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Eyeshadow stamp perfectly designed for all sizes of eye shapes to give amazing smokey and cut-crease eye makeup with colorful shades.

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How To Choose Eye Shadow Stamp For Your Skin Color

All women worldwide use fashionable eye shadow stamps to enhance their eyes and make them look more beautiful. If you have your makeup on point, you are probably unstoppable. It isn't easy to do accurate and great makeup. There are always doubts about the colours that suit your complexion or what lipstick to use with the eye shadow stamps, or how to apply shadows. 

There are tons of brands offering lots of different shadowiness palettes, and generally, looking at it, all of them look attractive. Finding the right shadow stamp applicator is a complicated task, and there is a lot of effort that goes into finding the perfect one for your eyes suitable for your lifestyle, be it casual or professional. Hence,  finding a solution would not be tough.

Tips To Select Eyeshadow Stamp 

Different eye shadows are available in the market today. They are offered by different brands in the fashion industry that provide shadow stamp for makeup according to the skin tone and color:

Colours For Light Skin

For people who have fairer and lighter skin, earthy colors like cream, bronze would always enhance and give the best results according to your complexion. For those who want to go for a cool undertone, colors like emerald green and sapphire blue will bring excitement to your face. In addition to this, pastels are great for any light skin tone with glam makeup.

Colors For Light Brown Skin

People who have a light brown or wheatish complexion always have warmer undertones. Colors like gold, cinnamon, and rust are most suitable for this skin tone. For Smokey eyeshadow makeup, you could also use darker tones.

Colors For Olive Skin

Those who come with this kind of skin tone can choose cool shades like teal and other blue shades. These colors help enhance your undertone by making it look bright and fresh.

Colors For Dark Tan Skin

This complexion usually comes with a neutral undertone, meaning neither is it warm or cool. For dark brown skin, all shadowiness palettes look great. On darker skins, colors like purples, teals, and other metallic and bright colors look great. For cooler tones, women who have a little dark skin need to be careful so that the eye shadow color comes out well on them. For the warmer tones, rose gold and coral are highly recommended colors. 

How To Apply The Eyeshadow Stamp Correctly 

Eye make up is the most important aspect of your face. A bad eye makeup day can ruin your entire look and your day. Whereas if you have great attractive eye makeup, even the simplest looks can look dressy and incredible. Therefore there are certain steps on how to use an eyeshadow stamp listed below:  

Cleanse And Moisturize

The first step is to prep your skin before putting on any makeup on your skin. You must cleanse and moisturize your entire face, which will remove any excess oils in your skin and moisturize it to prevent it from drying. Always wash your face first and then moisturize. In addition to this, you can apply some cream on the lids and around the eyes. 

Apply A Primer

For any kind of eye makeup, applying a primer is a must. This acts as a base and helps hold your makeup together for a longer period, and acts as a protective layer between your delicate skin and the makeup. Next, you must use a concealer to cover up any kind of dark circles or spots around your eyes.

Start Neutral, End Dark 

It is always recommended to add a neutral shade on your lid. Then you can apply a light shade to the area starting at the lash line and then move towards the crease. Start with the center of the lid and then move inwards. It is always recommended to run a flat shadow brush over the dark shadow to remove the excess darkness. Starting from the outer corner, one must move inwards. One must make a V-shape while following the natural outlines.

Line Up Your Eyes

The next step is to line the lower lash line with a pencil, and you could also use a liquid liner on the upper lid. 

Finish Off With Mascara

Mascara adds so much volume to your shadowiness, and therefore, one must always end their makeup by applying the mascara on their lids.

Based On Your Eyes

Like it is important to match the stamp eyeshadow with your skin tone, your eyes' color also has a lot to do with the kind of shadow you can choose.


This is the most common color in India. For brown eyes, soft nudes or different brown shades could work well, and if you add a pinch of glitter to it, the look will be more enhanced. You could also add a touch of smokey shadowiness to your look. 


Women who have grey eyes should always opt for grey colors to look great. Shades of black could also work well for this color.


For this eye color, any shade would look great. Lucky are those who have this color. From nudes to pinks to reds, they can try every color on the shadow palette.


People who have blue color eyes usually have a very cool undertone to their skin and are recommended to stay away from the color blue. You can always go for browns, gold, peach, etc., for options from brands like Healthy Care and Lexmark.


Those who have green eyes can go for the taupe shadow. Also, brighter shades of purple, red, plum, and golden can help accentuate your face.


There are lots of colors one could play around with for brown eyes. A pale pink highlighter can always be blended with the shadow to give a more exciting look.


There are tons of shadowiness stamps available in the market today life Ikibity and the makeup industry has the most amounts of competitors any industry could have. Everybody wants to deliver a variety of different colors to provide more room for experimentation. All women love applying to make up today, and the spot that takes the most amount of time. The eyes are the center point of focus for getting ready, whether daily or for an occasion. A lot of time and effort goes into getting the perfect look for your shadowiness. Eye shadows need to work well in sync with your skin tone and your eyes' color because that's what will make them stand out. 

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