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  • Virtual business platform for faster reporting and planning
  • Analytics platform recognizes security risks
  • Prevents from data theft and secures files
  • Built with AI capabilities for smart organization
  • Online tools track business performance
  • Data analytics takes less time in creating reports
  • Business software provides alerts and notifications
  • Easily accessible dashboard for management
  • All in one platform for digital marketing professionals
  • Engages with comprehensive marketing solutions
  • Accumulates and processes large volumes of data
  • Experts verified business intelligence platform
  • Online tools secure from cyber attacks
  • Optimizes business reports and determines strategies
  • Controls and tracks business expenses
  • Data analytics software creates reports in minutes
  • Easy to use drag and drop dashboard designer
  • Intelligent business assistance system
  • Securely connects with employees
  • Decision making analytic tools
  • Calculates profits, margins and taxes
  • Smart spreadsheet quickly tracks and analyzes sales
  • Simple and easy to use business functions
  • Automated multi-channel support
  • Software supports in android and ios devices
  • Intelligence system improves customer satisfaction
  • Intelligence tools for e-Commerce business
  • Pre-built and customizable dashboards
  • Offers personalized business growth ideas
  • Highly secured payment gateways
  • Online platform for managing business
  • Automated and interactive dashboard
  • Built with powerful integrated BI
  • Intelligence tools analyzes business risks
  • Allows to make smart business decisions
  • Online platform improves operational efficiency
  • Effective business maintenance services
  • Features marketing channel analysis

Business Intelligence Tools - Features, Benefits, And Tips


Have you been looking for an apt business intelligence tool that caters to your business data storage and protection needs? Well, you need not look any further since you have the best business services to provide you with the requisite software. To cater to all the data requirements of any business enterprise, the possession for an ideal business intelligence tool is of utmost necessity. In today's world of technological and scientific progress, the proper storage of data and its protection is of utmost necessity that is essential for any business venture and enterprise's success. Business Intelligence Tools are application softwares explicitly designed to collect and process vast amounts of unstructured data from the various external and internal systems such as books, emails, videos, journals, documents, etc., related to a particular business. The business intelligence tools' primary task is amassing massive data to process relevant information based on the platform's queries. Moreover, the data processed and amassed by the business intelligence tools aids in the preparation of crucial business reports, data visualizations, and dashboards.

Business Intelligence Tools helps in the compilation of various data by combining numerous data analysis applications. The output provided by the business intelligence tools enables the employees to improve their business efficiency, identify new business opportunities and new revenue potentials, etc.

Features of Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools and techniques help a company improve its functioning and efficiency by recognizing the problematic areas and identifying business growth opportunities. With various highly advanced features, the tools have helped many companies achieve new heights of success and growth. The below-mentioned are the various key features of an ideal business intelligence tool.

An alluring executive dashboard

An alluring and effective executive dashboard- is a business intelligence tool's essential features. An executive dashboard provides the leader of the organization with a brief overview of the existing business. This result is provided in certain reports, graphs, summaries, and charts, which briefly holds the business organization's current situation regarding its losses, profits, potential and existing clients, and many more. This enables the business organization's executive to call for better and smarter decisions to improve further.

Geospatial Mapping

A business intelligence tool also provides a business enterprise with geospatial mapping. The business intelligence tool uses one's locational or geographical data to create a cartographic representation. This geospatial mapping feature provided by the business intelligence tools gives the leader or employer a brief insight into the various region's performance. With these crucial elements, one can chalk out which regions are performing better than others and carry out required improvements in those regions lagging behind others. Additionally, this feature of the business intelligence tools reduces the leaders or employers' hardships to gain control over their business spread over various regions.

Ad-Hoc Reports

One of the essential features of the business intelligence tools are the Ad-Hoc reports. With this feature's aid, the IT department staff no need to bang their heads in preparing the detailed reports. The non-technical staff can easily prepare their reports based on only the essential elements relevant to their query.

Open Integration

The integration mechanism of the business intelligence tools is highly advanced. Through open Integration the business intelligence tool can access your organization's data along with retrieving information from emails, websites, social media, and the like.

Ranking Reports

The ranking reports are essential features of the business intelligence tools that account for their massive popularity among business organizations. The ranking reports provide you with a brief insight into the organization's various departments working proficiency. The ranking reports provided by the business intelligence tools allow you to view the best and worst-performing departments of the business organizations. From salespersons to products, the ranking reports give insight into the organization's various departments rankings.

Interactive Reports

Business intelligence tools provide users with multiple interactive reports from the data collected through various sources. The interactive reports regression and statistical analysis features identify and figure out various anomalies, outliers, and trends in the given data.

Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are another major key characteristic of business intelligence tools. These pivot tables can effectively extract relevant information from a huge set of data. Moreover, the pivot tables perform several other essential functions such as counting, sorting relevant data, and calculating the average data stored in a certain table. It then provides the users with a summarized content of the received data from the various inserted tables. Moreover, pivot tools enable users to uncover the hidden facts and trends that can prove beneficial for the business organization.

User-specific Security

The business intelligence tool allows users to restrict their data and information to particular individuals only. The business intelligence tools provide user-specific data sources

Beneficial Tips On Business Intelligence Tools

From retrieving relevant information to improving the customer experience, the business intelligence tools hold various advantages for the users that enable them to improve their business skills and strategies. Let us have a glance at the various benefits that one can reap from the business intelligence tools.

Increased Organizational Efficiency

One of the significant benefits provided by business intelligence tools is a higher degree of organizational efficiency. The business intelligence tools enable the users to identify the problematic areas and work upon its improvement. Additionally, the tools also provide users with a holistic view of the organization, thus enabling them to identify potential areas of opportunity that can bring further developments and profits.

Improved Customer Experience

The business intelligence tools efficiency plays a direct role in enhancing the customer experience. The business intelligence tools create useful dashboards from the data obtained from customer support sessions. Using this essential data, organizations can chalk out opportunities to improve their customer support system. Such a feature present in the Shopkeeper business intelligence tool accounts for its massive popularity among its users.

Faster analysis and an intuitive dashboard

Business intelligence tools are explicitly designed to handle heavy-duty and vast amounts of data collected and compiled from various sources, storing them into the company's servers data warehouse for further reference and use. The business intelligence tool then analyzes these stored data based on user query and accordingly prepares the reports and dashboards to be used by the employers. Moreover, the business intelligence tool also aids in reducing the work burden by compiling various reports into a single dashboard. This tool not only makes data analysis an easy process but also an intuitive one as well.

Better employee satisfaction

One of the significant benefits of business intelligence tools is increased employee satisfaction. Responding to the significant number of user queries is one of the significant tasks that personnel from IT departments and analysts need to deal with, which proves to be quite tiresome. The business intelligence tools aid in reducing this significant work burden. The business intelligence tool has made the data analysis process quite simple and easy. Moreover, the simple interface of the business intelligence tool makes it easy for non-technical persons as well.

Governed and Trusted data

Manual storage of data often leads to various erroneous data that hamper the organization's functioning. But with the presence of business intelligence tools, one can remain assured about the quality of the stored data. Freshservice business intelligence tool is one such tool that effectively complies data from various external and internal sources, thereby providing the users with trusted quality data.

Cloud Capacity

One of the significant aspects that one needs to look for while buying the best business intelligence tool is its cloud-based capacity. One must ensure that the business intelligence tool you are opting for must be cloud-based and supports a mobile application version that makes the work easy and hassle-free.

Cross-platform Integration

While buying a business intelligence tool, you must ensure that it allows for cross-platform access. The absence of cross-platform access in the business intelligence tool will restrict half of your department's access that will result in a negative outcome.

Final Words

The Business Intelligence Tool is one of the best requirements of any organization in today's world. Thus, tool aid in easy storage of data and helps in improving the efficiency and function of the company. Microsoft- Powerbi is one of the top business intelligence tools that aids in faster reporting and planning reports and provides data security. with the aid of a business intelligence tool, companies can efficiently recognize potent opportunities for growth.

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