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College Student Resume Writing Tools: What Should You Know About Them?

When you are just about getting out of college, everybody around you will start the Resume Writing process. When you are a student and have a fundamental knowledge of writing a resume, it might get a little daunting. Resume writing is an art, business service and needs investment in terms of time. It is not everybody's cup of tea to write one. But do not worry; we are providing you with a guide for writing professionally that would attract your future employer.

There are tons of things to be included in student resumes, and sometimes it gets tough to decide which is relevant and what is not. Still, the editing is a necessary process where you have to focus on the activities, academic successes, and qualities for making it a great on professional resume builders.

How to Write a Student Resume?

When students prepare for their careers, writing their resumes is vital and one great challenge they face. Once students get started writing and collecting information, students often get surprised to realize the excellent skills they already possess and the experience that follows with it due to the activities they've been a part of and the associations they have made over the years. Some Creative Resume Builder websites or even the Free Resume Builder websites give an ideal tool of providing templates to the users that can be customized and modified according to their needs. While writing a resume, it is imperative to mention any volunteer work done by you or any technical/practical skills you possess.

Things To Consider While Choosing Resume Services

A student resume should include the following elements definitely:

  • Awards, honors or sponsorships earned
  • Whether they possess any technical skills
  • Sports performed or social club memberships
  • Any leadership experience
  • The research work they must have carried out
  • Language Skills
  • Volunteer Experience

Also, post listing these elements, if you add a short description for each of these activities, it would add an excellent little content to them and add value to the information of the role you have performed.

College Student Resume Format

A student resume is different from professional layout as there is no work experience involved. Therefore, they should bring their attributes to the forefront, such as their skills and academic achievements. It differs for each student and has to be changed according to his or her details accordingly. A unique format would have more chances to attract the employer's attention and hence, should be done, emphasizing their experience and qualities.

Steps For Creating A Perfect College Student Resume

To create CVs on websites like My Perfect Resume, students need to follow the format included below:

A college student's summary will be focused on their education and include their work experiences like internships and voluntary positions and should also provide the expertise and knowledge they have gained from the workplace. College students need to focus more than high school students on their leadership, dedication, and participation in projects and clubs or community services. Voluntary work would be great if mentioned. College students are recommended to use quantifiable examples for describing their resumes to make the employer understand their worth and value. Once the information has been collected, the summary should be prepared according to the job or position you are applying to and should emphasize the relevant skills and experience.

There are various portals like the free resume builder that help with this process. But before preparing any resume, one should focus on following specific steps to get the best results.

Step 1: Choose From 3 Formats

Firstly, start with putting together all the information wherein you assess your strengths and weaknesses, your professional history and then finally decide what format works the best for you. There are three choices available; the reverse-chronological format, the functional format, and the combination format. The reverse-chronological design is relatively simple and can be used by the students with whatever experience they possess. It includes your contact information, resume objective, work experience, additional skills, education, and accomplishments in chronological order. The functional format is a skills-based resume where the focus is on the student's qualifications, so it is not ideal for college students to start. The structure is almost the same as reverse chronological but includes contact information, introduction to highlight the strong points, work experience, relevant skills section, education, and accomplishments.

The combination format combines a chronological format and the functional format wherein it focuses on specific qualifications, but the body is similar to the chronological format. It includes the contact information, the professional profile, work experience, skills section, and education. When college students are looking to build their CV’s on websites like TopResume, the reverse chronological format is the best choice.

Step 2: Set up the Contact Information

While setting up the contact information, be alert to add the following information. If not all of it, some of it should be there.

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Link to online portfolio (optional)
  • LinkedIn profile

Step 3: Select and Write a Resume Introduction

Introductions are written to attract the attention of the employer, and there are four choices for writing the introductions:

  • Objective (career objective)
  • Summary of Qualifications
  • Profile (professional profile)
  • Summary (professional summary)

Step 4: Highlight your Work Experience

This is one of your CV essential portions wherein you have to list only the relevant work experience you possess. You have to keep in mind three bullet points for getting the best information out there:

  • Action Verb (initially)
  • Quantifiable Point
  • Specific and relevant job duty

For example, trained 15 sales representatives to figure out the best marketing techniques to maximize the business's sales.

 Step 5: Create an Education Section

This is where you will sit down and talk about the foundation of your knowledge and expertise. Include the following points:

  • Names of the university, college, or technical school
  • Location of the schools
  • Date of Graduation
  • Degree
  • GPA

Step 6: Insert Hard And Soft Skills

Be sure to include hard skills that are concrete and quantifiable abilities like language fluency, computer skills, etc. It is always recommended to add your soft skills, which are personality-centric traits like trust, responsibility, etc.

Step 7: Mention Awards

Mention the awards received and certifications as well as honors you might have received during your college and school.

Step 8: Format Settings

The last step is to organize and style your cv using different colors, fonts, or templates.


Writing a CV is a challenging task, and once you have done the whole process, you realize that half of the work has been done. Online platforms like Resumes Planet are great for building a professional CV. When making a resume, keep the points mentioned above in mind and go with the flow. Writing too much is also not recommended. Be straightforward and concise, and be sure that you will land up with the best opportunity according to your interests.