Best VPN For Multiple Devices

Explore the list of top-notch Virtual Private Network services to provide unlimited simultaneous connections to multiple devices for low-risk internet browsing and streaming HD movies.

By Customer Feedback

  • Easy installation for network routers
  • Access streaming services of sport channels
  • Protects personal identity on all used devices
  • Ideal choice for large families with many electronics
  • VPN apps available on android and iOS devices
  • Connects a maximum of 5 devices simultaneously
  • Provides full and secure access to blocked websites
  • Allows private and secure downloading of restricted files
  • Access to VPN servers across 60 countries
  • Automatic kill switch prevents data leakage
  • Trouble-free connection to six devices at a time
  • Enables customizable network settings on all devices
  • Ultimate VPN to multiple device operation
  • Hurdle-free streaming of shows on smart TV
  • Split tunneling access foreign and local networks
  • Prevents hacking in home and office security cameras

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  • Enables ad-free browsing of internet
  • Internet safety with VPN browser extensions
  • Feasible VPN services with premium features
  • HD movies streaming in Netflix and HBO
  • Extremely safe VPN servers to play games online
  • Keeps logs and history hidden until access
  • Protects unlimited devices with a single VPN
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and email
  • User-friendly VPN apps for smartphones
  • Secure connection for 5 devices simultaneously
  • Ultra-fast servers for watching high-quality videos
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface VPN provider
  • 3000+ high-speed VPN servers worldwide
  • Well-hidden log history and private identity
  • OpenPGP email encryption for secure communication
  • Available for windows, iOS, android and Wi-Fi routers
  • Cost-effective VPN solution for multiple devices
  • IP address masking for preventing ISP throttling
  • Overcomes geo-restrictions to browse limitless web
  • High performance VPN with IPv6 leak protection
  • Anonymous streaming videos and split tunneling
  • Automatic kill switch to clear internet activity log
  • High speed internet to over 2000+ servers
  • Allow 10 multiple login capacity for office use
  • Simple interface VPN for unlimited devices
  • Grants uncensored access to any website
  • Anonymous web browsing at schools and offices
  • High-level encryption of data for security purposes
  • Connects upto 15 devices for large families
  • Budget-friendly VPN apps for smartphones
  • Full protection to your home Wi-Fi connection
  • Easy to set up with no technical help
  • Multiple and secure VPN gateway function
  • Industry-leading VPN for multiple devices
  • Anonymous IP address with 10 simultaneous connections
  • Simultaneously connect with 10 devices
  • Flexible monthly and yearly VPN subscriptions
  • Prevents cyber threats from public Wi-Fi connections
  • Protects your GPS information from online marketers
  • Low maintenance VPN service to protect your devices

A Guide To Choose Best VPN Services For Multiple Devices 


VPN services have become exceedingly popular among internet users today. While in the earlier times, the Peer-to-peer tunneling protocol (PPTP) was used that required a lot of time and expertise to be set up a secured connection. The best VPN for multiple devices in the present times is extremely user friendly and can be set up easily within a few clicks. Take a look at how the VPN for multiple devices work and what are their features and advantages. With a good understanding of the VPN services, you will easily choose the best service for yourself without needing any kind of assistance.

What Is The Best VPN For Multiple Devices?

For today's netizens, VPN is not a new term. But only a few of them know that VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. The VPN services arose out of the needs of the people for a better and secure connection. While anti-virus software and the like were capable of protecting the end-users from any sort of immediate damage and malware, working through unsafe connections often left behind trails of sensitive information such as IP addresses that could be misused by scammers. 

Thus, VPN is considered the ideal security solution that creates a tunnel through which you can access various sites without ever using your IP address. Today, VPN is used for security purposes, accessing contents that are banned in a particular geographic location resolve issues of censorship and geo-restrictions.

Key Features of VPN Services For Multiple Devices

Owing to the increased dependence of users on the VPN, the service must be available to them and across all devices. Here are a few important features of the best VPN for multiple devices:

Multi-Users And Log-Ins

A crucial feature of the VPN for multiple devices is that it allows multi-user login and use simultaneously. For instance, if you want to access a VPN service through your phone and your laptop, you should be able to do so easily without logging out one device first and then log in to another device. Further, if you are opting for a VPN for commercial establishments, it is important that several users can access it simultaneously. The best VPN services such as CyberGhost offer a smooth multi-user experience with zero restrictions and unique IP addresses for each user.

DNS Server Anonymity

DNS stands for Domain Name System. As soon as you type anything, be it an address or a word in the search bar, the DNS resolution links your search to your IP address and directs the web traffic accordingly. Most users depend on the Google DNS translator as it offers faster and better results. But if you are opting for VPN service for safety concerns, depending on the Google DNS may compromise your security to a great extent. With the best VPN device for multi-users, even the DNS translation is done securely so that no traces of your search are left behind whatsoever.

VPN Mobile Users

A large number of those who opt for VPN service for multiple devices are smartphone users. In a world where your PC is synced to your phone, and your phone is linked to your bank account, simply having a VPN for your computer is not enough. It is equally important that you secure the searches conducted through your phone and unknown Wi-Fi connection. The leading VPN providers today offer their services in the form of mobile apps as well. So, all the searches that you conduct across all the devices will be secured.

Different Types Of VPN Services

If you may have noticed, VPN services are usually enumerated in the form of categories. If you are wondering what these categories relate to, find out below:

VPN For Iphones

iPhones are specially designed by Apple in such a way that all apps and software do not run through these phones easily. The VPN for iPhones is specially designed to work with the iPhone's operating system without requiring any kind of permanent changes.

VPN For Torrenting

There are restrictions on the use of Torrent in several countries and can even attract legal actions and penalties. The connection of the VPN torrenting services that are made has been designed with such strong security features that they offer you all-around protection. You can do your downloading without any kind of fear.

Benefits Of VPN For Multiple Devices

Negates Geo-Restrictions

The servers of the best VPN providers are located in several countries across continents. So, if there are geo-restrictions on certain kinds of contents in your own country, you can connect to the country's server of your choice and access the content.

Offers End-To-End Safety

The best VPN services work as a sort of tunnel for your entire search. So at no point in the search, your IP address is used or exposed. This feature is especially helpful in keeping away scammers and when you go through sensitive information.

Full-Speed Streaming

If you are using VPN services to binge-watch a series or stream a football match, internet lags can be especially annoying. The best providers ensure that you can surf through all kinds of contents at high speed.

Price and Warranty

The VPN services from the leading providers are competitively priced, depending on the number of features that the user needs. Price may also differ according to the number of server locations and user access. The standard VPN service warranty ranges from one to six months, though that is not an important criterion for your choice.


Now that you are aware of the leading products such as NordVPN and their features and benefits, you can easily choose the right VPN service for your multiple devices. Ensure that the service you use is compatible with the Operating systems of all your devices and offers you safe browsing at high speed.