Best New Zealand VPNs

Top standard Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) offers users in New Zealand with blazing-fast internet and thousands of servers for non-stop web browsing and HD streaming.

By Customer Feedback

  • No-logging policy to ensure high security
  • Supports protocols of OpenVPN, PPTP, and IKEv2
  • Enables advanced DNS/IPv6 leak protection
  • 24/7 efficient customer support via email or live chat
  • Optimized servers for Comedy Central and ESPN
  • Easy-to-use interface and file-sharing servers
  • 24/7 live chat customer service for fast responses
  • Money-back guarantee policy for 45 days
  • Simple and powerful mobile apps for all platforms
  • Supports fast downloads and P2P file-sharing
  • Connects network to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Allows 1080p HD streaming of movies and TV shows
  • Technical support available for installation process
  • Unblocks streaming platforms like TVNZ and Netflix
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices
  • Easy to get IP addresses for New Zealand users

  Verified Listing

  • Allows Multi-hopping connections to servers
  • Seamless torrenting and sharing of digital files
  • Unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted streaming
  • High standard VPN for routers and android devices
  • Connects to a maximum of 5 devices at a time
  • Built-in Kill switch to close tabs automatically
  • Compatible with Apple TV and Firestick
  • WireGuard protocol allows ultra-fast connections
  • Compatible with Microsoft Surface, Roku and Kodi
  • Dedicated IP addresses for enhanced safety online
  • Provides enterprise-grade security for large files
  • Thoroughly encrypted and flexible payment options
  • Mobile and desktop apps for Mac and Android
  • Instant access for geo-restricted websites and OTT
  • Strict no-log policy to assure safety for users
  • Access to Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayers and TVNZ.
  • 17300+ servers in 76 countries including New Zealand
  • Provides high security for public Wi-Fi connections
  • Available as browser extensions for safe web surfing
  • Simple installation process and quick setup

Choose The Top VPN Providers In New Zealand | Buyer's Guide

Virtual Private Network is one of the most opted for choices these days for people who love to stay in New zealand. For selecting the Virtual Private Network (VPN), plenty of aspects are important. It is quality service at affordable rates that should be your priority. With 26% of the global internet users availing the VPN services across the world to keep their devices safe, it is surely a critical choice to make. Before you go ahead to make a choice, you must understand what a VPN is. 

What is a Virtual Private Network?

VPN helps your device stay hidden from the prying eyes on the internet and offers anonymity and online privacy. If you wish to stay connected without disclosing your identity, VPN makes it possible by masking the IP address. That way, a private network is virtually created from a public connection. 

Notable Features of VPN

For those looking for the right VPN connection for you, the below list of features is worth considering before opting for one. 

Adequate Server Location

When it comes to connectivity, coverage is the first thing that comes to our mind. Will you ever settle for a service provider who allows limited facilities? Surely not! Especially when several options remain available in the market, you should carry out thorough research to know the providers' coverage. Look for the area coverage of the VPN you are choosing to be sure that you do not have to struggle to stay in touch with your peers or work at any time. 

Mobile App Compatibility

5.2 billion people use mobile phones with internet connectivity across the world. Therefore, mobile phones are essential for connectivity. While you cannot carry your PC or laptop everywhere and every time, mobiles fit inside your pocket easily. Hence, people depend more on smartphones than any other variety of devices these days. If you have opted for a network provider service that does not offer mobile app compatible interfaces and software, reconsider your choice. For more information, refer to the Android VPN and VPN for iPhone to make an informed choice. 

Integrated Kill Switch

When it comes to the internet, nothing is secure. The entire world uses network services to stay connected, bearing the risk of data theft in mind. IP leaks are also not infrequent these days. You might also fall prey to this situation any day. Hence, your choice of VPN should consider the level of safety the particular service offers. 

With this one integrated into your services, your device will be safe even when your network will drop. The moment the connection becomes overloaded and fails to keep your device connected with the server, the true identity of your IP shows up. 

KILL switch makes sure that the data transfer stops immediately after your device loses connectivity with the server to negate any such revelation chances. Hence, if you look for the best VPN for you, make sure to check the presence of the very useful kill switch before finalizing the deal. 

Anonymous DNS Servers

The whole idea behind using a VPN connection is to keep your IP hidden. If your service provider uses the Google DNS server for speed, you have no reason to opt for the same. Google DNS is the most popular choice and will not offer the security level you are looking for. Make sure to opt for a network service provider who uses anonymous DNS or some other variety that offers more security. 

No Log Policy

If you are choosing a VPN for your business, you need extra security for sure. If your service provider does not offer you a no-log policy, you should continue searching for the best one. By a no-log policy we mean, your browsing activity log. If you do not want to stack your history of browsing in your network, choose service providers to ensure zero logs. Although most of the available options in the market will claim the same, the reality might be otherwise in most cases. Hence, check the company's privacy policy you are opting for carefully to be sure of the no-log policy. 

Router Support

No one uses a single device these days. Almost everyone uses a variety of devices like tablets and smartphones. Will it be a good idea to install the VPN services individually to every device you use? Will it be a better option to keep the services integrated and share the same on your devices? Surely the latter one appeals more to most. 

Here comes the justification of the router supported private networks. To make this possible, you need a compatible router especially for business houses and commercial places, this is a must for data protection. So, opt for a network service provider, check the router you are using and the provider you are selecting simultaneously. Compatibility in both parts is a mandate to make network sharing easier and securer. 

Open VPN Support

Virtual Private Network encrypts the data to keep the secrecy of the client's information intact. In doing so, several protocols can be used. One of the most advanced and latest one is the NordVPN offers the utmost security to the data and makes your device safe. However, this variety is also not a unilateral choice. It comes in different varieties like TCP and UDP. You need to check the specifications related to both the varieties to make your choice impeccable. 

Benefits of Using a VPN In New Zealand

The benefits of using this variety of proxy networks are countless. Here are some of the advantages that have made this one of the most popular choices worldwide. Be it for personal use or commercial purposes, most people opt for VPN services these days, keeping the security angle in mind. 

Full Protection

When you access the internet, your IP also becomes available to others. If you do not want everyone to keep an eye on what you are doing, you need this secure variety of network services. It helps make your IP inaccessible for the rest, making it secure. 

No Data Throttling

The data usage cap leads to the problem of data throttling. Once you have used the amount of data you can use in a day, your internet will become slower. With this variety of secure services, you get data protection and free data for a lifetime. 

Reduced Bandwidth Throttling

Have you ever experienced a slow loading problem for the same website which earlier performed perfectly? If so, it can be a result of bandwidth throttling consequent upon administrative controls of the website. With a disguised IP, you can easily avoid this issue. 

Accessing Geo-Block Services

Let the geographic boundaries not restrict your internet access. Certain websites and platforms use geo-blocking techniques to restrict the availability of their content to specific areas. This can be trouble for you if you frequently travel to New Zealand; it can solve this problem by making your IP hard to trace. 

Censorship Tackling

Some platforms are not allowed in some places and countries. If you are traveling to a place where Facebook is not accessible, you must remain cut off from your peers for a long time. But, the best virtual private network software makes sure that your IP address remains hidden, and you get to access the platform easily and from anywhere. 

Cheaper Lease Lines

Lease lines always seem expensive. But with VPN services, the leased lines are far cheaper than you think. If you are looking for an affordable option, this variety can be your one-stop choice. In today's world, the internet and connectivity are two pillars that hold the entire nexus of business and communication together. Once any of these falls, the entire system suffers as well. Hence, it would be best if you made sure the best of both to stay afloat. 

VPN appears to be the most feasible solution if quality connectivity at the least risk of IP leak is on your mind. No matter if you are looking for business or personal use, this can be a smart choice at any point in time. 

Final Verdict

With more people accessing the internet every day, maintaining the data's security is becoming challenging day by day. While no network can offer a foolproof solution for the same, Express VPN can be smarter than the rest due to the advanced kill switch functionality. Hence, choose your network provider carefully to ensure the safety of your information. Thorough research and price comparison are two things that you must not forget while choosing the best one for you.