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Cheap paternity test kit kits proves the biological relationship of father and mother with child by 99.9% accurate results.

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  • Highly encrypted private information
  • Explore genetic similarities and differences between relatives
  • Discovers the origin of a maternal and paternal ancestor
  • Over 1500+ geographic region ancestry compositions
  • Family tree, DNA relative finder, and ancestry timeline
  • Rapid drug testing service like blood
  • Pain-free cheek swab sibling DNA test kit
  • performs amelogenin test for gender identification
  • AABB and CAP-accredited proficient testings
  • Automatically performs all DNA tests twice for greater accuracy
  • Determine alleged father is the biological father or not
  • Advanced robotics and analyzers for laboratory tests
  • 17025 accredited and 9001 certified DNA paternity test
  • Paternity test (non-invasive) after 11weeks of gestation
  • Genetic test using CVS or Amniocentesis and a mouth swab sample
  • Best to determine a biological family relationships
  • Provide CLIA certified laboratory for DNA processing
  • 100% security on personal medical data
  • Reduce the inheritance claim and complex cases
  • Premium alpha heelix nylon fibre flocked swab
  • Fast and highly confidential paternity DNA testing
  • Best for pre and post genetic counselling
  • Ensure to reduce the possibility of mix-up and contamination
  • PCR thermocycler, robotic system and genetic analysers for screening
  • Best for taking a proper decision of children
  • Three self sample swabs for mother, father and child
  • Discreet and reliable paternity DNA test in the United States
  • Best for alleged fathers and babies
  • Access securely encrypted online database
  • Relationship screening of grandparents and grandchild

Paternity and Maternity DNA Test Kit Buying Guide


Paternity or maternity testing DNA testing can be required for either personal or legal reasons. These DNA test kits are effective in case of doubt regarding biological lineage or complete legal procedures like immigration, child custody, child support, social welfare benefits, inheritance, etc., which might require proof of biological paternity maternity. Both of these tests can be done if the child's parenthood is in question and leads to complications regarding the parents' rights and issues. They are so easy to use that nearly 26 million parents claim to have used them at home in the US increasing a significant 5% of growth in the DNA kits from 2018 to 2020.

Moreover, it is also done for the peace of mind by parents or children. The parentage determination is the most accurate through DNA testing, though not 100%, despite what the packages on the maternity or paternity DNA testing kits suggest. 

How Do DNA Kits Work?

In these kits, 0% signifies no relationship with the alleged parent, and 99.99% in case of sure lineage. Earlier these tests were conducted through ABO blood group typing, testing the presence of specific common enzymes and proteins in both the bodies or by testing human leukocyte antigens. But DNA testing has been proved to be the most accurate method of finding out the exact result regarding the paternal or maternal relationship.

Features To Look For In A DNA Testing Kit

It is extremely necessary in case of immigration or inheritance, where proof of lineage needs to be established. The market now has different maternal or paternal DNA testing kits available that can be used by parents to establish a genetic connection between the suspected parent and the child. Here are some of the things that you should look for in such DNA testing kits:

Home Test

Testing at the comfort of your home and also without the fear of privacy breach. DNA testing can be extremely personal, and these kits let you conduct the entire procedure without going out or having to consult any doctors. Fear of judgment is irrelevant in the case of 23andme DNA testing kits. While purchasing such a kit, you should look for a kit that enables you to maintain your privacy and ensures no leakage of information to unwanted enquirers. 

Home DNA Kits 16 DNA Loci

The testing kits should be able to detect the exact chromosomal connection and with a high accuracy rate. Locus is a particular part of a chromosome from which the genes come. 16 DNA loci give you a more precise result as it is even 3 more than FBI DNA testing. There will not be any loopholes in these testing kits to get confused or have false positives. 

Barcode Identification

My forever DNA kits that use the only barcode to store your identity are far more trustworthy. It further ensures the preservation of your confidential information. A lot of companies are notorious for selling this information to insurance companies or for research purposes. You should also be able to delete your account once you have received your results. It is important to be able to protect yourself from products by companies who mishandled your private information.

Swab Test

Swab tests are a hassle-free way to test your lineage. They are painless and convenient and can be done comfortably while sitting at home. Most DNA testing kits come with a swab collector sent back to the laboratory by the customer only. It does not involve any blood work, and fear of needles is out of the way, which can often be an issue for children.


Home DNA paternity testing kits or DNA maternity testing kits should ideally take 3-5 days to give the results once you have sent your swab sample to the lab. The process of home DNA testing involves you purchasing the product and following the instructions given. The kit comes with all the instructions to conduct the test by yourself. Once done, you need to send it to the laboratory, the address of which will be provided, and you should get your results back either via phone call or digitally via email. Your reports should ideally come back with 5 days but some labs may take up to 7 days. 

ISO 17025

It is highly recommended that you check if the product is ISO 17025 compliant. This means that the laboratory you are sending your sample to is trustworthy, competent, and generates valid results. If the company is not ISO 17025 compliant then you will not be able to use the results in other countries. For your test results to be acceptable nationwide as well as worldwide you should check for this certification.

Legal Procedures

If you want to use the results from these test kits for legal procedures like immigration or to prove in court for an inheritance, you should check for it while purchasing the product. There should be a clear mention if the reports are producible in the court or not. If not, many companies also provide the option, where you can ask the companies to file the reports in a way that can be produced in case of legal disputes. 

24-46 Genetic Marker Test

Your test kit should test 24-46 genetic markers of polymorphism in genes. It ensures absolute accuracy and a detailed study of the genealogy. It is the standard for any DNA tests, and the best DNA paternity test kit should always test 46 DNA markers. This test is required to diagnose or identify any genetic abnormalities in adults and identify any chromosome abnormalities in the fetus. Women who have suffered miscarriages or infertility can also use this test to identify genetic issues. 

Test Via Hair Follicles

If you are not comfortable with a swab test, then many home DNA test kits offer the feature to test through hair follicles. Hair DNA paternity testing kits require you to test a hair with its root, as a hair shaft will not carry the DNA. The hair follicle test can be done to find out if two people share the same maternal lines, it is used to identify victims involved in accidents and cannot be recognized. To conduct a hair follicle test you will be asked to pluck your hair from the scalp so that the root stays intact with the genetic information stored carefully. 

Customer Service

Even though you are purchasing a home DNA test kit, you should access the company through customer service. Most kits come with a phone number where you can contact throughout the day, whenever you sense discomfort or have inquiries. It is also very important for peace of mind and more crucially, to seek assistance in times of confusion. Having a customer service number, which is available 24*7, will help you access your results easily as well. When purchasing, you can make a call to the center and check their response time.

Reliable Source

DNA testing kits have often been used to reunite children with their parents and also siblings and other relatives who had been displaced during a young age because of a natural calamity or regions of war. Based on these tests, many communities are rebuilt, and certain ethnic groups can be identified. While selecting a DNA testing kit, keep in mind that the purpose is always sensitive and vital in defining people's lives. Highly accurate and precise DNA test kits should be looked for and taken from only reliable sources, and there are plenty in 2020.

Know Ancestry and Health

The ancestry DNA testing kits can be of great use to help you find out more about your lineage and relatives and where you may have originated from. In 2020 DNA testing has been made simpler and more accurate. You could also opt for a discrete DNA test where the secrecy of your results would be maintained. 

With various major scientific breakthroughs occurring in the medical world every year, gene mutation has been one of the most significant medical procedures to treat any genetic illnesses. The DNA testing kits play a major role in allowing people to identify and be aware of their genetic drawbacks which may develop illnesses in the future for them or their offspring. Identifying genetic defects is the first step of allowing gene mutation to work thus the DNA testing kits are of major assistance in this major medical breakthrough. 


DNA tests can be tricky in many people, you might not get what you expect and can lead to severe mental agony. Of all, the Home paternity DNA kits are a much more comfortable and affordable procedure that ensures privacy. You should make a well informed, educated, and conscious decision before purchasing one and might even change the course of your life.

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