Best Online Learning Platforms for Kids

Switch to advanced tutoring techniques with online learning platforms that offer interactive and creative skill courses for education-enthusiasts children.

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  • Include HTML, Javascript, CSS languages
  • Built-in drag and drop interface for user understanding
  • High quality board games with specialized toys
  • Best online learning platform for programming
  • Offer preschool and kindergarten activities
  • Interactive games, content integration
  • Brainteaser puzzles to make kid creative
  • Best online learning platform for kids
  • Give professional-grade coding facility for business use
  • Create quizzes to access student’s progress
  • Monthly and yearly subscription plans for users
  • Dedicated and friendly teachers support service
  • Easy to use drag and drop code, picture features
  • Step by step instruction video tutorial for e-learning
  • Interactive learning technology process for youngsters
  • Offer 10-days trial software for convenient usages
  • Include colourful books, puzzles, animated clips, songs
  • Child-friendly interface software for hassle-free use
  • Helps to boost self-confidence during learning
  • Equipped with premium learning programs
  • Allows to build phonics and mathematics skills
  • Up-to-date essential components software for reading
  • Offer digital progress to get extra attention toward tutee
  • Mathematics and science activities for a serious learner
  • Tailored with problem-solving and preschooling design tool
  • Perfectly suitable for child developments
  • Best online learning platform for adventures kids
  • Personalized intelligent learning pathway
  • Offer multiple theme designed platform for math lovers
  • Opt reward coins feature for extensive experience
  • Intuitive dashboard integration
  • High-quality educational activity books
  • Best learning application for family use
  • Offer puzzles and maze book integrations
  • Availability 24/7 via live chat, call, text facility

Step By Step Guide To Pick Best Online Learning Platform For Kids


Do you want your kids to spend more time studying than playing games on computers? Are you worried that your kid spends too much with mobile than books? Well, your worries will cease to exist when you indulge them in using an e-learning platform for kids. Children's minds need something to ponder over, and they are easy to motivate just as you can create any impression on wet cement. To keep the kids occupied, especially in the current coronavirus stricken lifestyle, you need creative ways to make education more interesting.

While many parents are finding video conferences and work-from-home the new norms, the education system is also evolving with the introduction of startups learning platforms for kids. Kids often find the conventional book-oriented learning monotonous as there is hardly any firsthand practical experience. With online learning platforms, they will get to discover a new side of the academics to excel.

How Can Kids Online Learning Platform Be Beneficial?

The working parents especially cannot provide enough assistance to their kids and often find that they are lacking in basics of the subjects. Besides, you might not be well-versed in all the subjects but cannot compromise on the quality of education for your kids. The online platforms will teach your kids on your behalf and that of their teachers in school. Here are the advantages of choosing an online learning platform for your kids.

Learning In The Comfort Of Home

Safety and comfort are the two most important things you will want in your kids' pandemic situation. The online learning platform gives you a viable academic solution while staying at home. Kids do not need to venture out anymore for tuitions and schools as the tutors of the online learning sites will offer the same service without the need for uniforms and strict decorum that kids face otherwise. The sites can be accessed anytime for live classes or offline study materials and tests. There is no risk of virus transmission as neither the tutor comes to your house nor the kid goes out.

Convenient And Flexible Timing

The kids online learning platform is a convenient option for those residing far from the educational institutions and have to take a strenuous journey to reach the tutor's place. The travel expense and time is no more the concern with online learning. Besides, unlike paying monthly fees to private tutors and schools, the online platforms take a one-time fee for creation of account and minimal charge on study materials.

Instead of being bound to the fixed and strict timing of schools and tuitions, kids can have sufficient rest and leisure time as the online learning platforms offer flexible timing. You can choose the suitable time slot for live classes and mock tests for the kids without messing up their daily lifestyle.

Caters To All Age Group

The online learning platform for kids is designed to change the curriculum according to the kids age group. Therefore, if you have more than one kid with age difference, there is no need to try out different online platforms or worry about one kid not getting online education. For example, the PBS Kids online learning medium offers a holistic approach with curriculum-based modules to suit preschooler's needs. According to the kid's development, the online platform offers tailored tools for problem solving and activities from specific subjects like science and mathematics.

User-friendly Medium

The startups learning platform for kids is designed with a mobile-friendly interface to access the platform both from computer and mobile devices. Kids these days are more habituated to using mobile. The sites come with a mobile framework to encourage kids to use mobiles more for academic purposes than for recreation. Smooth interface, easy browsing through tabs, checking in to online classes, playing mind development games, and downloading study materials will become easier with a user-friendly platform.

Real-Time Interaction

The virtual learning platform for kids gives easy on-site support to the kids to directly get in touch with the tutors to clear any doubt. The online platforms often appoint tutors for specific subjects to offer specialized services to the kids. Kids with interest in creating websites, apps, and computer games can take help from Simply Coding with screen sharing features and live chat support, and video tutorial on coding. At the same time, live classes come with chat support to clear doubts on the spot.

Multimedia Support

While choosing kids online learning platforms, parents rely more on those with a wider range of compatible media. From documents to spreadsheets, images to videos, PDFs to slideshows, various formats for each and the online platform should be compatible with these formats. Kids often become confused about downloading any file, especially if the related software for any media is not installed in the mobile or computer device. With the online learning mediums, taking screenshots and screen recording to access a particular session later has become easy. Regular live classes also offer sharing of multimedia files to make learning even better.

Interactive Games And Playful Study Experiences

The online learning platform for kids makes development of mind with the interactive playing modules and regular classes. Online platforms for preschoolers and elementary kids offer learning of alphabets, solving mathematical problems, learning grammar and vocabulary, etc. With the help of infographic videos, charts, and games, it becomes easier for them to memorize. Puzzles, content integration, brainteasers, online worksheets, quizzes, and maze books are other features that the online platforms offer to keep the kids engaged.

Facilitates Time Management Skill

Just as the older college kids or adults can manage time to fit in the regular education and workload, the kids also acquire time management skills from the startups learning platform for kids. As there is no strict schedule for the online classes, it helps kids juggle between the school assignments, daily chores, and studying at home to make time for the online learning platform.

In case the kid misses one class, it keeps the study materials ready for the kids to learn it at home and also encourages him/her to follow the routine in such a way that no class gets missed. The kids thus learn how to prioritize the time and workload over recreation, utilize the lessons learnt from the learning platform for kids for school assignments, make their tasks easier and fun.

Specialized Service For Individual

In a regular classroom with many students of different abilities, it becomes hard for the teacher to offer customized services to each student. The concentration, creative ability, and practical sense in each kid are different. Therefore, they need a tailored teaching program for development, something that the kid's online learning platform can offer better than the conventional classroom.

These online platforms do not force any assignment or lesson on the kids –the curriculum is designed in such a way that you can choose the class or lesson on a particular subject that your kid is weak in or have problem learning. Besides, to encourage the growth and interest in particular branches, online platforms often emphasize those subjects. For example, the kids coding tools offer lessons on coding languages like javascript and python, machine learning, and more.

Availability Of Online And Offline Learning

Not all kids feel comfortable with the live classes at the first time because it's a completely different type of learning experience than what they have experienced in schools. Preschoolers, in particular, are often distracted while being in an online class –the online learning platform for kids is thus designed with live classes, video tutorials, and offline study materials to suit the requirements of all kids. Once the kid is familiar with the live classes and takes an interest in the tutor's interactive features, they will grasp their lessons faster. In case you cannot use much internet for the live classes on an online learning platform for kids, there are offline learning facilities with necessary study materials, test papers, and educational games.

Checklist For Kids Online Learning Platforms

So, now that you know the benefits of providing online learning experiences to your kids, here are the common features that you should look for while choosing the best kids online learning platform –

  • High-quality PDF book support that act as reference books
  • 24x7 availability of chat and online assistance for problem-solving
  • Games and interactive learning modules according to age and skill
  • Affordable online tests, study materials, and live sessions
  • Subject-specific learning curriculum with essential software
  • Variegated multimedia support and intuitive interface
  • Friendly and experienced teaching staff
  • Monthly or annual subscription and easy registration
  • Regular assignments and home works
  • Professional help in branches like mathematics, science, vocabulary, phonics, etc.

Final Words

The Bitdegree online courses can guide your kids in reaching their career objectives such as game development, machine learning, digital marketing, and more. Instead of settling with one online learning platform for kids, check out a few and compare those to understand whether or how those can help your kids.

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