Best Dedicated Proxies

Get zero boundaries Dedicated Proxies to send the restricted data and concurrent sessions, which leads to better decisions.

By Customer Feedback

  • Fully automated panel for easy management
  • Offer 100 threads with limitless bandwidth
  • IP refresh rate frequency proxy for smooth browsing
  • Flexible geotargeting and unlimited bandwidth.
  • 8.5 million proxies with active lighting speed servers
  • Bans, captchas, and other restrictions can be overcome
  • Impressive coverage and no ban on subnets.
  • Endless bandwidth technology for smooth surfing
  • High-optimized 1GB network functionality
  • Instant and automatic server accessibility
  • Internet privacy and security
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • 1000mb/s fast server for internet connection
  • Powerful tool quickly solves network problems
  • Highly advanced global data center
  • Professional remote working tools for companies
  • Best proxy services for professional
  • Region-wise targeting of customers
  • Automated proxy servers manages multiple accounts
  • Compatible on android and IOS device
  • Top quality proxies with high success rate
  • 2x fast speed proxy platform for professional service
  • Multiple subnets network technology for team work
  • Non sequential IPs authentication proxy website
  • Identity and sales intelligence proxy site
  • Secure proxy networking to protect brands
  • Search engine intelligence platform for great keywords
  • Eliminate misleading ads, frauds, hacks, etc
  • 99.9% reliable and stable datacenter
  • Fastest performing proxy for business data
  • Endless bandwidth and targets for users
  • Include HTTPS/HTTP, SOCKS5 format proxy
  • Offer high security and anonymity on internet
  • Multiple proxy plans for users convenience
  • Exclusive IPs authentication for various location
  • Hassle-free dashboard enables ultimate control
  • IPv6/DNS leak protection techniques prevent hacking
  • Offer premium and cheap proxies for hosting online task
  • IP leak protection technology to all private users
  • Ideal dedicated proxy for online research and crawling
  • Lightning fast 1000mb/s transfer speed rate
  • Secure multiple data center across US and Europe locations
  • 72 hours money back guarantee policy
  • Perfect dedicated proxy for social networking sites
  • SOCKs and HTTP anonymous technology
  • IP whitelisting authentication for business purpose
  • Genres hardware configuration at low price
  • High-performing solid state drive integration
  • Efficient virgin IPv6 and IPV4 technology proxies
  • 24/7 dedicated service support for customers
  • Most reliable and fastest dedicated proxy servers
  • Community discord support for private ticketing
  • Offer 100GBPS speed networking to streamline flow

100% Anonymous Proxies with Unlimited Bandwidth and Money Back Policy


Drive safe and private servers by using high-rated proxies that offer to access restricted platforms for multiple uses. Thus, the high-level of anonymous Dedicated Proxies are the best choice for business as well as personal use. They enable users to transfer confidential data or various files seamlessly yet securely. Refer to the complete guide to know more about it!

Why use Dedicated Proxies?

An exclusive Dedicated Proxy is also called a private proxy because it lets the users operate the same IP address for an extendable time and also permits use by devices. It can hide the complete data of the owner and restrict the data and content.

When it comes to gameplay or business analysis, Dedicated Proxies are an excellent platform. Usually, the majority of people prefer this platform over shared proxies because Dedicated Proxies are a bit faster than shared.

Proxies also provide the fastest data centers, which are available in the US and use various yet unique IP addresses with over 100 subnets, this is quite suitable for big or popular organizations, which expand their brands throughout the world!

Application of Dedicated Proxies

Coming back to Dedicated Proxies applications, then it is multiple ways that one can use it for. This consists of marketing research technologies, social networking, retailers programs through which users can achieve their business as well as personal targets.

Dedicated proxies for gaming also give a 99.99% security guarantee compared to other types of proxies and permit game enthusiasts to install unmetered bandwidth tools for home use.

Few Top Dedicated Proxies Providers

A glance at various Dedicated Proxies that are easily found on the digital platform such as MPP Group Dedicated Proxy, Your Private Proxy, IPBurger, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Dedicated Proxy safe?

Absolutely yes, the Dedicated Proxies hide users' IP addresses. It let users defeat firewalls and operate the restricted site, content, etc., seamlessly. Moreover, Dedicated proxies are for private use.

2. Dedicated proxies guaranteed for high-speed?

Unlimited bandwidth fast speed and 99% uptime guarantee by Dedicated Proxies networks; and if you compare this proxy with Shared Proxies. It takes milliseconds to complete the tasks.

3. Are Dedicated Proxies illegal?

It's legal to use Dedicated proxies as they just enable remote work and give a secure support system for effective business use. It allows you to access different location platforms that are helpful for digital markets.