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Comprehensive Guide To Choose Career Guidance Test Websites


Whether we are a fresh graduate or someone quitting a job to try something else, one thing is common. We have lots of trouble deciding which job we should choose for us. Most of the time, we jump head on to posts on others' recommendations or looking at the lucrative pay. But within a few months, we understand that we are stuck in the wrong place.

We rarely have any idea about the perfect job for us that depends on personal growing learning skills. It takes more trial and error to finally find the job that suits our personality through Job Portal Websites. After all, we can't stick to a job for a long time if we don't like doing that only because of the money. This is because we don't take our interests and personality into consideration while making important career choices. Other than trying or hand in all sorts of jobs? The answer is an online career guidance test. By going to any of the aptitude tests, we can easily find our dream job. And it doesn't take years of trial and error.

What Is Career Guidance?

Career guidance is the term given to comprehensive programs that help individuals find the best future options. It assists them in choosing their professional life. Thus they begin the process of pursuing it by developing the required skill set. Many counselors and centers provide such services. However, one can also use any test sites for the assessment.

Career guidance test websites are sites where we get to take up online examinations to determine what kind of jobs are suitable for our personalities. The time required is based on the type of test and the number of questions. Usually, it may take a user 5 to 25 minutes to complete the test. Some sites might take more time if optional questions are available for the users to answer.

Significant Types Of Career Guidance Test Websites

Myers- Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

One of the oldest assessment techniques to find out the personality types has helped many individuals find the perfect job with the job portal websites. It is also the most common type of guidance test, people take up to find the ideal job. In MBTI, a person answers the questions provided on the career guidance test websites. And based on the answers, the sites find out the psychological and personality characteristics of the person. The attributes like intuition, sensing, feeling, introversion, judging, perceiving, thinking are used for the analysis. After that, it suggests a list of jobs that are best suited for the personality type of the one taking the test.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter

A popular alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Many websites use this sorting technique for the assessment. In this type of assessment, the person comes under four different temperaments, such as rationals, guardians, artisans, and idealists. Based on these temperaments, users get access to a list of suitable jobs. This type of career assessment is considered to be more accurate than MBTI.

Strong Interest Inventory

The career guidance test websites that follow this principle sort the personal and professional interests of an individual. The individual is provided with 291 questions, and based on their results. They find a place in different parts of a hexagon. The hexagon components are based on artistic, realistic, investigative, enterprising, social, and conventional traits. Depending on the hexagonal point of the user, career guidance is provided to him or her.

Are The Career Guidance Test Websites Free?

Though the best career guidance test websites require one to pay a certain fee, many free alternatives are available on the internet. These alternatives, though not wholly accurate like the paid ones, do a decent job. Users can go for either the paid or free websites depending on their budget.

There are no strict criteria for using such assessment sites. Anyone from a high-school student to an adult can use these sites to assess their choices at any point in their lives. Both the free and paid assessment career guidance test website comes with a set of multiple-choice questions in the form of a quiz. The user needs to answer according to his or her preferences. However, the paid ones require the user to sign up and pay for the test first before the questions are provided to them.

Are The Career Guidance Test Websites Worth It?

Just taking the online tests doesn't guarantee a dream job. However, they help the person have a better idea of their personality types and the types of jobs that suit their personalities. It allows them to choose a career option, which otherwise can be quite tricky and confusing to do. The candidates still need to have the required skill set for the jobs and give their best efforts to succeed.

What are the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Career Guidance Test Websites?

Like anything else, the career guidance test websites also have certain advantages and disadvantages:


  • These assessment tests help individuals have a clearer idea of their interests and passions.
  • Some of the tests also provide the quiz takers with a chance to look at their strengths and weaknesses. This helps individuals to work on them in the future.
  • Choosing a job is always a dilemma for both the beginner as well as an experienced person. Taking these assessments may provide them with a direction to find their ideal role.


  • The results, especially in the case of free websites like 123test, might not be completely accurate.
  • It is quite easy to misjudge or misunderstand the test results.
  • Choosing a job suitable for one's personality doesn't guarantee success without the necessary effort.


Even though the career assessments don't assure one to succeed in life, merely take a career suitable. The careerfitter guidance test websites undoubtedly provide a path for one by providing them with necessary information. They help one make better choices based on their personalities and interests. 

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