Best Paternity And Maternity DNA Kits

Cheap paternity test kit kits proves the biological relationship of father and mother with child by 99.9% accurate results.

By Customer Feedback

  • Highly encrypted private information
  • Explore genetic similarities and differences between relatives
  • Discovers the origin of a maternal and paternal ancestor
  • Over 1500+ geographic region ancestry compositions
  • Family tree, DNA relative finder, and ancestry timeline
  • Rapid drug testing service like blood
  • Pain-free cheek swab sibling DNA test kit
  • performs amelogenin test for gender identification
  • AABB and CAP-accredited proficient testings
  • Automatically performs all DNA tests twice for greater accuracy
  • Determine alleged father is the biological father or not
  • Advanced robotics and analyzers for laboratory tests
  • 17025 accredited and 9001 certified DNA paternity test
  • Paternity test (non-invasive) after 11weeks of gestation
  • Genetic test using CVS or Amniocentesis and a mouth swab sample
  • Best to determine a biological family relationships
  • Provide CLIA certified laboratory for DNA processing
  • 100% security on personal medical data
  • Reduce the inheritance claim and complex cases
  • Premium alpha heelix nylon fibre flocked swab
  • Fast and highly confidential paternity DNA testing
  • Best for pre and post genetic counselling
  • Ensure to reduce the possibility of mix-up and contamination
  • PCR thermocycler, robotic system and genetic analysers for screening
  • Best for taking a proper decision of children
  • Three self sample swabs for mother, father and child
  • Discreet and reliable paternity DNA test in the United States
  • Best for alleged fathers and babies
  • Access securely encrypted online database
  • Relationship screening of grandparents and grandchild