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Store beautiful images, document files with an amazing online cloud storage platform, it comes with Military-Grade 256-AES encryption to protect data from ransomware.

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  • Suitable for freelancer solo workers, and business
  • 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
  • Share any file like powerpoint and photoshops
  • Easily access teamwork via computer, mobile and other web browse
  • Advanced technology for data protection
  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT) system
  • Support multinational collaboration for domain security
  • High-security system for important business content
  • Online file synchronization for all devices
  • Recovered Deleted file with in 30 days
  • Automatically modified and protect data from ransomware
  • Well Suited for business and personal use
  • Offer massive storage space for data
  • Photos and files are accessible from all devices
  • Provides SSL encryption for data security
  • Best B2 cloud storage for developers and IT people
  • Download file and videos and sync them offline
  • Unlimited backup servers for desktops and laptops
  • Seamless plug B2 cloud storage via APIs, WebUI ,CLI
  • Provides TLS/SSL encryption for data security
  • Backup content from facebook's instagrams and picasa
  • Ideal for storing thousands of photos and files
  • Best for personal and business use
  • Upload photos and videos for all device
  • Compatible with Iphone and android
  • Flexible subscription plans with prime membership for 30 days
  • Ideal for storing video and files
  • Business plans with advanced security
  • Smart cloud Technology for massive storages
  • Compatible with all apple devices
  • 5GB to 2TB storage for a month
  • Collaborate with page, number and keynotes
  • Search for file by names and content
  • Compatible with android and iphone devices
  • Receive notification for important activities on file
  • Google Docs, sheet and slides for business storage
  • Store photos, stories ,recording and video on google account
  • File backup and recovery system for data
  • Powerful data migration for easily transforming data
  • Protect photos, tax forms, music and video files
  • Perfect for business backups
  • Simple drop and drag interface for user
  • Fast and Unlimited browsing
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Excellent web management options
  • Military-Grade 256-AES Encryption
  • Make secure payments with 30 days guarantee
  • Reliable data storage for photos and videos
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Automatically shares your photos , videos and files
  • Available on android and Iphone devices
  • Cloud storage and backup solution for small business
  • Organise and edit photos online
  • Support multiple devices
  • Multi layer military grade encryption for data security
  • Protect personal and business data from hackers

Best Cloud Storage Platforms You Can Trust

Choosing online storage can be one hell of a job for a person as it involves securing your data. There are many memories in this data that you wish to cherish or even important work documents. With the evolution of technology, there are many storage platforms now available online, which help you in keeping your data safe. They provide many features, which are different than others, and some of them excel the other ones. To choose the best business services platform, these are the following things that have to keep in mind:

There is a myth nowadays that a cloud storage service provider which has a big brand name will provide the best services. Also, there are new companies that spend a large number of their resources on the security of the customer data and give the best services. They take many security measures for the security of the data. Some of them are even better than the big companies providing these services.

Know The Cloud Storage Policies

There are many cases where the companies providing these services make false promises to the customers and do not stand by them. It is essential to see that the value of money which you are paying should be utilized up to the mark. There are different kinds of services needed for different kinds of data and make sure to choose the right kind of platform such as idrive cloud-based platform for small firms.


Before you buy any cloud storage service online, it is essential to see the performance of the service that is being provided. Most of the companies providing this service invest a large number of resources in providing the best services to their customers. The companies do not have full control over their bandwidth, so they leave it up to their customers to achieve the desired performance. It is essential to match your bandwidth to your SLA's, to get good speed.

Review Management Tools

Every customer availing the service will require different kinds of management tools. You don't need to manage everything on your own, but it's a good option. Many of these service providers offer different software or third-party supports. It is important to see which works most effectively for you.

Multi-Cloud Option

It can be very useful to have multi-cloud portfolios as it optimizes the workload. Many businesses nowadays are investing in this as it helps in easy management of work. Single cloud providers are also good as they keep your data in one basket, but it can be difficult times to manage so much of data, so opting for the spideroak multi-cloud provider is a good option. It might take more time, but it gives better services at a lower cost.

Cloud Storage Platforms Pricing Details

When you are opting for cloud services, the following things should be kept in mind:

  • Storage costs: The cost of the storage is varied based on cost per GB. The amount of data you want to store determine the price of the cloud service you are opting.
  • SLAs:  Many cloud service providers give a certain percentage of guarantee and uptime. So, if you want to upgrade your SLAs, then you have to pay more.
  • Egress/Access: Cloud storage is one of the cheapest ways to keep data safe, but it can get expensive if used daily or used with high volumes of data.

Know The Type Of Data Storage

It is important to know the type of data you are storing in your cloud. The common categories are; enterprise file sharing, backup and replicated file and many others. These types affect the cost of the service provider you are choosing. They can also raise the complexity.


These are the following things that have to be kept in mind while choosing a cloud storage platform. The cost is an important factor as you have to consume the value of your money. The security of the data is also another major factor, so all the things should be seen, and then a choice should be made. When it comes to freelancers, then prefer dropbox for business.

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