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Breitling Chronoliner Watch

Breitling Chronoliner Watch

Breitling Chronoliner B04 Rose Gold With Automatic Blue Dial Watch

Breitling Chronoliner Watch Features

  • COSC -certified watches for longer use
  • Anti-sweat matte finish design
  • 18K gold rose watch with smooth strap
  • Red tipped to track 24hours time mode
  • Automatic adjustment setting of date and month

Breitling Chronoliner B04 - Blue Dial Watch

Measures flight time accurately while juggling with times around the world. To power, this instrument is attired in a blue and old livery featuring extreme user-friendliness, and officially chronometer is certified with COSC. The watch from Breitling Chrono Line has a screw-down case back design. It is double-gasketed, and the chronograph pushers are very simple and mushroom-shaped to give an elegant look to the watch and it is rated water resistance at 100m depth of water.

Blue is such a fresh and fantastic color in timepieces. The important thing about choosing this leather watch is that it makes it so suitable for formal and casual wear. It brightens things up. Although it has a simple navigation and control system that enables to adjust the local time by a simple process of pulling the crown out and turning it either way in one-hour increments without losing its precision of minutes and it will automatically adjust the date in either direction, and its red-tipped hands keep track of home in 24-hour mode. It is designed with a scratch-resistant ceramic rotating bezel equipped with an aviation chronograph, and its timeless look displays the third time zone in 24 hours.

The design of this vintage pilot chronograph has luminous markers than the Breitling navitimer and Bently titanium watch. The particular handset has the rotating bezel constitutes the main differences. It shows the 24 hours instead of the original 12 hours for tracking events, and with direct read-out, this watch allows you to track two separate time zones of local one on the leading handset and another on home mode. The bezel design offers the third time zones. 

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