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Premium quality dental scanner comes with the latest 3D technology and built with camera and LED light for better viewing objects.

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  • Made with Aditie technology
  • Easy to operate and cleaning
  • Ideal for old ages people
  • Multiple high-quality tooth library
  • 3D printing resign for cameo series
  • Fast and upgraded scan speed
  • 3D Dental scanner with dynamic scan mode
  • Ideal for digital lab companion
  • Support wax-up, plaster model ,articulator and texture
  • Better performance with Articulator scan
  • Suitable for large-dental care labs
  • Compact and portable design scanner
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Compact design for easy to set up
  • Multi-die scan for increase your working efficiency
  • Handheld HD scan mode to capture more detail object
  • Perfect for cultural heritage reservation,archiving and restoration
  • Optimal data processing option through LAN network
  • Well suited for dental vocational colleges and dental clinics
  • Education center of Dental Technology
  • Includes Triple -rays scanning mode
  • Perfect for dental hospital and labs
  • Provides High-print resolution
  • Multi-purpose scanner for orthodontics and implantology
  • Perfect for hospital and clinics
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Fully functionable design 3D dental Scanner
  • Support multi-dental scan applications
  • 1.3 Camera resolution for viewing objects
  • Modular design for convenient use
  • Ideal for digital lab companion
  • Built with LED Light for easy use
  • Well-suited for dentist doctors
  • Crystal clear radiography for printing
  • Durable and whisper quiet operates
  • LCD screen with indicate light
  • Built with durable battery and stereotype protection
  • Small and portable design dental scanner
  • Suitable for oral-pretreatment

How to Choose the Best Dental Scanner: Buying Guide


Now that you have decided to invest in a dental scanner, it is essential to figure out the underlying concepts, physicality, technology, and other aspects of these capable devices in terms of medical and health purpose. Dental or intraoral scanners are gadgets capable of capturing optical impressions, directly from inside the mouth.

The original equipment involves a camera which scans at high speeds and with incredible accuracy. Moreover, the coverage associated with a digital dental scanner is exemplary. The included light source quickly generates multiple rays which offer a complete view of the dental premise.

Necessary Features of the Best Dental Scanners

As mentioned, some of the top dental scanners make use of high-end technologies. Firstly, these gadgets capture optical, dental impressions using the emanated light. The entire dental picture then paints itself courtesy of the 3D imagery. Therefore, we can also tag the intraoral scanner as a 3D dental scanner, in most cases.

When it comes to features, the dental scanners print the best possible picture of your inner jaw, which makes it easier for the medical practitioners to offer solutions. The ease of usage is the best feature of this gadget. Moreover, the dental scanners avoid any physical discomfort to the concerning patients.

The new dental scanner technology in play makes way for high fidelity models, known for incredible precision. Not just that, it also distorts defects practically and creates 3D files going into the future.

The physical features are in plenty, including unhindered dental scanning in most cases. Optimized connectivity featuring Invisalign is a trait that some of the best dental scanners like the one from Element2 offer. Apart from that, the intraoral scanners are also known for color reproduction.

Here are some of the more targeted features associated with these scanners:

Unmatched Scanning Speeds

The speed of the scan is a significant determinant, and before you select, you need to compare the models based on this metric. The likes of ‘Full-Arch’ scanning and the existing evaluation are essential factors for choosing the desired intraoral scanner, we often provide you the high-rated einscan pro 3d-dental scanner for labs.

Smooth Scanning Flow

If you are looking for a dental scanner that paints the right dental picture, scanning flow is a necessary factor to search.


Here is one factor that takes scanning cycles into account. This aspect identifies the longevity of the tools in hand.

Wireless Capabilities

It is necessary to opt for wireless dental scanners as they offer additional expertise to the professionals.

CAD Integration

If you are interested in purchasing the best scanner for a dental office, CAD integration is one feature you must identify beforehand. Gadgets with these feature retail at higher rates but are worth every penny.

In addition to the mentioned features, there are models with innovative software inclusions. The software perks make sure that intraoral colors and 3D records are captured seamlessly. Other perks related to the software include scanned file exports in select formats like PLY and OBJ. Moreover, specific devices have storage spaces in the range of 20GB, which are commendable and allow data storage.

Software integration is exceptional, and best dental intraoral scanners make sure that regular updates are available. However, this fits perfectly for scanners with wireless capabilities.

Last but not least, there are specific devices that support fast full-arch dental scans, i.e., in a matter of 30 seconds or less. The reasons are potent software inclusions and the role of fluorescence technology. The intelligent scanning tips, in most cases, make sure that the devices pick data almost immediately, and there is no need for calibration.

Materials used to manufacture 3D Dental Scanners

Before we talk about the materials used in the process, it is essential to take a look at the structural elements. There are many high-end dental scanners in the market which have the NIRI technology on display. The ‘Near-Infrared Imaging’ technology is a necessary addition but requires the inclusion of highly sensitive materials like fiber and polycarbonate for manufacturing purposes. Most of people look for compact size scanner for hassle-free carrying from one place to another. 

In most cases, the physical structure is such that the head protrudes out and makes it easier for the doctors to get scan reports for an orthodontic case. Some of the path-breaking dental scanners include the i500 from Medit, which is pretty light at a mere 276g. The basic structural premise comprises hardened plastic.

The stylish design of the 3D dental scanners is in sync with the clear aligners, splints, sleep aids, and dentures. Moreover, there are advanced dental scanners that are high-end and bring steel-infused scanning tips into the mix. PrimeScan from Dentsply is one such device that brings stainless steel to the tips, further protected by a plastic tip. While this makes the gadget heavy at 524g, this is one of the best scanners in the market at present.

In addition to that, specific gadgets also bring curiosity tips into the mix for pitching the transillumination technology. Specific models include different scanning tips with the tips oriented laterally.

In case of specific high-end and massive devices like the Aadva IOS, the entire dental scanner brings forth a metallic chassis, which makes it premium yet bulky. It is important to note that premium devices have complex software segregations and other aspects related to functioning.

Size and Design Elements: Which Dental Scanner to Choose?

There are many dental scanners in the market which abide by specific size and design-specific guidelines. However, we must understand that the design, in most cases, is exceptionally ergonomic for better and seamless detection of the dental issues. The size, however, is directly proportional to the design and the physical requirements of the professional. 

Moreover, the design and even size factors vary with the pricing as well. While the more premium devices are bulky and bring stainless steel to the tips, there are specific low-cost devices which feature plastic tips and other autoclaving options. There are other devices which are extremely small in size and weigh something in the ballpark of 150 to 170g.

You also need to understand that the software capabilities, deployment of sensors, and even wireless functionalities depend on the size and design of the existing dental scanners. There is a factor known as the size-design restoration that makes it a point for the companies to make the structuring more aesthetic.

If other design elements are concerned, there are a few models which come with a more extensive focal distance, making them useful regarding better image capturing. There are models with multiple scan tips and even integrated scanning software to get the job done. There are touch screen additions in play which further enhance the existing feature sets. Other designing elements include smaller scanning heads in specific models for reaching out to the more intricate and inaccessible locations of the inner jaw.

There are scanners which are independent and have a built-in power source. However, in a few cases, they are added to trolleys that supply power and feature screens, tracking balls, and more. Last but not least, the structural additions make scanners extraordinarily modern and elegant.

Benefits of using Dental Scanners

There are several perks of using dental scanners, from a doctor’s point of view. Firstly, it saves time and allows the physician to see a large number of patients. Moreover, manual errors are negligible, with digital accuracy added into the mix. Another factor is that the patient can save a lot of time and money related to manual impressions, and this tool readily improves the overall treatment acceptance.

Lastly, this is one technological wonder that increases the credibility of a dentist and renders a sense of comfort and excitement to the patients.

Customization Options for the Best Dental Scanners

Although there isn’t a lot of customization involved in the dental scanning realm, it eventually comes down to the structural modifications of the same. There are models with many small and large scanning tips for better accessibility, unified power source, upgraded software options, and even data storage facilities on offer. These inclusions make the scanners extremely customizable.

Flexibility of Usage

Dental scanners are typically flexible gadgets which make it easier for the doctors to monitor the dentures in the best and easiest possible manner. The best thing about these is that the scanners are portable.


Price points vary with size, materials, software additions, and, indeed, the designing elements. However, for the flexibility on offer, these dental scanners are incredibly affordable and worth every penny we pay for them.

Warranty and Support Services

Purchase one dental scanner and expect it to stay with you for the rest of your professional career. Most scanners offer extended warranties, but they hardly falter courtesy of the meticulous manufacturing technologies. Most importantly, these gadgets are calibrated to perfection, and therefore, the customer support service, regardless of the brand, is top-notch.


A dental scanner is the Holy Grail for a dentist and makes him or her more credible than the completion around. Therefore, it is necessary to make the best choices and get hold of the most promising, affordable, and cameo dental scanner, which is ideal for the old people.

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