Best Domain Registrars For Wordpress

Choose the best domain registrar for WordPress platforms to get country-specific extensions and quality domain names for high SEO performance.

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  • Highly automated domain transfer process
  • Data is backed and secured with SSL encryptions
  • Stop domain-related junks, emails and spams
  • Allows to redirect traffic from one domain to another
  • Easy to drag and drop site builder
  • Free and complete DNS control
  • Professionally designed responsive themes
  • Custom POP3 and IMAP email addresses
  • Spam and virus protection mechanism
  • High availability with an uptime guarantee
  • 3X faster than traditional web hostings
  • Professional email hostings with SSL certification
  • Powerful tools to boost business
  • Separate plans for windows and Linux
  • Compatible with Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and Window OS
  • Best for resource-intensive and web applications
  • Managed word press and premium hosting plans
  • User-friendly and convenient options to access
  • Better visibility on exposure to rankings
  • Instant credibility of high quality and premium domains
  • Risk-free domain transfer process
  • Easy to use control panel to manage DNS
  • On-screen instruction to transfer domain records
  • Special hosting for WordPress and Woocommerce sites
  • Lock domain name from unauthorised transfer
  • Hassle-free WordPress installation on all accounts
  • 10TB mirrored storage and 16 GB RAM with 15 TB bandwidth
  • Provides cloud hosting service for data security
  • Quickstart wizard with a drag-and-drop website builder
  • Intel Xeon 12-core 24-thread with 1TB HDD space
  • Multi-factor authentication with FTP service
  • Compatible with Industry-standard complete Ubuntu Linux
  • Free domain parking and DNS setting
  • Protects with two factors authentication system
  • easy-to-use website building platform
  • Create a fully functional e-commerce site
  • DDOS protection and IP based firewall for optimal performance
  • Unlimited emails and Free SSL certificate
  • 30 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD space
  • Fast scalable and secure Wordpress hostings
  • Weekly Off-Site backup for private server data
  • Free email and domain forwarding system
  • Provides cheap hostings with any TLD’s
  • Automatically imports current DNS reports
  • Extra layer of account security with 2 Factor authentication

Follow This Guide While Buying The Best Domain Registrar for WordPress


Finding the best domain registrar for WordPress is the first step towards setting your company’s website on the digital platform. You can come across different types of domain registrars in the market. But are they all suitable for your website? To determine that, you need to understand the intricate details like features, prices, types, benefits of using domain name registrars for WordPress platform.

Critical analysis and research can help you understand how to select the appropriate domain name for your website. The domain name is the identification of your website. That is why choosing the proper name and registrar is essential for the success of your website.

If you are a new entrant to the digital world, you might be confused about setting up a domain name. It symbolizes your website’s authenticity, and the users can identify the site with its domain name. Here are some essential details to consider before selecting the appropriate registrar for your domain name on WordPress, domain for small businesses or any other sites. 

What Is Meant By A Domain Name Registrar?

A domain name registrar is a corporate company that offers clients the allowance to buy and register their domain names. ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profit organization that manages the domain names. It happens to be accountable for the accreditation of these domain registrars in the market.

The availability of these domain names makes it easy for users to use the internet for multiple purposes. Without these, one needs to use long strings of numbers or IP addresses to visit different websites. Such procedures are tiring and quite time-consuming. But the domain names help the clients choose their web addresses, thereby lessening the hassles of visiting a website.

Features of Best Domain Registrar for WordPress


Domain name prices tend to change with time. That means, it can alter with the renewal of the services. Hence, while selecting the domain name registrar, you need to check the price breakdown of the services for registration and renewal purposes.

Also, do check the period allowed available along with the domain name. Some charge a decent fee for the first two years, while some companies require renewal fees every year. The prices can be significantly higher due to the inclusion of domain transfers as well.

Domain Transfer

Another feature of selecting a domain registrar includes that it is easily transferable to another one. That means if you aren’t satisfied with the previous registrar, you can transfer the name with another one. But, you cannot proceed within the first 60 days of the initial registration. ICANN tends to govern these processes. As per the domainit wordpress domain registrar, you do not have to pay any extra fees for transferring the name as per your convenience.

Domain Expiration Policy

You can register the domain names for a specified period. After that period, you need to renew the registration before the expiration date. In case you forgot to renew the same, then you have to proceed with another new registration. That is why use the automatic renewal feature offered by most of the leading domain registrars in the market. Remember, many business owners have lost their domain names because they forgot to renew, and the registrar didn’t provide any grace period.

Additional Facilities

Most of the leading domain name registrars for WordPress platforms offer various sorts of add-on services like domain parking, privacy, extended expiration protection, etc. These providers also provide WordPress hosting facilities, email hosting services, email marketing facilities, website builders, etc.

Types of Domains

Here are some of the primary types of domains in the digital market to select the appropriate domain name.

Top-Level Domain

These are the prominent domain names that come at the top of the hierarchy of the domain names list. Also known as TLDs, these include “.net”, “.com”, “.edu”, .org”, “ mil”, “.gov”, etc. Make sure to choose the one that justifies your brand and its services well.


Country code top-level domains are the ones that help to set a clear distinction between sites from two different countries. Every country has its ccTLD, but you can skip using it as per your requirement. However, it helps the users to identify the country of the specific brand without any problems.


Generic top-level domains happen to be another variant of TLD. These function as a sub-category of TLD within DNS. There are around 21 generic TLDs available, including sub-categories like generic, generic restricted, sponsored, and infrastructure.

Second-Level Domain

These mainly come next to the TLDs. It refers to the names of the brands/ businesses that enrolled in the domain name with the registrar. Potential customers can use these domains to identify the company or brand name of the website.

Third-Level Domain

The last one on this list is mainly found to the left of SLD and also known as sub-domain. Generally, the large giants utilize such domains to identify their separate departments on their webpage. Therefore, the company refers to a specific server within the organization when it uses several third-level domains.

Benefits of Domain Registrar for WordPress

Some of the reasons why you need to hire the services of the leading domain registrars available in the market are:


The prominent domain registrars offer you a vast domain name selection range to choose the appropriate one for your brand. You can even get proper customization options depending on your requirements and the domain name registrar.

Hassle-Free Registration

One of the reasons for hiring the domain registrars is to get an accessible and hassle-free domain name registration for WordPress. No need to worry about the domain registration procedure as you get expert services from these professionals. Also, you get excellent professional help to choose the appropriate domain name as well.


Every domain name comes with limited validity. If you forget to renew the services after the expiration date, you might lose the data and information related to your website. Several other problems like unable to send emails, loss of visibility, etc. can happen. But one of the crucial ones is when other companies hire your domain name, and you lose our credibility in the market.

The leading domain registrar offers renewal insurance services that can help you get appropriate services even after the expiration period. So, it helps the users to keep the domain name even if one forgets to renew it within the period.

Cost of Domain Registrar for WordPress

The prices for hiring the domain registrar for WordPress tends to differ depending on the brand, availability of add-on services, etc. As these prices tend to fluctuate depending on the concerned factors, hence it is essential to understand the breakdown correctly. Compare the facilities, features, and renewal policies before investing in selecting the appropriate domain registrar for your website.

Flexible Support Services

Customer support services are among the determining factors for many companies while selecting the best domain registrar for WordPress. Why so? That is because; a website can go down any time due to several reasons. In case it is related to the domain name, you require the assistance of the service provider. However, the leading brands in the market provide 24*7 customer support facilities to their client companies.


The domain registrars do not offer the standard warranty services that come along with other products. However, the clients can get renewal warranty facilities, which help them to avoid losing any data if they forget to renew it within time.

Final Thoughts - Which is the Best Domain Registrar for WordPress?

Selecting the appropriate domain name registrar helps you choose the domain wordpress name and services for your website. It offers you proper security and promotes your brand to get relevant limelight in the market. Consider the types, features, and adequate benefits of these registrars before selecting the best domain registrar for WordPress.

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