Best Gaming Laptops

Are you a pro-gamer? Purchasing a gaming laptop with a lock security system secured with 144Hz refresh rate for smooth 2D motion scenes.

By Customer Feedback

  • Cryo-tech v2 cooling system
  • Killer networking technology for gaming speed
  • Magnesium alloy material increase rigidity
  • 144Hz refresh rate for smooth 2D motion scenes
  • 180watts of thermal performance
  • True harmony and Dolby audio premium
  • 16GB RAM and 1TB hard disk drive to store data
  • Get an HD display with colour clarity
  • Backlit keyboard for comfortable use
  • Best to reduce eye strain and irritation
  • 1920*1080Pixel screen resolution
  • LED backlight with IPS display technology
  • Compatible with Windows operating system
  • Anti-glare micro-edge HD resolution for visuality
  • Access multiple formats as SD media card reader
  • Immersive thin bezel gaming display
  • More than seven hours of battery life
  • Brush aluminium chassis with single-lit keyboard
  • Get 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage
  • Input USB port and HDMI cable
  • Military standard construction gaming laptop
  • 9th generation Intel Core i5 processor gaming laptop
  • Physical shutter security on webcam
  • Faster and smoother performance
  • Multi-colour illuminated keyboard with numeric pad
  • One year warranty on a gaming laptop
  • 500GB solid-state drive and 1TB SSHD

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptops?


The craze of virtual games are of no comparison but fortunately, we are living in an era where there are countless laptop choices when it comes about making your selection for one. Yes, you are heading in the right direction here we are going to talk about your favorite monsters of gaming, none other than your gaming laptops. The best part about these gaming laptops is that they let you enjoy your fever of games to the fullest extent. Be it Wild Hunt, Theft Auto, Witcher series or any other leading virtual game you can fight all your battles through these extraordinary machines. Wow, are you planning to buy your gaming laptop for the first time? This must be really special for you. We are willing to contribute in figuring out some factor for the Best Gaming Laptop buy so let's proceed-


We would like to begin it with the most crucial element of your gaming laptop for teenagers which is the display criteria. It's likely to kill fun of your massive gaming sessions if you own a laptop with a poor display. Do not worry guys, below mentioned are the points to rely on while testing the display of your gaming laptop in 2020.

Resolution is the power

Gaming laptops tend to be absolute crap if the resolution of the laptop is unsatisfactory. The variants in resolution stream are capable enough to confuse you but, we are dropping some commendable options for you in accordance with resolution- 3840*2160, 2560*1440, 1920*1080 display.

Refresh Rate

Before briefing you about the refresh rate of gaming laptops it is necessary for you to understand the meaning of this term. The refresh rate is the rate on which the screen of the laptop gets reloaded in a per-minute frame, More than this refresh rate is measured in the value of hertz (Hz). Usually, all laptops work on 60 Hz refreshing rate but for the gaming stuff, you need advanced settings. So, it is appreciable to go with a g sync gaming laptop because the refreshing rate in such laptops stays 120 Hz, but the acer laptops comes in high frequency range for better operation.

Screen Size Of Gaming Laptop

The bigger the things, the better they are, this phenomenon works equally on gaming laptops. Most of the laptops come in 14-inch screens. But while it is about acquiring your gaming master it is suggested to big screens like 17 or 18 inches.

Setting Levels Of Gaming Laptops

Moving ahead apart from checking out the display section you should keep an eye on the settings levels of these machines. Settings levels depend upon the internal cards. There are three main types of setting levels-

Basic Settings

If you wish to have a laptop just for some basic games then prefer one with basic gaming settings.

Mainstream Settings

If your use is a bit above the basic expectations then choosing the laptop which gives you the liberty of grabbing mainstream settings.

Highest Virtual Reality Settings

The highest settings involve approx 20 cards and there you receive the presence of remarkable speed. More than that, the special effects of the highest settings attract the buyers most. 

Non-touch Gaming Laptops

Yes, we are truly serious here, having a non-touch gaming laptop tends to be more beneficial as in comparison to touch laptops for gaming. Never forget to take home non-touch gaming laptops for proper controlling, reliability, and the extended interactivity.

Integrated Gaming Laptops Keyboard Features

Key Travel

At the time of buying a gaming laptop always try to focus on the key travel. This term belongs to the depth till which you press down any particular key of the keyboard. On usual basis what you receive is of 1.5mm but if you look up for some upgraded versions you can get 2mm key travel. It would always suit your immense gaming requirements.

Anti Ghosting

This side of the keyboard grants you the freedom of using the combination of multiple keys at the same time. For ensuring your brilliant gaming moves, the anti-ghosting ability of the keyboard is mandatory for you, which is ideal for laptop for autocade


This word crafts out the force that is asked for the working of any key on your keyboards. If you are dreaming to be the king of all gaming face-off then pick up the laptop with 60 to 70 grams of actuation.

Key Lighting

The valuable presence of key lighting adds on to your winning chances. All buyers out there, you should never compromise with the key lighting benefit of your gaming laptop.

Additional Tips For Choosing Gaming Laptops

GPU- For gamers, the only CPU is not sufficient, you can hold forward with a GPU setup in your best buy gaming laptop.

CPU- The specification of CPU is an important factor for you. For the existing gaming planet Core i7 CPU would be nice.

RAM- The memory grounds of your gaming laptop is worth a keen check for you. So, it’s essential to buy a system which delivers 8 to 16GB RAM.

Storage- There is a precious lesson for you that hard drive is not the one-stop solution for your storage of bulky gaming libraries. Purchase one where the availability of SSD and the hard drive is there.

Final Words

In conclusion, we would like to say that it would be amazing if you keep all these buying parameters for alienware gaming laptops in 2020. In case you can't follow all of the above-mentioned suggestions then at least make sure that your gaming laptop contains high resolution. With these words, it's a wrap for our gaming laptop buying guide.