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Multi-channel networking to seamlessly connect multiple channels, live concert music and stage performance with the best professional mixing console.

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  • Perfect for recording studio
  • Advanced four multi-effect processor
  • ISSP technology for realistic sound
  • 96 input channels and 18 bus capacity at 96KHz
  • Built-in LED light indicator
  • Ideal for live sound recording
  • Compatible with 24- channel digital recorder
  • Stereo digital mixing console for beginners
  • Support 48 channel and 28 bus
  • Touchscreen LED screen for live performance
  • Waves SoundGrid Technology
  • High impact steel structure body
  • Award-winning digital mixing console
  • Well suited for professionals
  • British console design with advanced modern technology
  • Built-in stage box connectivity
  • Stereo sound quality for concerts
  • Full customizable fader layer
  • Multi-colour LCD channel display
  • User- Friendly design interface
  • Award-winning sound quality for concerts
  • Advanced player technology
  • Multi-effect processor and support 40 channels
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Dynamic LCD scribble strip for all channels and buses
  • Fully automated motorized with 100mm fader
  • 40-bit floating-point DSP feature
  • Multi-channel networking for up 40 channel
  • Portable and compact design for carrying in concerts and events
  • Fully programmable mic preamp for audiophile sound quality
  • Remote control system for easy operation
  • USB 2.0 audio connectivity system
  • Best for studio and live converts
  • 9 motorized fader with 100mm
  • Extensive connectivity system
  • High quality professional digital mixing console
  • USB stereo recording for live performance and concerts

How To Choose Top Digital Mixing Console Brands For Recording Studio?


It is true that music connects hearts. but for great music which connects to your needs a lot of effort to create and one of the most important things is a mixing console. It's a sound engineer's dream to stand behind the console and create a masterpiece in the studio from a wide-range of musical instruments, whether it's rock 'n' roll or a pop song, creating a song is not a big deal, the real art is in mixing it accurately.

Features To Look In Digital Mixing Console

Digital Mixing boards are usually light-weight machines and can be easily taken to multiple venues and events with an option to create and save presets. Choosing a mixer is completely based on your personal preference and, of course, cost. There are multiple Digital Mixing Boards available in marketplaces at cheaper rates with all the necessary features that you can choose, so when buying a digital mixing console do consider our features mentioned below, as these might help you to get a better idea and let you create great music with more flexibility and customization options. You can also checkout some musical equipment like guitar amplifiers and multi track recorder for your studio. Things to consider:

Inputs and Channels

A digital Mixing Console should consist of all the necessary features on the same board such as Channel strips, inputs, EQ, AUX sends, mute and solo buttons, channel faders, outputs, a digital screen for all the information, etc. The channel strips are used to control the panning, and dynamics of the signals and also advanced routing options.


Midas Digital mixers are generally flexible and are compact in size. The mixer should adequately provide you channel equalizers and graphical EQs with better processing. You can easily save different settings for different bands and musicians, which is very helpful when multiple bands are performing one after the other. A mid to high-end digital board should allow you to create and set your own tone and the software updates should provide functionality for routing, mix busses, etc.  You can pre-configure your effects using software on tablets or Pc via USB so that you can have your channels and routing always ready to go.

Noise Reduction

The digital Mixers usually produce less noise in terms of Analogue mixers and allow an operator to group channels quickly without the need for rewriting. It also provides fluid and less limited group assignments with layered faders. So, choose a system with more configuration options.


The Digital Mixers should allow you to save, edit, copy, or recall presets, which are really helpful during live shows or events and provide innovative ways to speed up your work. Modern boards tend to be modular with separate control for surface, processor rack, and stage I/O box which provides a flexible option without having to replace the whole digital system.

Types of Mixing Consoles

There are basically two types of mixers, one is Analog and the other one is digital. If you want a decent mixer, then the analog mixers are quite cheaper but in today's era, everyone is opting for a digital mixing console as its provides more features with advantages such as reverb, delay, equalizer, control and many more and are available in a much cheaper rate with an option to carry them along to multiple venues during an event or concerts or at church. Digital boards take the electrical signal and turn it into a numeric binary representation, splitting sound frequencies and sending it back out as electrical again. It also helps you to record to SD card or on PC with DAW via a USB.

Connectivity and Networks

The Tascam digital mixer should have additional ports for Sd card, Aux, USB. Some mixers also provide an option for WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity with an average-sized display screen to show all the information spot-on. DAW (Digital Audio Networks)  allows you to use a snake and helps reduce the weight and volume of cabling between the board, stage box, and the monitor.

Cost Of Digital Mixing Console Device

One of the most important things to look for while buying a digital mixing console as this can cost you more than an analog; but, it has all the effects in-built as in turn can save you some extra bucks if you intend to buy the effects separately.

Conclusion - Is it good to purchase digital mixing console online?

Overall, if you are a beginner and want to become a sound engineer, it is always recommended to start early and understand at least the basics, first. A yamaha digital mixing console is an upgrade of technology and provides more flexible and customizable options for a better experience. So, that's it for basic knowledge for a Digital Mixer Console and hope you got an idea of the things that you should consider while buying yourself one of these consoles.

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