, and angular or panning adjustments is preferred.

There are two main types of heads based on functionality, known as ball head and pan-tilt head. Pan tilt head is the most traditional type with three control arms protruding from the head's body. This head is for a one-time adjustment of the individual axis. In the pan-tilt head, the movement is precise, and it is easy to use. The ball head is more recent and very compact. It is normally very quick to adjust the camera. Other head types are also available, like pistol grip type, geared type, and gimbal heads.

Quick-release plate

Quick-release plate and the mounting system comprised a small removable plate that can be tightly secured on the tripod head. Cheaper types like accessories from Leypin come with a plastic plate, while the expensive type uses a metal plate. The locking mechanism is simple and very tight for vibration-free operation.

Dos And Don'ts Of Phone Tripod

  • The phone is to be securely fastened to the quick-release mounting plate before placing onto the tripod head
  • Being careful against improper threading. Never over-tighten a thread
  • Don't set up, adjust, or move a tripod with the smartphone attached to it
  • Don't lift or move the tripod by the head
  • Keep hands clear of inside of the legs to avoid trapping if fingers


The material of construction normally determines the price. A plastic one is normally the cheapest, while a carbon fiber makes it the most expensive. Branded varieties come with standard price tags with occasional discounts.


Most of the branded types of phone tripods are covered under the standard warranty of one year. They are also returnable and replaceable in case of any manufacturing defects. All branded manufacturers usually offer periodic maintenance and servicing of tripods.

Bottom Line

Investing in R&D for more lightweight, eco friendly and durable materials for continuous reduction in Manfrotto phone tripod prices for increasing affordability and increasing demand. In most cases, camera stand is a lifetime investment, only requiring periodic cleaning and simple maintenance.

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