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Funnel mapping tools offer a wide variety of pre-made elements and templates to quickly visualize potential traffic and business growth.

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  • On-demand analytics from funnel maps
  • Very easy to use drag and drop function
  • Easily tracking of page-to-page interactions
  • Allows to share funnel to social platforms
  • Choose tp unique shapes, colours and fonts
  • Ready-made and customizable templates
  • Advanced reporting and tracking tools
  • Great digital marketing platform for beginners
  • Drag and drop slide builder for landing pages
  • API access to marketing automation
  • CRM integration with website pop-ups
  • Customizable forms of multiple field types
  • Pipeline management with CRM tools
  • Universal inbox system to manage conversations
  • Integrates with Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook
  • Drip campaigns and event-triggered emails
  • Innovative marketing automation integration
  • Beginners friendly tools with low maintenance
  • Ultra-flexible custom layouts
  • Advanced animated countdown timer
  • Powerful analytics of dynamic results
  • Advanced zapier integration mechanism
  • Lead management hosting and delivery
  • Tech support via live chat and email
  • Easy to use landing page development tool
  • Change colour schemes to match web pages
  • Industry-specific conversion based templates
  • Best funnel tool for small business
  • Advanced email and Facebook marketings
  • Real-time editing with drag and drop interface
  • Best tool for marketing management teams
  • Sales intelligence with an ROI tracking system
  • Great range of possibilities with listing distributions
  • Ready-made templates for easy to use
  • Allows to share images with another
  • Drag and drop icons with resize and add text feature
  • Creates engaging slideshows in minutes
  • Simple project management with seamless integration
  • Multi-media attachments with customizable designs
  • Draws shapes and connects lines faster
  • Organizational charting and diagramming
  • Allows to work offline for seamless integration

Definitive Guide To Buy Top-Rated Funnel Mapping Tools


If you are a marketer and are looking for ways to get more insight into your sales and customers, then we have all the information and marketing funnel tools that you need, right here. As a marketer, it is essential to keep track of how many potential customers are converting into paying customers. Over 85% of all online marketers claim to use funnel mapping tools to track their sales. This is why 'sales funnel' is required. A sales funnel a diagram that represents the entire journey of a consumer from the point they gain knowledge about the product to the point of actual purchase. For the sales funnel to give you the desired information, you will require sales funnel tools which we will elaborate on.

What are the Funnel Mapping Tools?

The process of sales funneling is not linear. A consumer goes through various thoughts and can change decisions from time to time as they keep interacting and receiving information.

Consumers can shift from one brand to another and then shift back to the previous one. It may take weeks or even months before consumers come back to your funnel. Things can get confusing, and thus, a funnel mapping tool comes into play.

Funnel mapping is a process of presenting a diagram or visual chart of one's sales funnel. This visual diagram lays out everything in your marketing process, such as traffic sources, landing pages, stages of the funnel, customer touchpoints, and many more. The funnel marketing tools are in various types are landing page builder for writersmarketing tool for sales, etc.,

Why Do We Need Funnel Mapping Tools?

We need a funnel mapping tool to help us easily map out the sales funnel. Funnel mapping tools come in use because of the following reasons:

  • It allows us to make necessary changes in the sales funnel by adding or excluding various components of marketing.
  • While working with a team, we put on display or share diagrams and charts to keep all members of the team well informed, updated, and onboard.
  • Members of the team can be active and can contribute helpful strategies and plans for the development of the funnel in its various stages.
  • A mapped funnel can be used for future reference and can help create marketing strategies for future projects.
  • A well-mapped sales funnel helps to create a good impression on the valuable clients and stakeholders. It acts as a professional blueprint of the sales funnel and makes it easy to explain the progress and plans.
  • A well-mapped sales funnel gives an organized and well-established direction to the objectives of the company, thus reducing the chances of confusion or misunderstandings within the team.

How Does A Sales Funnel Work?

A sales funnel will show the stages a consumer goes through until they become a definite customer of your product. The consumer initially enters the funnel as a visitor; they are then fed a series of information and go through various interactions that may speed up their act of purchase or in some cases may lose the consumer's interest. Once a consumer has reached the bottom of your sales funnel, it represents the conversion of that consumer into a paying customer. The sales funnel has three stages:

Top of Funnel (TOFU)

This is the funnel stage which represents the consumers' first encounter with your brand or product. They are visitors at this point and are looking for information online, till they develop an awareness of your content, offers, social media posts, and reviews.

Middle of Funnel (MOFU)

At this stage, you are trying to prepare your prospects. One should want to introduce the product's value or service offered through free e-books, case studies, emails, or workshops.

Bottom of Funnel (BOFU)

This is the final stage where the actual purchase is made. For consumers to convert into paying customers, one needs to show them the required content that finalizes the deal.

Important Features To Look For While Selecting A Funnel Mapping Tool

Flexible Workspace

Funnel mapping tools should provide a workspace that allows free accessibility for team members and even clients. This tool will allow the canvas to be open to all members of the team and retain the funnel's organized structure throughout the process through the mindmeister tool for firm project.

Drag And Drop Feature

This feature will allow you to drag out the exact funnel you plan to work on. It makes it easy to work on the various levels of the funnel individually and mapping them becomes easier with the drag and drops feature.

Variety of Templates

Make sure the funnel mapping tool you use provides you with a wide range of templates of different designs. This is a very important feature which will help you to make every sale funnel look unique and different from the previous ones. Templates play a major role in keeping the mapped funnel look appealing and fresh in the eyes of the valuable clients. Moreover, it helps to save time as one does not have to keep looking for newer templates from other websites or creating one themselves.

The Funnelytics Vault

This is an important feature that every good funnel mapping tool in 2020 should provide. This tool will provide you with a number of the highest converting funnels which can be used during a launch. It usually includes a pre-built template for each funnel.

KPI Reading

This feature eliminates complicated and unappealing spreadsheets and data reports. You can easily see the key metrics and results which the clients care about the most. This also lets you monitor the performance of each team member and provide them with valuable feedback to improve their performance. You can also take notice of the areas that are lagging, and give relevant support to bring that sector up to the standards.

Ad Results And Emails

This is a vital feature that allows you to show your clients a report of which advertisement or email or any other promotional tool is helping make the most revenue. These reports play a major role in understanding the nature of the market consumers and well as the effectiveness of the promotional tools. This will help you to be a data-driven marketer.

Few Words To Wrap

To have a successful marketing strategy, marketers must use the funnelytics funnel mapping tool, so that they can get a good insight into the status of their customers and the effectiveness of their sales promotion tools. Today, this tool has become essential and will be required by businesses of all sizes.

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