Best Commercial Ice Maker

Chill-out with modern, sleek ice makers which have smart cooling compressors for serving beverages, smoothies, making ideal for restaurants and coffee shops.

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  • Best for commercial use
  • Modular and stainless steel design
  • Smart compressor with air cooling system
  • Easily store beverages and wine
  • Durable stainless steel material with polished surface
  • Anti-oxygen and fouling layer with powerful compressor
  • Easily operates with LCD digital panel
  • Best for business use in shops and hotel
  • Make clear ice cubes shaped
  • Hassle -free dispenser for making ice
  • Auto-detection function with alarm mode
  • Intelligent LCD control panel for easily operates
  • Built-in LCD panel with Nano Blue light
  • Energy efficient commercial ice maker
  • Easily adjustable ice cubes thickness with time function
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • High efficiency compressor
  • Perfect for hotels and shopping malls
  • Stainless steel body to protect against corrosion
  • Includes Timer setting function
  • In-built LED light to use in dark environment
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Self cleaning system with 20 minutes
  • Easily store 33lb ice at a time
  • Massive storage capacity for pan
  • Automatic protection system against detection
  • Digital LCD panel for easy operation
  • Perfect for coffee shops and bars
  • One-key cleaning function for odour free ice cubes
  • Initiative control pontol for easy operation
  • Beveled opening design for easy takeoff ice
  • Connect directly to water supply
  • Best for coffee maker and seafood shop
  • Easy to clean with stainless steel body
  • Digital control panel with one button system
  • Built-in freestanding design
  • Efficient quiet compressor
  • Easy to connect with water supply lines
  • Perfect for home bar and small business
  • Crystal clear ice cubes for restaurant and home
  • Includes accessories water and drain hose

Definitive Guide To Commercial Ice Maker Machine For Restaurants


There are times when we walk into a restaurant, and after ordering our favourite drink, sometimes it is served without ice. There are many instances where any restaurant might run out of ice which can be angry to the customers. There are many drinks which are best served with ice. For any restaurant, the cafeteria owner has a high requirement of the commercial ice maker. There are a plethora of options available in the market, and of all the types of Tools, a commercial ice maker machine seems to be promising once. If you are a business person and looking for the Best Commercial Ice Maker Machine, then you must consider many factors before buying the product. Let us discuss in detail!

Types of Commercial Ice Makers

The first thing that has to be considered before buying the ice maker is the type you are going to choose. There are two main categories:

Self-Contained Ice Maker Machines

The self-contained ice machine contains both the ice maker and the container for storing the unit. They are big and produce more ice than any typical consumer model. They come in both under-counter and countertop configurations. They are easier to fit in tight spaces rather than the modular ice machines. This model does not make as much ice as the modular ice machine and does not have much storage space. It is suitable for smaller bars and cafes. The big restaurants and cafes will prefer the vevor ice machine model. 

Modular Ice Machines

The modular ice machine will only make the ice, the storage bin has to be bought separately. This model is the best choice for any commercial kitchen which requires a large amount of ice on hand. This model produces large amounts of ice very quickly and is designed to attach to a storage bin which is the size of your choice. They take up more space than the other model but have a larger capacity. For anyone requiring bulk ice should choose this model.

Types of Ice

One of the considerations to be made before buying any commercial ice maker is the type of ice the machine will provide. There are many types, and shapes of ice which are preferred by people and they are mentioned below:

Cube: It is the most standard and common option.

Half Cube: This comes in small pieces as compared to cube ice and is also pretty common.

Crescent Ice: this shape is common in many home freezers which is larger than the other types.

Nugget: These are small and chewable pieces of ice which are well-liked by the people.

Flake: it is commonly used for different cocktails and keeps the food chilled in the buffet display

Factors To Consider When Buying A Commercial Ice Maker

Size and Capacity

The storage of ice daily can take up a lot of space. You need to figure out a balance between the space you have available and how much ice it can store. Commercial kitchens can get congested sometimes, and there is more space required. For using a large quantity of ice, you should buy the modular ice machine model and a sizable storage bin. The other models take up less space but may not produce as much ice as required. Choosing the right size of the machine following its capacity is the most important thing to consider when buying an ice machine.

Power Source

Maintaining the temperature of the freezing water for the ice requires some power. Many ice makers need a level of voltage which goes beyond the typical wall outlet. You need an electrician during the installation of the machine to make sure that the power source being used can perform the task efficiently.

Water Source

The ice maker must be attached to a water source which can deliver a significant amount of water to the machine. The water line needs to have a shut-off valve and be up to the code that exists in the area. When you are replacing the ice machine, then you have the setup. But in case of buying a new ice machine, you need to work with a plumber to get the ice machine hooked up properly.


Every ice machine should be kept close to the floor drain. Many cities have codes which define where your drains should be placed following your ice machine like vevor commercial ice maker have. So, it's essential to check with the local authorities that you are following the same rules.

Additional Accessories In Commercial Ice Maker Machine

These are some of the accessories which can be added along with the ice maker:

Water Filter: You can use a water filter with the ice machine which produces better tasting ice and helps the machine to last longer and keeps the impurities away.

Storage Bin: When you buy a modular ice machine, then the storage bin is a necessity with it. You need to make sure that you find the right size of the needs and be compatible with the machine you purchase.

Ice Merchandisers: When you need selling bags of ice, then you need to buy an ice merchandiser to store and display the ice for the customers.

Ice Bags: Ice bags make your ice portable and allow for the option of selling ice by the bag.

Cost Of Commercial Ice Maker Machine

The machine you are buying should be able to fulfil all your needs within the prescribed budget. There are many factors which affect the cost of an ice machine. The models which make fancier ice will cost more than the standard model. A higher capacity will come at a higher cost. The air-cooled ice machines cost less than the water-cooled ones. An energy-efficient ice machine can cost more at the start but helps in saving money in the long term. Working on the full cost of the ice machine can be much more complicated, and this makes it important to think your decision through before buying an ice machine.

Final Verdict

The ice machine should be bought with a full understanding of your needs and how much you are willing to spend on it. You should get a machine which matches the quantities of ice that you need and will also satisfy your customers, including vermi commercial ice maker. If you buy from a respected brand and maintain the machine properly, it can work for years efficiently.

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