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Cameo Dental Scanner

Cameo Dental Scanner

Cameo Dental Scanner - Medical Lab Equipment & Tools | Intraoral Scanner

Cameo Dental Scanner Features

  • Made with Aditie technology
  • Easy to operate and cleaning
  • Ideal for old ages people
  • Multiple high-quality tooth library
  • 3D printing resign for cameo series

Cameo Dental Scanner - The 3D Dental Scanner for Accurate Dental Procedure

Dental technology advancement can provide a solution for all conventional dental issues. It will be able to provide the most updated solution. A dental scanner or CT scanner is one of them. A driving force works to make a patient's dental condition more comfortable through new cutting technology. 

Before the dental implant surgery, the dentists generally use the art of CT scanner or dental scanner. This technology needs to measure the quantity of jawbone available for implanting. The most modern scanner like Cameo can measure as well as map the structure of your mouth bone. 

This best dental instrument offers 3D images, and in some cases, the image can be captured 100 millimeters nearest. It produces low doses of radiation, so it is safe and secure for users. 

Before the implantation procedure, the dentist will analyze the scan report to determine the proper place where the implant should be done. The implant needs to be inserted on which angle, how long the procedure can take, etc. 

If there are any sensitive areas near the prospective implant site, the dentist should be careful according to the problem. A useful dental scanner can be used to predict the problems that might arise during the surgery or not. 

If you compare it with other dental scanners like EinScan DS-Ex 3D and Shining 3D Auto Scan, you can see it is much more reliable than others. This instrument helps the dentist capture a clear image of your oral region with really high specifications. 

With vibrant color, 2D and 3D images of the teeth and other parts of the mouth can be captured. It features a light guidance system that allows the users to collect data at the time of the image acquisition procedure.

This device seriously assists the dentists or practitioners while the complex dental surgery can be done. It also helps the practitioners to communicate efficiently and provides a clear image of the oral region. This procedure is particularly helpful for implanting, prosthetics, or orthodontic planning.

Made with Aditie technology makes it more durable, flexible, and easy to operate and clean. It is ideal for the old individual with multiple high-quality tooth libraries who generally has some problem with their teeth.

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