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Record and create studio-quality audio tracks with professional sound effects from the best Digital Multitrack Recorder.

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  • Audio interface mixes soundtracks
  • Connects easily with ios and android devices
  • Custom sound effects and mixing settings
  • Supports USB, SD card audio interface
  • Sturdy design multi track audio mixer
  • Built Ethernet and WiFi connectivity
  • Ultimate audio recording interface
  • Integrated multitrack recording system
  • Advanced sound effects recording kit
  • Digital portable multi track audio recorder
  • Multi-recorder tracks different audios simultaneously
  • Compatible with SD/SDHC memory cards
  • High sensitivity table top recorder
  • Audio interface delivers studio quality sound effects
  • Fully functional and flexible audio controls
  • Effective audio mixer for workstations
  • Advanced sound effects settings
  • Customizable audio mixing features
  • Portable digital multi track recorder
  • Premium audio mixer for musicians, podcasters
  • Powerful audio recorder and controller
  • High performance digital multi track recorder
  • Ultimate recorder for live performances, studio recordings
  • Premium quality audio recording system
  • Built-in sound effects for effective recording
  • Designed for high quality recordings
  • Features easy sound controls knobs
  • Multitrack recorder for enhanced sound effects
  • Provides high quality DSP effects
  • Portable and convenient music recording station
  • Durable Multi track recorder
  • Eight channel digital audio mixer
  • Audio interface balances audios and effects
  • Sequentially lines up different audio tracks
  • Excellent double tracking system
  • High performance studio monitor
  • Professional digital recording station
  • Battery operated multitrack recorder
  • Compact recorder for outstation recordings

Digital Multitrack Recorders Buying Guide


With the emergence of various kinds of recording equipment such as music computers and audio workstations, the multitrack recorder is still the most popular one in Musical Instruments for Music Lovers. Many singers and writers use this device in the industry, and for the value it provides. It helps in recording several audio channels and also allows to experiment with the sounds recorded by mixing them. Bands have many instruments being played at the same time which can be a bit difficult to handle. This is where the multitrack recorder helps in laying down the creations.

What is a Multitrack Recorder?

The multitrack recorder is a device which records many pieces of audio on different tracks and makes it possible for the users to create more complex and large combinations of sounds. Before there was an introduction of music software and computers, the usage of multitrack recorders helped musicians record their tracks. This device is considered significant today also. It has been modified over the years with new features such as processing of internal effects, flexibility in signal routing etc. There are many advantages of a multitrack recorder as a part of your setup. It is very convenient to use and gives the musician control over the sound. It stays true to its functions and gives you exactly what you need.

Benefits of Using Multitrack Recorders

Convenient Usage

These are very useful as they can be hand handled and you can pin down the idea in the rawest form. They are perfect for capturing song ideas and writing in general.


They are very easily portable as they are like mini home studios which can be slung in a bag without any hassle. They are also battery-powered, so you do not have to worry about plugging them.

Aural Dependency

They do not show a visual representation of sound waves which can be a good thing as music is an aural thing, but when we use the computer software, we lay more focus on how the sound looks on the screen. Also, it can be good to get away from the computer every once in a while.


As these devices are digital, they are also versatile. They have an onboard storage system for saving the work and have plenty of processing power which makes them fast and reliable.

Types Of Multitrack Recorders

Small format multitrack recorders

This type of recorder is ideal for home use and is also reasonably priced for the budget. It includes a feasible number of tracks. They have given a decent audio quality and are also portable technically. They are also compatible with many digital devices which are found in home studios.

Large format multitrack recorders

These recorders may look like racks but are very useful in big studios. They have exceptional sound quality and advanced features. They have a lot of connectivity options and are best for professionals who need a full-format station as their studio setup.

Field multitrack recorders

These are made specially to serve those who want to record music outside the studio. They have top quality sound and are reasonably priced. They can be used with rehearsals and live performances. These are found useful by music maker bands and are ideal for the field. Some of them have built-in mics and connectors.

Portable Multitrack Recorders

These can be used to record music in different places. This boss multitrack recorder comes with a small size, it can be carried around anywhere easily and produce good sound quality and can be used to record concerts and field recordings.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Multitrack Recorders Online

Your Specific Need

You need to know what you want to target in the market. For an individual musician who wants the multitrack recorder for home studio, you have to narrow your choices to the portable or small format multitrack recorder. For a professional producer in need of the recorder to include in the professional studio, a large format recorder with a good sound will be the right choice like soundcraft multitrack recorder for pro users.


The kind of track recorder you will get depends on how much you want to pay. These devices are not very expensive, but the important thing to consider is how much money you plan to spend on it. The cheaper device is not always better, so you should aim for a good quality reasonable device.

Number of Tracks

Before you buy the track recorder, you should see how many tracks you want in the device. It all depends on the specific need and type of project you wish to handle in the future. Most of the track recorders give 6,8,16,24 or 32 tracks. For individual artists looking for a recording band, it is good to get a track recorder which offers at least 16 tracks on the channel.


You will use the track recorder with other devices, and it is also important that you buy the one which can also be connected to the device which you already have. The device should be compatible with the devices you want to connect with. Means of connecting the device should be easy. The USB connection is the best and the easiest way to connect the device and transfer files.

Brand Reputation

Finally, you must buy the device which is made by a reputable manufacturer. It is only to make sure that you buy a good quality product. There are many good brands which are unknown at times, and it is important to conduct a background check before buying the product. And after the extensive research we offer you the zoom multitrack recoder at low price that will fulfil your desire.

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