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  • Equipped with 2GB GDDR5 with 64bit memory storage
  • One-click overclocking technology for graphic engine
  • In-built fan cooler for efficient airflow function
  • Enjoy smooth 4k high-resolution videos
  • Clock speed optimized performance
  • Get 5% DB noise technology for quiet operation
  • In-built with high-quality 2AAA battery for longer run
  • Connectivity with display port, HDMI, DVI
  • Low-level of electric power consumption
  • Dual fan cooling technology for better airflow
  • Compatible with Window 10, 7 operating systems
  • 256 bits of memory storage capacity
  • Get VR-ready technology for immersive viewing
  • Best to hear and feel every game moment
  • Built-in next-generation GDDR6 memory storage
  • Plug and play compatibility with headset connection
  • Adjustable LED light configuration technology
  • Dual exhaust fan integration for cooling purpose
  • Low-level of noise technology graphic card
  • Artificial intelligence functionality device
  • 3 years of warranty on gaming graphic card
  • Get 4096x2160 resolution for better clarity
  • Integrated with 60-hertz frequency technology
  • 1600 MHz memory clock speed operation
  • Power-efficient gaming card device
  • 1080 pixel high-resolution for clarity
  • Smooth and fast gaming experience
  • Lower-level temperature for high performance
  • Offer 2nd-generation 7nm technology machine
  • Integrated with 8k high resolution for better viewing
  • 60 Hz frequency technology graphic gaming cards
  • Display port and HDMI output connectivity
  • Powerful ray-tracing technology for gameplay
  • Quick and fastest performance graphic card
  • Next-generation technology for better quality images
  • Get amazing graphics effects for visuality
  • Built-in 6GB memory with 192 bits
  • High-quality stream processor operating system
  • Compatible with Window 7 and 10 device
  • Hybrid and detachable graphics configuration

How To Select Gaming Graphic Cards For Laptops


Are you thinking of buying an external graphics card for gaming? Have you checked an entire lot of the best graphics cards for gaming available in the market? To be sure that you are not wasting even a penny, you need to know certain aspects that will make your purchase smarter and investment-friendly. 

Gaming is the in-thing in the market today, and almost all people from all walks of life pursue gaming as a part of their daily dose of entertainment. The games are also getting upgraded every day, increasing the demand for the graphics card exponentially. Therefore, looking for a gaming graphics card is an obvious thing, but to choose a good graphics card for gaming, you need to be careful and strategic. 

Here are some of the ways to choose from the list of the best graphics cards for gaming 2020 to enhance your overall experience of gaming. No matter if you are using a laptop, a desktop, or a phone for gaming, the best gaming card will take the gaming experience a few notches higher. 

Working Of Gaming Graphics Card

The working procedure of a gaming graphics card is easier than you think. All you have to do is just get the card integrated with the device you are using, and the card will enhance the overall performance of your device. Running multiple operations at the same time would seem smoother, and your gaming experience will reach fresh heights. 

Buying Guide For The Gaming Graphics Cards 

Any purchase must be made meticulously, and especially if you are going to buy something of which a million varieties are available in the market, confusion is sure to make its way into your mind. Therefore, choosing the best budget gaming graphics card is never going to an easy task unless you invest proper attention to your act of purchase. For those who are looking for a cheap gaming graphics card or a gaming graphics card for pc, here are some of the aspects that must be kept in mind.

Market Research

Thorough market research is a must to choose the best graphics card for gaming PC or any other variety. With knowledge comes the ability to choose the right one for you amidst the many available.


Check the compatibility of the graphics card you are opting for with your device before buying. If you would not invest time in checking the compatibility factor now, you might have to experience paused or interrupted gaming sessions later to your disgust.

Types Of Gaming Graphics Cards

Gaming graphic cards can be of several varieties. The market has a perfect gaming graphics card for almost every type of game. However, to choose the best, you must know at first what you need. Depending on your requirement and budget, you should settle for a 4k gaming graphics card or the best graphics card for 1080p gaming. Here is a brief idea about what varieties of graphics cards are available in the market. 

4K Graphics Card

Are you a regular gamer and spend most of your free time giving in to the adrenaline rush of the video games? If so, this variety of gaming card would be a perfect choice for you. Loaded with all the best features that any game lover might look for in a graphics card, the best graphics card for 4k gaming is available in plenty in the market.

1080 P Gaming Graphics Cards

Packed with performance, and advanced features, this one is also a smart option for those who are looking for a cheap graphics card for gaming. No matter if you are a dedicated gamer or a random one, adding a 1080 P gaming card would always be beneficial for your device. 

AMD Graphics Cards

If you are looking for the ultimate gaming experience, settling for the best AMD graphics card for gaming would be a smart choice.

Plenty of other graphics cards are also available in the market for gaming. You just have to select the one that will best fit your gaming requirements. Check the features before buying and be sure that an entire lot of features would be useful for you, or else you will be ending up paying more for less use. 

Features Of the Best Graphics Card For Gaming

Never forget that a graphics card is a technical device, and you need to check the technical specifications before buying one to make your purchase worthier. The following list will make you acquainted with the features that you should look for in a good gaming graphics card. 

Number of Vertex Shaders

Though essential for some games, this feature is not a must for every game. You can choose accordingly. It is a shader stage that can be programmed. In the rendering pipeline, vertex shaders depend on vertex attribute data. 

Number Of unified Shader

Unified shaders are capable of combining vertex and pixel shaders. This variety of shader treats all the shaders uniformly for which it got its name unified. This can be a critical aspect of any graphics card as far as quality images are concerned.


Also known as Texture Mapping Units, this will help your game gain a better texture every time. The better the TMU processing, the clearer would be the texture of the picture and the gaming experience.


It is one of the key features to look for in any graphics card for gaming. It is also known as the render output unit which offers overall rendering of the images used in games.

Fill Rate

This one is related to the speed of gaming and renders the gamers an ultimate gaming experience. This feature is directly related to the number of pixels that a card is capable of writing in the memory each second. Therefore, for a seamless and fast experience, you need to opt for a graphics card with substantial fill rate.

GPU Clock Rate

The clock rate is directly related to the speed of the GPU. Hence, make sure that you are not settling for a low lock rate. This feature is a part of the core functionalities of a graphics card. The faster the clock rate, the more efficient thing that the card have similarly like xfx radeon graphic card has. 

The number of Pixel Shaders

A much important feature to look for in a gaming graphics card, this one enhances the overall experience of gaming. Pixel shaders are an integral part of a graphics processing unit that calculates the effects strictly on a pre-pixel basis.

Video Memory Size

The selection of the best gaming graphics card will depend on the video memory size of the card. The higher the memory, the better is the performance.

Memory Bus Width

A more extensive bus will always allow more data to travel to the GPU and back, enabling better performance. Hence, for the ultimate gaming experience, choose a graphics card for gaming with a high bus.

Video Memory Frequency

The memory frequency directly impacts the bandwidth of the memory. Hence, make sure to choose an internal or external gaming graphics card with reasonable memory frequency. 

Memory Types

Depending on your games and the device, choose a suitable memory type to make sure that you get the optimum gaming experience. 

Benefits of Using The Best Graphics Card For Gaming

Who would deny that adding a graphics card always enhances the performance of the device apart from adding a new dimension to the gaming experience? Here is what you can expect after installing a gaming graphics card on your laptop or PC. 

System Speed Enhances

After installing a graphic card, the overall performance of the device enhances substantially and notably. If you are a frequent gamer, you must be fond of speed and this is precisely what you are going to get with a good graphics card installed in your device. 

Enhanced gaming Experience

Evitable enough, that a graphics card for gaming will always add to the level of performance of gaming regardless of the device being used. With crystal clear images, fast speed of processing, and seamless gaming sessions, your gaming sessions are sure to get refreshed and redefined.

Enhanced Graphics Performance

Besides improving the gaming quality, it also contributes to the overall performance of graphics. Starting from image resolution, to enhancing depth of the images, graphics card introduce a whole new set of attributes to the games making them more enjoyable. 

Multiple Monitors

If running multiple monitors is on your mind, you need a gaming graphics card more than anything else. Without a graphics card, it would not be possible for you to use multiple monitors at the same time as it requires the device to use multitasking and faster pixel integration. 

Prices Of The Best Gaming Graphics Card

Depending on the features, version, memory, and some other aspects, the price of the gaming PC graphics card varies. If you are looking for the best cheap graphics card for gaming, the market has a plethora of those varieties to offer. 

However, to bag a cheap good graphics card for gaming, do not compromise with the features. Check for all the latest features in your graphics card and then run a price comparison. You will find plenty of well-featured graphics cards for gaming at a reasonable price.


Some of the graphics cards for gaming come with a warranty. Choosing one of the cards that comes with a warranty will be a smart move. Warranty always adds value to any investment and especially if it is going to be a long term one.

Things to Check Before Buying A Gaming Graphics Card

Are you bothered about how to buy the right graphics card for your device? Before you settle for the final choice, here are some of the critical aspects that you must keep in mind.

Check Reviews For Expert Opinion

Checking reviews and ratings can be a safer way to choose the best graphics card for you. If you know little about the graphics cards, the best way out would be to gather information online. Adding up, when buying a graphics card, make sure that you choose a legitimate brand. Investing in a good brand is a smart decision.

Usability Of The Gaming Graphics Card 

Gaming is a specialized entertainment, and to get the best experience, you need a supporting device as well. Here comes the relevance of the gaming graphics cards. These cards enhance the overall performance of the game and also make the device more efficient and faster. Also make sure that the card you choose allows you to upgrade the memory whenever necessary.


If you are feeling bothered about which AMD graphics card is best for gaming, the best can be chosen only if you spend a fair share of your time on researching. The best one would surely have all the latest features, and the price must be comparatively low. However, the gigabyte is would be the graphics card that will meet all your requirements without letting you step beyond your budget.

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