Marketing Funnel Tools

Improve Business Conversion Rates with Top Marketing Funnel Tools

Are you in a situation where you have done everything to the highly featured product but ended up with disappointment? Do you have better ideas and great products, but still could not get the required number of customers. The problem lies with the marketing funnel, which describes a customer's journey from the time the customer learns about the company until the purchase is made. 

According to Forbes, 8 out of 10 companies have failed to see the day's light in just 18 months. As per Salesforce, 68% of companies have never tried to measure the sales funnel, and a whopping 79% of marketing leads are never converted to potential sales. The businesses will have a lead generation problem. However, it can be overcome using marketing funnel tools. With these tools, it has now become easy for companies to attract customers. The tool will help you generate more leads than ever for the business in every sale funnel stage. Interestingly, it helps generate the leads from the early stage of brand awareness to compelling the customers to make the next purchases.

Marketing funnel tools are easier for a marketer to generate leads and optimize the business workflow and sales flow. The tool is a great fit for the business to keep upfront expenses at bay. Undoubtedly, the right tool will become a big asset to the company. Funnels will let you integrate with the landing pages, payment gateways and increase the average sales through upselling. The tool will keep the marketing funnel run smoothly.  

In this case, Hubspot and Plusthis are the two marketing funnel tools that are a perfect fit for every business irrespective of their size. The Hubspot is the marketing software that keeps track of the client's information and promotes its growth. The tool engages the leads with its rich functionality. There are appealing and attractive funnel tools that you can create using Plusthis to promote the brand. The platform supports SMS marketing and videos besides automating the marketing activities.  

On the other hand, the landing page plays a critical role in pushing prospective customers into the sales funnel. The landing page builders will serve the purpose of making it appealing to the website visitors. The landing page builders allow the marketers to build the landing page with images and funnel that improve the website visitor's experience and generate a sea of traffic. Leadpages and Unbounce are two different landing page builders that let you build landing pages to enhance the conversion rate. It offers lead management hosting and round the clock customer support through chat and email. You can carry out A/B testing unlimited times and group campaigns. 

All the landing page builders and marketing funnel tools are unique and give each other tough competition. But, the customer must understand their requirements and choose the one that serves their purpose. Many are offering these marketing tools at cost-effective prices with round the clock support. We all need to keep in mind that a business can grow and create landing pages, follow-up emails, and integrate payment gateways using the best marketing funnel tool.