Best Creative Resume Builder

Attention-grabbing creative resume builder gives unlimited and secured access to aspirants looking for employment opportunities.

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  • Avoid unnecessary personal details like marital status
  • Professional language and proper tenses in content
  • Beautifully showcase resume and cover letter
  • Simple process to upload the custom details
  • Make changes unlimited times
  • Various features to manage education details
  • Real-time colour changing mechanism for a vibrant design
  • Search through the element tabs
  • Download resumes in JPEG and PNG files
  • Ready-made templates with customization feature
  • Allows adding of charts and icons for great visualization
  • Pre-written bullet points for easy buildings
  • PDF and MS word format downloadable resumes
  • HR-approved resume template formats
  • Just point-click and create professional resumes
  • Create a cover letter for each resume
  • Create and manage multiple personal resumes
  • Traditional font with unlimited colour options
  • Downloadable format resume templates
  • Easy customizations with ready-made templates
  • Basic resume sample to create unique resumes
  • Professional, entry and student-level resume templates
  • Plenty of different designs for various categories
  • Hassle-free online formatting resume builder
  • Wide range of customizable and stylish CV templates
  • Best to improve visual resume builder technology
  • Time-saving pre-built content structures
  • Editable and printable CV for quick use
  • High-quality texts, layouts, and other documents
  • HTML5, Wordpress, Microsoft Word file formats
  • Perfect for makeup artists, developers, freelancers
  • Step-by-step instruction for resume building
  • Get text version to give a stunning appearance
  • Uniquely designed cover letter techniques for better outlook
  • Tailored made resume for multiple jobs
  • In-built spelling checker feature to reduce human error
  • Boldly designed layouts for innovative candidates
  • Easily create the online job resume with advanced features
  • Perfectly suits for artists and complementary firms

Choose Professional & Creative Resume Builders


Writing your resume is such a tedious and lengthy process. It goes along with days and weeks of procrastination, and when you finally get the result, you feel like it wasn’t good enough. Nowadays, many companies take over the process for you because all you as individuals know how to do is write the resume in one fixed format and then eventually keep adding on to your experience in it.

Resume Writing is an art and the kind of samples you see people sharing online; one is bound to get a little intimidated by it. But, there is no need to worry about this anymore because even though you might not be a pro at building creative resumes, you can easily do it online through a resume building software.

When you are in college and have to start the college student resume writing process, it can seem a little daunting. But the fact is that you have to create a resume that is best suited for the job that you are applying to. Like the cover letter that has to be personalized for every job, even the resumes have to be tweaked a little bit for the position you are applying to. For instance, if you are using an advertising agency, a summary that shows your skills more graphically is the one that would probably get the most attention. But if you were applying to corporates, you would look to create a more traditional resume, keeping in mind the keywords necessary for the job.

Therefore, it is quite essential to have different versions of your resume so that you can match it to the job requirement. If a resume is relatively text-heavy, you can always make it more attractive with exciting colors, better text alignment, and different fonts.

Points To Consider Before Choosing Resume Maker Software

There are tons of software available that can help you build your resume, like an Academic Resume Builder or one for college, or apply for a senior position in your company. The ones that match the following criteria would be a great option to go for:

User-Friendly Interface

The software with the most basic computer skills and one that can be used immediately, without the hassle of understanding it first is a good option. It can help make use of a design program or something fancier, but the simpler the interface, the faster the process.

Design Tools

Some software comes inbuilt with featured tools that do the whole design process for you and customize it. But yes, all the software makes the entire design process much simpler than making it on the word.

Free Trial Services

The flexibility of viewing your resume on a premium template should be provided before you spend money on purchasing the software that does not cut it for you. Just graphically attractive software will not satisfy. A free trial is imperative before making a decision.

Self-Service Focused

One should go for the tools that assist you in the process of resume making. You should be able to make the resume on your own.

Social Networking

You should make sure that the software is compatible with social media software, and you should be allowed to link your resume to most of the social media platforms. For example, you should be given the choice of connecting your CV to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. While the points for choosing the best software to create Real-Time CVs have been listed, the one that you like the most and works best for you instinctively and practically is what should be decided upon.

Resume Writing Structure

  • The first step is to collect and list the data that you want your resume should include. Even for an infographic or video resume, the essential elements of a summary should be in place.
  • Build your resume without leaving any crucial information. For example, the contact information must always be mentioned, including your email id and phone number.
  • It is imperative as it is essential to list the previous employers, experiences, and degrees and certifications you have achieved.
  • Add industry-specific details of the company to which you are applying to must also be listed.
  • Finally, include a summary, career objective, personal skills list, references, languages spoken, and awards. This should only be included if there is enough space in your resume to fit them. 

Advantages Of Using Creative Resume Builder Tool

Saves Time

The whole process of writing and creating a resume is extensive and exhausting. It takes hours to days to create the perfect resume for you. When you make use of software, you can create a resume in a few minutes only. What is required from you is to fill in the information and wait for the magic to happen?

Instant Customization

We all know that the resumes need to be customized as per the job description. A summary that is tailor-fitted for different positions is what is required. To update and redo your resume each time you apply is a challenging thing to do. With the resume software's help, you can save multiple copies and make changes to them quickly.

Boost Confidence

When you know that the resume you have sent to your future employer is impressive, you will be at peace and have a sense of confidence. A resume that is professionally designed gives the spirit of your personality and experience. The real fear of not getting the job will be eliminated, and your resume will stand out.

Ease of Use

To use any resume software, you do not need to possess any technical skills. All you need to do is fill out the information manually or upload it, and the software handles the rest. No experience in coding is required. It is simple to use and yields quick results with literally not much effort needed from your side. It helps give professional products, which have a significant impact on the employee and the employer.


It is essential to choose the right kind of software that can give you an edge above the others applying for the same position. Whether you are using the law depot or the government, the best of your abilities need to be highlighted. Moreover, the resume should also look attractive and must appeal to the employer to get directed towards your resume amongst the thousand others. The whole resume building process is made much more comfortable with this software's help, and now creating one is not considered a task. It is beneficial and useful for anyone looking for a job.