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Browse through the variety of low profile graphics cards that offer great gaming and video editing experience for professional artists and gamers.

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  • Compact design product with robust exterior
  • DVI-D dual link, HDMI, and VGA connectivity
  • Easy installation for Windows operating system
  • Best low profile graphics card for gaming
  • Best low profile graphics card for video editing
  • User-friendly interface and multiple connections
  • Ideal for laptops and gaming machines
  • Highly durable product for long-term use
  • In-built video decoder with Avivo technology
  • Adapter supports full size case installations
  • High bandwidth for HD audio and video
  • Compatible with Microsoft DirectX 11
  • HDMI and display port connectivity options
  • 2 GB GDDR5 memory for high quality visuals
  • Cancels surround noise for great experience
  • Best low profile graphics card for Fortnite
  • Best low profile graphics card for 3 monitors
  • Supports 360-degree and HDR images
  • Super-quiet, smooth and ultra-fast gameplay
  • Turing shaders offer advanced graphics features
  • Supports fast and superclocked performance
  • 3 years warranty product with technical support
  • 48.06 GB/s high memory bandwidth for videos
  • Low profile graphics card with low power consumption
  • Best low profile graphics cards for VR
  • Supports display on 3 monitors concurrently
  • Thermal solution with fanless cooling technology
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista
  • Auto-extreme technology for durability
  • Best low profile graphics card for HTPC
  • No-noise thermal cooling functionality
  • HDMI 2.0 and 1 DVI-D input and output ports
  • Low profile output and input bracket
  • GCN architecture for advanced graphics
  • AMD Chipset for fast stream technology
  • Delivers exceptional performance for 6 displays
  • Power-efficient low profile graphics card
  • Enables to capture and share screenshots
  • Overclocking software with afterburner feature
  • Automated OC scanner boost up performance
  • Aluminum build for sustainable long-term usage
  • AMD chipset for eye-catching 3D graphics
  • Freesync feature for seamless gaming experience
  • Free Airflow for system with single fan design
  • NVIDIA chipset for super-effective performance
  • 8GB GDDR6 256-bit high memory bandwidth
  • Ray tracing cores for realistic 3D visuals
  • Widely compatible with almost all the devices

Low Profile Graphics Cards - A Compact Composition of Small PCBs

Technological advancement has brought innovation into its premises. Here we discuss the low profile graphic card, which is fast, reliable, small-sized, and affordable than the standard graphic card. Being a professional, you come across the technical accessories to build in and perform video, photo editing, gaming, etc. The speed rate and adjacent functionality built-in placed it among the hearts of the professional designer. The short-height, uni-slot fits into the versatile cases. The adjustability is not just that it involves, but the space-saving feature made it popular these days. As the name suggests, it is not the premium set of the hardware, yet it serves power-pact performance with the required FPS output.

Benefits of getting the low-profile graphic card

Compact in size:

It would be a significant graphic card for gaming professionals as it is smaller in size than the standard form of the graphic card. The standard bulky hardware is for the large system unit. The versatility among the functionality of the low-profile graphic card is commendable with the high-end GPU to support the AAA gaming interface. The compact set of the card fits the different systems to save enough room accordingly. The lightweight hardware gets easily inserted into the small unit. It is capable of supporting a wide range of games. 

Thinner Shape:

The modular shaped low-rise graphic card is for easy installation into the system unit. The adjustable capacity of the card makes it viable and versatile at the same time. The standard ones are bulky and captivate a large room to fit, but not with the thin chip designed graphic card for the further reliant experience. Many termed it as the half-height cards as it is more compact than the other alternative.

Low power consumption

The low profile graphic cards are for the small factor PC case. And the composition of it is to fit every kind of PC with a short PCI or a full-sized metal bracket. The power consumption is low as compared to the typical graphic card. The 75-watt power utilization shall be enough to deliver the ultimate quality integration. The compact-sized graphic card is noiseless, whereas the heavy card can provide vibrating noise with more energy consumption. The power-efficient integrated GPU delivers accurate graphic acceleration. 

Efficient GPU:

The small factor PC is ideal for installing the low-rise graphic card with the 3 inches full-height bracket. The laptop with the low running temperature and power consumption function well with it. The low GPU integrated with the video memory shall improve the gaming experience for you. The midrange GPU acceleration to work intensively with an integration with the separate video memory card. The standard PCI comes with a metal bracket of height more than 4 inches.

Decent Clock Speed

The FPS scales depend on the clock speed, and the low profile graphic card of the 1600 MHz shall induce the impressive range at the 60FPS. The GPU is to perform minimal intensive gaming interfaces. As compared to the standard, it is much more reliable to fit any small factor PC for the gamer looking for such a low-maintenance PCI card. With enough storage of VRAM, the cards deliver quality-centric services.

High-speed rate:

The fast gaming experience is now won't be a dream as it is possible with the low-rise PCI card reliable enough to fit kind of the small factor PC. And with the multiple video output interface unit, it allows capturing and sharing videos with friends. The quality video play can blow your mind with the easy up-gradation of the system for the 2x speed. The game setting has now been more diverse with the low profile graphic card that fits in the small room.

Ability to perform 1080p Video play:

With a minimum resolution of 1920x1080p or better, the video card shall easily handle the 50-60 FPS. The low profile GPU is to play and stream the high-resolution video format. The GPU acceleration is integrated with the HD video card, which can run high-quality video, and the end performance would be immersive with it. 

Thermal design cooling unit:

Acknowledging the overall performance, aesthetic, usability, and price rate, the low-rise graphic card has been ideal for most professional gamers across the world. The heatsink technology absorbs the excessive system temperature with the cooling unit inbuilt within the PCI card. The overheating creates pressure on the hardware consuming more power as well. The cooling unit on the card is for restraining the heat for long term performance.

Small form factor

It is a further match for the small form factor PC compatible with every kind of system. And if you're the one with a gaming laptop can blindly choose the short height graphic card. Compatibility with the tablet, PC, and Desktop, comes with the passive cooling unit for the multimedia operation and supports Windows and Mac operating systems. 

Features of the low profile graphic card

Fit in the small enclosure:

Speaking of the functionality, one of the many features is that it fits in the compact bracket concerning the standard graphic card. In case the equipment does not fit into the box, you can go for the wide enclosure, which you can purchase separately. The item's dimensions are 3.6x0.6 inch which will fit an ideal low profile card bracket. 

High metal brackets:

The vertical metal graphic cardholder is sturdy enough to hold the video card with the enhanced no frame drop and anti-interference mount. The construction of the enclosure intact the processor from the damage. The vertical installation of the holder remains 90 degrees straight up to the system. It fits the PCI slot spaces and does not clutter the unit. The high stability of the bracket is suitable for the chassis of multiple graphic slots. 


The single-slot graphic card is ideal for the user with a small motherboard with the least space. If the dual-slot card does not fit and here you can get the single slot low profile card. The clocking speed rate with the 1600 Mhz can deliver a faster gaming experience up to 60 FPS. The power consumption is deliberately low in the case of the single slot card.

4-video output interface:

The VGA, DVI, HDMI, and display port are the four video output interfaces that you get within the video card. The high-quality external graphics cards are perfect and reliable to connect with the gaming console for high graphical performance. You can connect it to the high-ending monitor for the 4k resolution. A graphic card has a large memory and the processor unit for the high-performative video display. 

Handle Editing 

The graphic card is eligible for creating the video content with ease to edit video of high 4K resolution as it encodes and decodes it. And the computer with a sustainable GPU can work effectively. The GPU integration with the preceded PCI card, offering more powerful output at less money.

Difference between the standard and low-rise graphic card

  1. The standard card differs in height, width, and length from the low-rise card. 
  2. The low profile cards are affordable in comparison to the standard ones.
  3. The standard card doesn't support the small form factor PC, and the low profile ones are compatible with each device.
  4. The standard card consumes more power than the low profile or short heightened card.
  5. The compatibility with the standard-sized bracket is high among the low cards as you cannot fit the standard card in a low height card slot.

Determining factors to note while getting a Low profile graphic card

Direct connection to main power:

When you install the low profile graphic card, you set it with the direct power supply for uninterrupted connectivity. The dissipation of power consumption is low in comparison with the standard. As it can run on the average PSU of 25 watts. The low power consumption does generate minimal heat that is a vital component to look into it.

GPU integration:

To deliver high-end performance, the GPU gets integrated with the low profile graphic card offering immersive output. The integrated graphics can lag when a dedicated card amalgamates with the GPU.


The market comes up with technical innovation every year. Here the VisionTek Radeon 5450 low profile can compete with the high-end standard one in providing extensive support being compatible with the variant devices. 

Powerful outcome:

The card intended to give the cutting edge graphic with noiseless functioning consuming less power supply. It is extensive for the small-footprint system with low capacity.

Space saver:

The small capacity or low profile can ideally fit the small cases effortlessly. The extra space is for adding on the audio card. Some of the low profile cards do not need the pin power connection too. 


The MSI Gaming Geforce is with 2048 MB DDR3 memory for you to play a heavy game under a high graphical setting. The memory clock speed is 1600MHz, and you get a 3-year warranty on the product itself.

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