Best Breitling Men’s Watches

Offer stylish and multi-functional watches which come with an enormous feature like automatic date adjustment, chronograph and swiss movement and more!

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  • Show date, month and time in screen
  • Water-resistant design watch
  • Durable black rubber straps with a brushed titanium case
  • Scratch proof with sapphire crystal to protect dial
  • COSC -certified watches for longer use
  • Anti-sweat matte finish design
  • 18K gold rose watch with smooth strap
  • Red tipped to track 24hours time mode
  • Automatic adjustment setting of date and month
  • Perfect for college students
  • LCD digital display screen for better viewing
  • Easily set alarm and birthdays
  • Multifunctional watches with a rechargeable battery
  • Analog watch with LCD digital display
  • Titanium case with a black rubber strap
  • Glare- Proof design for scratch-resistant
  • Includes chronograph feature and countdown timer
  • Stainless steel bezel case material
  • Water-resistant upto 100 meter (330) feet deep
  • Well-suited -for professionals
  • Automatic self wind movement
  • Best watches for casual wearing
  • Stainless steel bidirectional rotating bezel
  • Includes Swiss automatic movement
  • Ceramic bezel material
  • Water-resistant design for longer use
  • COSC certified watches
  • Soft strap made with nylon comfortable wearing
  • Stainless steel body design
  • Soft and buckle strap for comfortable wearing
  • Best watch for senior professionals
  • Swiss automatic movement with analogue display
  • 18K gold case with an anti-reflective sapphire dial
  • Silver and gold-Tone band for a shiny look
  • Leather Strap for comfortable wear
  • Suitable for both casual and occasional wear
  • Chronograph and date feature
  • Silver and polished steel case

The Ultimate Buying Guide of the Best Breitling Watches


Do you plan on buying one of the Best Watches but slightly worried about the presumably high price tag? If yes, then this detailed buying guide is definitely what you need in the first place. However, before we start talking about the possible options in hand, we need to understand that there are many watch manufacturers in the market. However, Breitling watches are exclusive and premium, further strengthened by the inclusions of Swiss craftsmanship.

Moreover, Breitling is the only credible watch manufacturing company to include a loop independent certification, precisely establishing the highest possible quality standard and precision. While most aviation enthusiasts prefer owning Breitling watches, others can also consider including these into the repertoire. Last but not least, Breitling offers a host of watches and categories to select from. Checkout most picked men's watches of all time.

Types of Breitling Watches

We prefer classifying Breitling watches into five broad categories:

Colt Breitling Watches

The Breitling Colt is an enigma. Highly functional and reliable, these watches come at a pretty decent price tag. Moreover, Watches falling under the Colt category are precisely tagged along for showcasing action, thrill, and achievements.

Avenger Breitling Watches

The Breitling Avenger steals the show for its unmatched performance. For individuals looking for a Chronomat, the Avenger seems like the most practical option. Also, these watches are sturdy, and readers will understand a bit more about the construction in the subsequent sections.

Chronomat Breitling Watches

Here is a potent all-rounder that comes across as an imposing addition to your repertoire. Nothing less than an iconic collection, Chronomat watches are incredibly durable and can endure the harshest possible climatic conditions.

Superocean Breitling Watches

Breitling Super-ocean is known for exceptional engineering. Moreover, the smart model, as the name suggests, is precisely designed for adventures in the ocean.

Professional Breitling Watches

These watches reek of exceptional ergonomics and unmatched user-friendliness. Most importantly, the Breitling Professional collection comes loaded with a wide range of technical features.

Outstanding Features Of Breitling Watches

Now that we have talked a fair bit regarding the types of Breitling watches, it is appropriate to discuss a bit more about the feature sets on display:


Breitling watches are durable courtesy of the excellent choice of constructional materials. Moreover, engineering is beyond comparison in the case of these watches. In most cases, there is a COSC specialization that renders added credibility to these devices. The likes of Colt and Avenger go one step further and add ultra-durable elements into the mix. In the case of the Chronomat, added durability beefs up the gadget and makes it look chunkier.

Bi-Directional Aesthetics

If you are planning on buying Breitling skeleton watches, the Navitimer is the prime contender. The distinguishable feature, in this case, is the attractive bezel that is bi-directional and allows for mathematical calculations. The wearer can make currency conversion calculations and identify the average speed of certain movements as well.

Water Resistance

Be it male or female Breitling watches; every entity flaunts water resistance and a host of other relevant features. Moreover, even if you are interested in purchasing Breitling watches for men, the rated water-resistance breitling chronoliner watch is perfect choice, even after years of usage. While the Navitimer features 30m water-resistance, the Colt goes many steps further and offers something in the ballpark of 200m. The Chronomat watches are water-resistant up to 100 to even 500m. The Breitling Avenger is one potent watch category with the best device featuring water-resistance of up to 3000m. The best Breitling Superocean watch is water-resistant up to 2000m.


Quite a few Breitling watches are featuring a unique yet functional magnetic system. Here is one feature that allows the watch to work efficiently, even deep inside the water. Chronograph, or as we term it, is the underlining feature that comes with three automatic functions like start, stop, and return.

Premium Feel

Most of the Breitling watches are all-round performers, but the aesthetics you cannot the premium aesthetics on display. The recognizable and distinctive design elements add to the exclusiveness of these watches and make for heritage timepieces.

Breitling Watch Material Quality

The elements used to manufacture Breitling watches are premium and long-lasting. While stainless steel is the major component, the company precisely incorporates high-end alloy or even Grade-2, high-end titanium for manufacturing the watches. The crowns or even the push-pieces get the most attention.

When it comes to the strap, the company either uses steel bracelets or even leather, crocodile leather, and rubber as the underlining elements. However, the choice of the material varies with the price. Last but not least, there are Breitling watches in gold and even diamond Breitling watches, which are highly exclusive.

Size And Design Breitling Watches

While most the Breitling watches are of standard size, the design elements vary according to the price points. However, it is the Bentley B06 that stands out in terms of size courtesy of the sizeable watch face i.e., 49mm. Apart from that, the design elements are highly exclusive, with some models even featuring 360-degree rotating frames, and give stunning appearance to both men and women.

There are aerobatic displays added into the mix, whereas certain design elements also feature notable cases. The case sizes vary according to the model with the Navitimer featuring case sizes in the ballpark of 43 to 48mm. The Breitling Colt Watches have case sizes in the ballpark of 36mm to 44mm. The sizes also vary for the Chromomats, Avengers, and other categories.

Perks Of Breitling Watches

Most Breitling watches are aesthetically overpowering and come with a host of standout features. Be it the excellent water-resistance on-board or the highly accessible design, there are many benefits of owning a Breitling watch.

The performance is incomparable, whereas these watches perform well even in the harshest climatic conditions. To sum things up, the stunning design, exceptional engineering, and technical features make the Breitling watches worth every penny.


There are many Breitling categories to choose from, which adds to the customizability quotient. Unlike some of the other high-end models, these watches are fit for every occasion. For example, the Breitling Navitimer is best suited for professional pilots, whereas the Colt is a great entry-level Breitling watch that emphasizes reliability. There are Chronomats, which meant for in-house usage, whereas the Avengers are best for extreme adventures.

Breitling Watch Price

Breitling watches are high-end accessories with a price tag higher than most watches. However, you can always search for the best deals and get hold of affordable Breitling watches like the Colt, provided you are an enthusiast. That said, you should always purchase these watches from official stores to avoid getting duplicates.

Warranty and Customer Service

Provided you purchase a Breitling watch, you need not worry about the longevity or even the watch warranty. Any Breitling accessory will stay with you for a long, long time. The customer support service, however, is excellent and exceptionally prompt.

Bottom Line

The breitling bentley men swatch watch has great assets for the chronograph enthusiasts. Moreover, if you have a fixation towards owning great watches, the likes of Breitling should come at the forefront. Besides the exceptional conglomerate of features, this manufacturer features multiple categories to choose from.

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