Best Commercial Ice-Cream Making Machine

Add topping and enjoy the delicious ice-cream in summer built with an LCD panel and smart cooling compressor for quickly adjusting the hardness and softness of ice cream—ideal for shop, restaurant and hotel.

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  • Decrease daily drain and cleaning
  • Best to keep ice crystal for long time
  • Offer two flavour with twist option
  • Automatic consistency for easy operation
  • Offer durability with classy finish designed
  • Make upto 36 liters of frozen yogurt
  • Best for ice cream factory, restaurants
  • Get one year of warranty on ice cream machine
  • Integrated expansion pump with radiator
  • Intuitive LCD panel for hassle free control
  • Three flavour ice cream maker
  • Convenient damp proof refined fittings
  • 2.6 liters of large capacity machine
  • One-click cleaning function
  • Pre-cooling and puffing technology
  • Get high and low voltage protection
  • Ideal for ice-cream parlours, coffee shops
  • Automatic machine cleaning with LCD screen
  • Detachable drip tray to prevent water
  • 2200 watts of thermal consumption
  • 1.8 gallon food grade plastic hopper
  • Suitable for business use ice cream parlours
  • Durable and stainless steel exterior body
  • Energy efficient commercial ice cream machine
  • LCD display control panel for easy operation
  • Best for hotel and restaurants
  • Three flavour ice cream maker
  • Softness and hardness settings
  • Smart compressor to improve cooling speed
  • Ideal for ice- cream lovers
  • Energy efficient commercial ice cream maker
  • Automatic and hassle free cleaning system
  • Detachable drip tray to protect ice cream from dripping
  • Best for summer ice cream
  • Newly design liquid crystal operation panel
  • Quiet operation in hotel restaurant and ice-cream shops
  • Seal system to protect ingredients from leakage
  • High quality stainless steel body
  • Ideal for ice cream and dessert shops
  • Intelligent LCD control panel for easily operates
  • One-click hassle free cleaning function

Commercial Ice-cream Making Machine Buying Guide


The mouth-watering ice cream can be easily created with the help of an ice-cream making machine. It is an integral part of hotels and restaurants where people come to relax, have good food, enjoy quality time, and add a dash of coolness in the summertime with an ice-cream. Toppings on the ice-cream are like icing on cakes. The ice-cream making machine can handle this part of the recipe very efficiently. Such tools have become a common trend to be installed in the restaurants and hotels and are a complete crowd puller material. 

Ice-cream machines can be used both for domestic and commercial use. Undoubtedly, domestic ice-cream makers are an excellent equipment to make the product and give it a professional look and taste. Though people do prefer making ice cream manually but the whole process is quite time-consuming and laborious. This led to the popular invention of ice-cream makers and the commercial equipment can be produced in large quantities so that the product can be used to make several other recipes like desserts, frozen yogurt, and smoothies. With the help of an automatic ice-cream making process, simultaneous freezing while mixing, avoiding ice crystals, and proper aeration of the mixture is easily achieved.

It is very important for the buyer to be well-versed with certain features and characteristics of the ice-cream makers before then end up making the purchase. The investment should not go waste and hence it is essential that the buyer should first understand a few pointers about the product. The information will prove to be quite beneficial as the buying decision of the user will be optimized. There are different types of ice-cream makers that are available in the market:

Ice and Salt Ice Cream Maker

This is an old-fashioned maker but a reliable one to make creamy products at home. The product is inexpensive. In recent times, one can expect to find a modern version of the traditional product. The advantage of the product is that the user can experiment with the ingredients at different temperatures. A counter rotating scraper is generally found fitted in the machine that helps to remove the frozen ice-cream from the edges of the bowl. It can create thick creamy ice-cream but the downside of the machine is that it requires continuous loading of ice and salt and emptying salty water at regular intervals.

Electric Frozen Bowl Ice-cream Maker

These machines are a step up than the ice and salt ones. In this machine, the user has to be patient because pre-cooling of the bowl is required and hence the bowl has to be placed in the freezer 24 hours in advance to prepare the ice-cream. Once the bowl is in freezing temperature, the user can simply add the ingredients and turn on the machine waiting for the ice-cream to be ready. Pre-freezing the bowl is an essential step and hence the process requires patience and planning in advance. The latest versions come with an extra bowl that can be kept in the freezer at all times. 

Compressor Ice-Cream Maker

These are expensive machines but the customer loves it because the outcome is desirable and tempting. The ice-cream is thick and creamy. No waiting is required and ice-cream is ready within an hour. The features of the product include digital display, temperature control, different speed, and the option to keep the desert cool. It is one of the most desirable home appliances in recent years as preparing ice-cream with hygienic products at home has become a simple affair.

The commercial ice-cream maker performs two primary functions; mixing and freezing. The mix is added in the internal bowl of the machine and then with the help of the motor it is mixed. The built-in freezer maintains low temperature and freezes the ice-cream. The combination process of aeration and mixing swells the ice-cream and the mixture increases in size. Light, fluffy, and yummy ice-cream can be served immediately. 

Soft Serve Ice-cream Maker

These all-in-one machines are popular in fast food chains, events, and self-service eating counters. Extremely fluffy and light ice-cream is produced by loading a pre-mix powder/liquid. It is a crowd puller ice-cream that is served in wafer cones, sundaes, and deserts.

Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Ice-cream Makers

  • Warranty: Commercial ice-makers aim to make professional products and focus on commercial grade components. Domestic ice-cream makers are not as robust as the commercial ones. Commercial products have warranty to cover for commercial use.
  • Built-in Freezer: Commercial ice-cream makers come wrapped with a built-in freezer and this means that patience is not required for making ice-cream because freezing the mixing bowl is not required in such machines unlike the domestic ones. 
  • Output: Business requirements of large quantities of ice-cream can be easily met by the commercial ice-cream maker. Even if the domestic ice-maker is big and equipped with good features, yet it will produce ice-cream in small quantities. The best commercial ice making machines can be easily found in the online and offline stores. 

Things To Consider In Commercial Ice-cream Making Machine


The product with no downtime is the one that should be the preferred one for the users. It should have an optimum level of performance and productivity. Productivity marks the goodness of a commercial brand ice-cream maker because it has to make ice-cream in large quantities. 


The product should have fast refrigeration so that the product is ready in no time and the customers have continuous access to the yummy product. There should be no unnecessary wastage while making the ice-cream and this will aid the efficiency of the product. Fast and efficient cooling is an important feature that great products should focus on. The eco-friendly refrigerator should produce a refrigerant that is CFC-free. For environmental safety reasons, the freezer should have the power to create renewable energy. 

Easy To Clean and Operate

Cleanliness is an essential part of every machine. The product should be able to operate easily. The machines should have programmed buttons for adding ingredients in the mix, selecting flavours, and consistency of the ice-cream.  Moreover, once the task is accomplished, the user has to ensure that the machine is clean. It is essential to clean the machine and parts in between the working hours so that efficiency of the product is maintained. 


Commercial grade soft ice-cream making machines should have a warranty period attached with the product. This adds credibility to the product and boosts the image of the brand. The buyer should also ask for the warranty of the product as it is their right to buy a credible product.

Easy to Maintain

Motor-powered gadgets are susceptible to developing a snag at any given point of time. The ice-cream making machine should have parts that are easily available in the market. In case the part runs down and requires a replacement; availability of the same will be inevitable. Thus the manufacturer should ensure to make avail the spare parts of the machine. 

Prefer Air Cooled Condensers

The refrigeration of the product should be sealed so that contamination of the food is avoided. The best answer to solve this problem is to buy a product with air-cooled condensers as it reduces the contamination chances and food items are safe for long.


This part of the product should perform with complete efficiency as it has to beat and mix the ingredients to perfection so that great tasting product is achieved. Softness of the ice-cream also depends on this feature. 

Stainless Steel Parts

For hygienic reasons, it is highly advisable that the parts of the machine should be made of steel. The thermostat of the product controls the temperature. 

Technical Parameters

  • Analyze the technical aspect of the machine. Ask for the features like model, power, voltage, and speed to the manufacturer. The online search should also be conducted based on such guidelines. Pan length and bucket diameter also makes a marked difference in deciding the product. Iceberg machine is extremely reliable and is loaded with great features. 
  • Owning an ice-cream parlour means having an ice-cream making machine that can do the task is minimal time with great productivity.
  • Raw material storage facility in the machine. The machine should have a unit where the raw material can be stored for future use. 
  • It should be an all-in-one making machine. This means that the product should make ice-cream, sorbets, gelato, frozen yogurts. A machine that is handled professionally should be able to make a diverse variety of things. Only then the investment in the commercial ice-cream making product will be justified.
  • The freezer should have robust settings and a great temperature control panel.
  • It should feature a display cabinet for the ice-cream so that the buyers can quickly decide the flavour that they are interested in. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the top brand in the list is Donper ice-cream machine that offers multiple flavors with twist options and minimizes the efforts of cleaning. A product becomes useful only when it is bought with a purpose. If the purpose of the product remains unsolved; then however good the product is; it may not matter at all. The features of the product enhance the buying decision of the buyers and this guide is very helpful for the buyers.

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