Best Countertop Ice Maker

Sleek countertop ice maker for crunchy, soft and bullet-shaped ice cubes, it's exquisite for a barbeque, ice-cream parlour, restaurant and wine bars.

By Customer Feedback

  • Elegant design coutersize icemaker
  • Soft and crunchy ice for making fruit juice
  • Bluetooth connectivity option for making ice schedule
  • Best for restaurants and coffee shops
  • Easily set on your countertop
  • Budget- friendly price icemaker
  • Includes side tank to refill ice cubes
  • Foaming insulating layer to prevent heat
  • Sleek and stainless steel body design
  • Crystal clear and dense ice cubes in just 15 minutes
  • Smart compressor cooling system
  • Ideal for ice cream and cooldrinks parlours
  • Automatic water shortage warning system
  • Bullet shaped ice cubes for fruit smoothies
  • Travel friendly design for boating and outdoor partie
  • Compact and portable design
  • Automatic self cleaning system
  • Removable ice bucket with scoop
  • Perfect parties barbeque , reunion and other occasion
  • Quick make 26lb of ice cubes
  • Equipped with high-speed exhaust fan
  • Ice-cube and water dispenser button
  • Multifunctional for water cooling and ice cubes
  • Includes automatic shutoff feature
  • Touch screen display for easy operation
  • Quiet cooling function while in parties and office
  • Fast making chewable delicious bullet shaped ice- cubes
  • Suitable for bar whisky, wine, beer
  • Durable and stainless steel corrosion resistant body
  • High efficiency compressor for fast cooling system
  • Multi-purpose ice making machine for smoothies and frozen food
  • Non toxics and odor free ice cubes
  • Well suited for boarding and long trip
  • Easily select ice cubes size for small and large
  • Quickly make slushies and cool drinks to chill out
  • Control panel with indicator light
  • Smart refrigeration technology
  • Automatic water shortage warning
  • High efficiency compressor with quiet operation

Buying Guide on The Best Portable Countertop  Ice-Maker


Portable ice maker machines which converts water into ice when poured into the trays. They come in various sizes and are very easy to store. They can also be carried around easily wherever you want. These are designed to work fast and not make you wait for a long time. There are of two types - Countertop and Under-Counter Ice Makers and more latest kitchen appliance

Countertop ice makers are very compact to fit on counters but were not good with holding freezing temperatures. This makes the ice melt easily. On the other hand, the Under-counter Ice-makers can hold freezing temperatures for many hours. They can fit in the kitchen or the counters with ease. But they weigh much more and can be difficult to move around.

Benefits of Countertop Ice Maker

These ice-makers allow the user to enjoy the cold-ice without using too much kitchen space. If you own a small house or a motor home, this is ideal for you. But the bar owners or coffee shop owners will rely more on the built-in ice makers. These ice makers are for commercial purposes, and you can use 300 pounds of ice per day.

These machines make ice very quickly and keep the supply clean. Even if you host parties very frequently, then there is a need for a large quantity of ice. These ice maker make sure you have an adequate supply on hand. They save time and effort while the party is still going on.

Why Should I Buy a CounterTop Ice Maker?

There are many times when you are running out of ice in a party or any social gathering. With the portable ice maker, you can easily keep a large quantity of ice without any problem. It comes in handy in many situations. Common uses include:

  • Camping
  • Tailgating
  • Boating
  • RV trips

It can be used in many other spots where there is a requirement of ice to make anything. It can be used by people who refill their drinks all day or can be used in your homes on regular days.

Factors To Consider While Browsing Your Options

Size and Capacity

It is best if the ice-maker is small as then only I can be portable or else it can create a problem when you are carrying it around. They come in different varieties based on how much space they occupy or the ice they produce. The dimensions and the capacity should be checked before buying the ice-maker.

You should check the space that you have thought for the ice-maker to keep as it can be congested sometimes with many electronic products in the kitchen. You should also check the weight of the device to be sure that you can easily carry it around. The capacity is also a very important factor to consider when buying an ice-maker. You should look for a machine that can hold a large quantity of ice.

Production Capacity and Speed

It is important to see that the ice-maker you choose makes the ice quickly for you. The ice maker should be able to provide you with a pound of ice easily per day. You also need to see that you have water manually in continuity. There are not many complications that will arise when you are installing the ice-maker. The manufacturers have made sure to mention how much time it will take for the ice-maker to make the ice. It normal takes 10-20 minutes for the ice-maker to make the ice and varies from different brands.

Cost of CounterTop Ice Maker

The firstbuild countertop ice maker is a very affordable machine which can be put to great use. These products has starts at $100 and can go as high as $250. It is not a very costly machine and is very efficient. The affordable models are the ones that last for a long period. If you buy a cheap product, then they start to show problems very early. The durability of the product should be seen before buying. You should be able to use the product for a long period without any problems. It should provide you with the value of your money. Production capacity also plays a very important role in the price. The higher the production capacity, the higher will be the cost.

Portable Ice Maker Design And Look

If you are going to keep the ice-maker on the countertop at all times, then merax ice maker is looks good. They are available in many colors and designs. The common colors are black and stainless steel. There are many units available in different colors to make them look more attractive. The aesthetic appeal is purely subjective, and you can choose the model you want depending on what color is your house and other appliances.

Ease of Use

The portable ice-makers are very easy to use. They have intuitive controls and basic functions which can be used by anyone. Some of them are a bit easy to control than others and have many features which make them a unique product. When you are buying the ice-maker, then it is important to see that you are buying the product which can be used by everyone with hassles. Most of the ice-makers have water use feature which filters and re-freezes the water as the ice in the machine is melting. You do not have to refill again and again. You have to clean the machine from time to time.

Additional Features Of Portable Ice Maker

Self-Cleaning — A self- cleaning ice-maker makes the use of machinery much easier.

Automatic Timer — An automatic timer helps to set a specific time for the machine starts making ice so that it is ready for you at any particular time you need the ice.

Ice Size Selection — Some of the portable ice makers help you choose between two or three different sizes of ice based on your personal choice.

Final Verdict

Choosing an ice-maker is not a very difficult decision, and the GE ice maker  has the kind of product that you all want. It is important to do proper research before buying the maker to choose the right one. You should thoroughly know the features which can be done with the help of the information given above.

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