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The software allows you to create your own perks of dynamic galleries in a secured platform with unlimited storage space.

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  • Ral-time collaborations with office documents
  • Password protecting sharing links and images
  • Ransomware detection and prevention mechanism
  • Autosave function for automatic backups
  • Collaborate and share photos with family
  • Secure online backups for photos and videos
  • Online booking tools with SEO management
  • Drag and drop function with pre-built templates
  • Advanced e-commerce integration for marketplace
  • Secure and easy-to-use software
  • End-to-end encryption with smooth syncing
  • Integrated media player to sync any data
  • Automatically backups of data and files
  • Personal and business backup solutions
  • GDPR compliant decent security and privacy
  • Real-time synchronization with encryption
  • All year updates with unlimited file sizes
  • Document management and collaboration tools
  • Access to thousands of built-in fonts
  • Effortlessly display images of lightrooms
  • Allows to create fully responsive websites
  • Access control with shared images and links
  • Documents scanning and backup feature
  • Great for storing and sharing of large video files
  • Supports external hard drive backups
  • Backup running database and servers
  • Courier backup and recovery features
  • More than 2550 million high res images
  • Offers images, audios and video clips
  • Create social media posts and promotions
  • Collaborates with pages, notes and keynotes
  • Automatically backups the data on devices
  • Two-factor authentication for added security
  • Unlimited storage space for high-res images
  • Integrated with e-commerce platform for selling
  • Full control over the gallery with password protection
  • Editable captions and titles
  • Secure private album sharing
  • Stores non-compressed high-quality photos
  • Intuitive interface with amazing image quality
  • Allows to search for unique and compelling images
  • Best premium photography community
  • Advanced file and storage management
  • Tracks documents with advanced security
  • Allows to share and documents from anywhere

An Ultimate Guide To Choosing An Online Photo Storage Platform


Aren't you able to store any more photos due to insufficient hard disk space in your computer? Then it’s high time to start utilizing an online photo storage application or website. With the remarkable advancement in online services and technologies, the popularity of the best online photo storage sites has increased significantly.

With the advent of online photo storage free software, nowadays every professional and amateur photographer takes numerous shots of a subject without worrying about the space constraint. You should too start using an online photo and video storage app to back up all your photos and videos that are dear to you.

What do you mean by online photo storage?

In today’s time, almost everyone is leveraging online photo storage sites to keep the captured priceless moments safe and secure. Large-scale corporate enterprises have realized the photo and video backup needs of the people, and therefore, they are offering free and paid online picture storage facilities.

Most online photo storage software enables individuals to store as many photos as they click by leveraging a camera and smartphone. You can rest assured that all your precious images will stay secure and you can access the stored photographs anytime you want if you use an online picture storage app.

More than a staggering 1 billion people use Google Photos, which is an online photo storage and sharing service, for keeping images secure. In 2017, Google announced that the users upload over 1.2 billion photos every day.

On Google, if you type online photo storage backup services or sites, you will get multiple search results. However, before making an instant decision, checking online photo storage reviews is of utmost importance. Even if your system gets damaged due to power surge and fire outbreak, you still won’t lose your photographs and videos if you choose to store them in a secure online pixpa digital photo storage app.

Features Of A Secure Online Photo Storage Platform

Nowadays, besides the free online photo storage option, a paid/premium online photo storage facility is also available. Apart from professional photographers, individuals who have a keen interest in photography also require ample space for storing their photos. Therefore, they avail the paid option instead of the free ones that have space foundation.

If you leverage the best online photo and video storage service, you will be able to free up space on both your internal and external hard disks and devices. Most online photo storage sites have some essential features that come to the major rescue of the individuals when it comes to backing up photos and keeping them secured. So, choose an online photo storage sharing platform that has all the noteworthy below-mentioned features.

Image Sharing

Apart from storing photos securely, you also get the opportunity to share images on the storage site without any hassle. A top-notch and best online photo video storage platform should enable the users to share photos directly on all popular social media platforms.

Mobile Responsive

Besides functioning seamlessly when accessed via a computer, an online photo storage site should also function in a smartphone hassle-free. Many people may not own computers, but they definitely use smartphones.

Printing Facility

Choose a amazon photos storage site that allows users to print selected digital photographs directly. An online photo library storage platform should back up photos automatically every time you upload new photos.

Easy Search

The presence of search functions facilitates users significantly when it comes to choosing a specific photo in quick time out of the hundreds and thousands of stored photos.

Editing Tools

Online photo storage and editing apps can come to your help if you do not have any editing app already downloaded in your device. You can make the necessary alterations to an image, save and store it by leveraging the platform only.

Compelling Benefits Of Using The Top Online Photo Storage Platform

To ensure that all your photos and videos stay forever with you, you should start using an online photo storage cloud platform. Photos remain safe and secure when one chooses a cloud storage option over physical storage.

Easy Accessibility

Irrespective of the location and time, you can access all your stored photos anytime you want using any internet-connected devices. You just need to drag and drop photos while uploading to the cloud storage.

Easy Management

You can edit, save, and share your photos and videos effectively when you make use of the best online digital photo storage app. Such photo storing digital platforms are equipped with tools for watermarking, captioning and altering photo size, colour, resolution and format. Also, users can search, download, share and print selected photos directly from the online image storage platforms.

Regular Updating

The moment you capture a new photo or make changes to an existing one in your gallery, syncing and updating procedure will take place and ensure that the new changes are correctly saved. The online photo storage best app automatically backups your photos and videos and helps get rid of your worry.

Top-notch Security

All your photos remain safe and secure when you upload them to the cloud photo library due to the presence of additional security layers. Check online photo storage sites reviews to know the app that offers top-notch security to the stored photos and videos of the users.

Key Things To Consider When Choosing An Online Photo Storage Site

Nowadays, several online photo storage service providing sites are available on the internet that allows users to store photos and free up hard disk space. However, keeping the following factors in mind is essential to find one of the best online photo storage options.


Make sure that the app is easy to use and the option of online photo storage with password is there.


It offers sufficient storage if it comes for free and offers unlimited storage if users pay for the service on a yearly basis.

Remote Access

Remote accessibility option is available to enable users to access any photo from anywhere and anytime using a tablet or smartphone.

Image Format And Speed

Ensure whether the platform allows maximum image resolution and multiple image file formats. It has high uploading and downloading speeds.

Sharing & Printing

Users get photo sharing on social media and direct printing facilities. The app ensures top-standard security to the stored photos and videos.


Apart from the free online photo storage sites, a paid version also exists, which offers expanded storage and many more facilities to the users. The price varies from one photo storage service to another due to the presence of various features.

Support Services

All top online photo storage service providers boast an experienced customer support team. If any users encounter any issue while navigating the sites, uploading, sharing and downloading photos, they can quickly help resolve all problems.


If you are using the free version, then you will not get any warranty. However, if you pay for an online photo storage service, you will definitely receive a warranty on the paid service. If any uploaded photo or video goes missing, you will be able to recover the same instantly.

Conclusion - Where To Store Photos Online?

So, if you are in dire need to store photos online, start utilizing the best online photo storage platforms such as onedrive, Google Photos or iCloud. You will certainly be able to gain easy access to the storage sites, make necessary edits and share photos with your friends and followers on social media. Once you start using, you will receive top quality online photo storage solutions and keep all your priceless photographs lifelong with you.

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