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Effectively treat and reduce the pain of injuries, swelling, sprains and regulate the flow of blood vessels with the Low-level Cold laser.

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  • FDA Approved cold therapy laser system
  • Ultimate cold laser controls pain and swelling
  • Advanced cold therapy stimulates body cells
  • Super pulsed cold laser system
  • Cold laser treats Inflamed tissues
  • Reduces pain and accelerates healing
  • Provides enhanced relaxation to muscles
  • Non-invasive procedure heals ulcerations
  • Professional healing process
  • Laser therapy designed for body pains
  • Pain relief device with rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Lowers cancer treatment side-effects
  • Stimulates and highers rate of metabolism
  • Accelerates growth of new blood vessels
  • Infrared laser diminishes inflammation
  • Low-energy enhances immunity
  • Cold laser improves protein-synthesis
  • Battery holds upto 4 hours continuous operation
  • Provides systematic treatment to joints and acupoints
  • Effective treatment for knee arthritis
  • Laser therapy for conventional treatments
  • Perfect for home personal use
  • Battery capacity with 5200 mA
  • Safe Low-level cold laser therapy
  • Handheld medical laser
  • Laser therapy treats injured cells
  • Therapeutic laser for humans and animals
  • Heating pad lowers injuries
  • Low-intensity therapy device reduces sprains
  • Includes goggles and battery charger
  • Laser device relaxes joint muscles
  • Repairs tissues and damaged wounds
  • Cold laser device with LCD screen
  • Regulates immune system
  • Diagnoses any health condition
  • Active laser system stimulates nervous system
  • Cold laser relieves skin and joint pains
  • Accommodates traditional acupuncture therapy
  • Effective device for veterinary using
  • Light energy device for shoulder pain

Cold Laser Therapy Buying Guide


You’ve probably heard of cold laser therapy, the painless treatment for inflammations and injuries. Patients trying to avoid surgery can embrace this as an alternative. This therapeutic treatment consists of directing low-intensity laser to the region of interest in order to destroy tumors, heal wounds and even decrease acute or chronic pain in both humans and animals for their Medical & Health Care

Although the main application is to enhance the curative ability of the cell, cold laser treatment also has a wide variety of uses outside of healing. The treatment can be used to combat the addiction of cigarettes by pinpointing and activating certain acupoints. By shooting lasers at high fat coagulations, these can break down and liquefy the content of these cells.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

But exactly ‘what is cold laser therapy?’ Cold laser therapy is known as low-level laser therapy i used to trigger cell recovery, mostly used for healing the pain.

How does cold laser therapy products & treatment work? Well, in cold laser treatment, low-level lasers are applied directly to the area, giving the damaged cells the energy needed to boost its healing. You can use cold laser therapy for knees to treat patients with inflammations and healing wounds.

In case you are struggling with an addiction, use cold laser therapy to stop smoking. For those looking for a healthier lifestyle, cold laser therapy weight loss is a treatment option. Another one of the many benefits of cold laser therapy is that cold laser therapy can be used for pets. Cold laser therapy for horses and other farm animals is also very popular.

Features Of Cold Laser Therapy Device

Now, how would you find the best cold laser device for home use? With the growing popularity of cold laser treatment, more companies are beginning to produce cold laser therapy devices. Today, cold laser therapy costs may vary from 30$ to 200$. If you want to buy the best cold laser equipment, it can cost up to 15000$. So, choosing the right one can be difficult. But to reap the maximum benefits of cold laser therapy, you should look out for some features.

Size of the machine

Cold laser therapy machines are often quite bulky. But through the advancement of technology, they have significantly reduced in size. When looking for the best cold therapy machine, you might want to look for machines that are conservative of space while being lightweight. It would be a compact solution for your pain is the multi radiance laser for reduce pain. Depending on your needs, a large device that you can assemble when in use and disassemble for storage can also be a viable option. Carrying around a portable device can relieve you of the pain even when you are on the run.

Size of the cold pad

When using these devices, cooling pads are often provided. Make sure the cold pad is of appropriate size, depending on the area of treatment. Since, cold laser therapy for arthritis is one of the most common uses, the area of the pain is important. When treating back pains, you might need to go for bigger cold pads. Whereas, miniature cold pads can be used to treat smaller areas, making it the best cold laser for neck pains or ankle and knee pains. Choose the best cold laser therapy machines with cold pads that cater to your size needs.

Reusable cold pad

Some low-level laser therapy devices have single-use cold pads. Continuously replenishing your fabric pad inventory can be a financial burden. Ensure that the best cold laser therapy devices come with a cold pad that is reusable and washable. The best cold laser for cat arthritis holds reusable pads as a high priority. Cats shed a lot of hair, making the pad un-reusable without thorough cleaning. Washing it helps prevent bacterias from growing on it.

Easy to Use

Cold laser therapy devices are relatively simple, but often have complex instructions with intricate medical terms for healthcare professionals to use. To you, these instructions may seem gibberish. High-quality devices generally have confusing instruction manuals since they are not for personal use. Ideally, the best cold laser therapy should have a clear guide like lasertrx for better health

Automated shutdown

For safety reasons, it’s best to check for a machine with an automatic shutdown feature. The use of lasers is not 100% incident-proof. Prolonged uses can equate to unwanted side effects. In case you fall asleep when using the machine, it should automatically shut down preventing any accidents from taking place. The safety feature is also put in place in case the device is left on after its use.


For the best cold laser equipment, having a good capacity is important especially if the patient is sensitive to acute pain. The machine should be able to manage to keep the temperature as constant as possible. When purchasing for weight loss, the best cold laser lipo machine should have a good capacity as it takes over an hour to complete. The longer it can maintain the temperature, the more you can make out of this investment.

Easy to store

Cold laser therapy machines for home use should be easy to shut off and put away, or else it may become a burden each time you try to use the machine. One of the biggest cold laser therapy benefits is that they can be performed at home. For weight loss, you have cold laser lipo. But having bulky machines at home can cause a hindrance. So, these machines should be easy to disassemble and store.


What is the best cold laser therapy for personal use?’ has an analogous answer. Different machines cater to different demands. So, when selecting your cold laser machine remember to look through the features and find the one that offers the terraquant cold laser treatment for you.

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