Best Beard Straighteners

Straighteners ensure you to make facial hair look neat and tidy with extremely impressive controllers, temperature settings, and brushes.

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  • Safe and rapid PTC heating elements
  • Automatic 30-minutes auto shut-off feature
  • Ceramic coated straightener for safe stylings
  • Offers fast and long-lasting results
  • Simple and easy to use time saver function
  • Negative ion mechanism to trap moisture and nutrients
  • Ideal for quick touch-ups in evenings
  • Heat barrier design with revolutionary bristles
  • Quick heating of temperature in 15 seconds
  • Temperature setting for every beard styles
  • Improves overall strength for healthier bread
  • Restores moisturization for smooth beards
  • Anti-scald design to protect rail bristles
  • Specifically engineered auto shut off feature
  • Breakthrough ion technology for smoother beard
  • Fast MCH heating Technology
  • Quickly makes different hair and beard styles
  • Wall hanger support for convenient storing
  • Easy to use simple one-button control
  • High-quality non-slip chrome handles
  • Auto shut-off with unique scald design
  • Portable and lightweight straightener
  • Simple and convenient operations
  • Removable outer comb for convenient usage
  • Cordless technology with faster heatings
  • Temperature control and auto-off function
  • Enhances hair’s and beard natural shine
  • Provides fast and long-lasting results
  • Suitable for all hair and beard types
  • Advanced ionic conditioning system

How To Pick A Perfect Beard Straightener?


You are growing your beard out. While the beard is getting you all the attention you want, it is quite unmanageable. Perhaps, this is the reason why you’re here. 

Beard straighteners have come into men’s lives as a boon. They are easy-to-use and solve all our worries related to managing beards. They are ideal if you need to look extra polished for a big meeting or date. A superior quality straightener gives a great look with volume and smoothness. Beard straighteners have become a part of mens grooming essentials, with the latest technology and durability, they give a lasting impression. 

Straight beards are a blessing. They can take your appearance up a notch and make you presentable for meetings as well as parties. It is very convenient to straighten your beard with a straightener and it is also travel-friendly. It gives you a long-lasting effect and also is pocket friendly. A beard straighteners price ranges between 25 and 30 USD, whereas high-quality and luxury product prices may soar higher.

The male population is turning out to be one of the new end-users in the global market for skin, hair, and beard care products. Traditionally men were never associated with beard styling appliances. However, in the recent past, the global beard market has witnessed a rise in the number of customers. The year-over-year growth rate for 2019 was estimated at 5.91%. 

A recent study shows that the beard straightening products market will grow by $1.17 million by the end of 2020, progressing at a CAGR of almost 7%. In such a rapidly developing market, do you want to stay behind?

How Do Beard Straighteners Work? 

Beard straighteners are very easy to use. All you need to do is to set the right temperature and you can straighten your beard like a stylist with a perfect look. Firstly you need to select the temperature and set it to 385F. Remember that taking the temperature too high will damage your beard, and prolonged usage in high temperatures will create longer-lasting harm. 

If you are using the straightener right out of the shower, towel-dry your beard. Apply a heat-protecting serum or balm so that it can protect your beard from the heat. Use a comb to straighten out the tangles, and then gradually proceed to straighten your beard. The direction of motion should be downwards. Use a suitable temperature, and before you end the process, reduce the temperature of the straightener slowly. You can also use wax to set the beard in place.

Types Of Beard Straighteners For Men 

Beard straighteners come with many varieties. Some beard straighteners that work on thick and coarse beards may not provide the best results for thin and short beards. You should choose a straightener based on your beard quality (if it is damaged or not) and its sensitivity to heat. Here are some suggestions for your consideration:

Based on Material


The plates on either side of the straightener are either ceramic plates or ceramic coated plates. This material is known to heat up easily and retain high temperatures for longer durations. They can straighten thin beards very quickly, but effectively.


More suited for thick beard, titanium plates take more time to heat up than traditional plates. They also spread the heat evenly, so that even the thickest and coarse beards get the best results.

Wired or Cordless

One of the most fantastic developments in the grooming industry has been that of a straightener. With more developments coming up, it is a necessity to carry this gadget even when you're traveling. While the most commonly available type of beard straightener is a wired one, the choicest option, is, however, the cordless beard straightener.

Cordless straighteners can either come with a battery installed, which works after getting a full charge through a USB or work on a pencil or AA batteries, which can be charged separately. Invjoy offers a cordless beard straightener with auto-heating function for shiny beards and hair styling. 

Parameters To Choose The Best Beard Straighteners 

Most men are very particular about their looks and beard plays an important role in enhancing their looks. A straightener, combined with the right kind of serum, gel, or balm can be the magic mantra for you. It can get you a stronger, prettier, attractive, and more appealing beard in a matter of minutes. 

Mentioned below are some of the features that you should consider when buying a beard straightener.


When you are buying a beard straightener, you must keep in mind that it should give you an adjustable temperature with heat control. The reason for this is not all beards can tolerate the same kind of high or low temperatures. Some types of beards may need more heat, while others may work just fine with minimal heating. It should automatically shut off after 30 minutes of discontinued use. This Auto ON and OFF technology also save electricity.


The beard straightener that you're buying should be portable if you want to take it with you on your tours. For that, look for those gadgets that are either wireless with their chargers or come with the facility to be charged with batteries. A beard straightener that has a flexible cord can easily be rotated into a 360-degree angle. 

Long-lasting Result 

A good quality beard straightener provides a smooth and long-lasting beard for a day. A good quality straightener which suits your beard can give amazing results with the help of a comb and some serums. Without the need to go to a stylist before your best friend’s wedding, you can steal the show if you know how to correctly use a straightener. 

Applying a good quality shampoo and conditioner to your beard before straightening it can give you mind-blowing results by adding volume to your beard, smoothening it, and giving a very silky texture.

Temperature Control 

A beard straightener provides the right temperature for your beard. You can always change the temperature according to your needs. Use a straightener with temperature below 385F, which has adjustable knobs. You can set the temperature accordingly and straighten your beard perfectly with a long-lasting effect. Because the temperature control is very flexible it becomes very easy and smooth to straighten your beard. It also provides you with easy glide technology eliminating the frizz effect and giving smooth and long-lasting results.

Also, you should keep in mind to check if the product is genuine or not. Try and look for a straightener that has a unique PTC heating technology which will help you in maintaining a consistent level of heat. Remember, heating above 385 degrees (F) is damaging to your beard hair. So, use one which functions below this range. Iston Beard Straightener offers PTC heating technology that helps in maintaining the heat levels for consistent quality.


There are two parameters to consider the safety of a beard straightener: 1. Lock and 2. Heatproof storage box or bag.


Most commonly found in cordless or battery-powered straighteners, these locks are a lifesaver. Switch the locks on, and save yourself from the panic of finding your belongings on fire, when you were looking away. These are also essential when you have a young child at home. 

Heatproof Storage Box Or Bag

Another important aspect of safety, this can prevent burns or accidents when the heated straighteners are put to cool down. 

Cost Of Beard Straightener

The most popular industry in men's care is the beard care industry. So, it is only natural to find beard straighteners which are either priced too low to be believable or too high to be affordable for the quality of service they provide. A standard range of good quality beard straighteners falls under the range of $20-$60. Luxury brands can go even higher. However, be wary of products that claim magical effects at a lower price range. Always stick to a well-known and trusted brand that has been in the industry for a long time.

You can also look for best straighteners by electronics companies or those coming from high-end hair and beard care product makers. Chances are, they know what they are doing. So, you will not be ripped off of your spending.

Based On Heating Type

Heated Thermal Brushes- In these straighteners, the brushes get warmed when the straightener is plugged in. Suitable for medium to long length beards, heated thermal brushes reach every gap and crevice of your beard, giving you a holistic and clean service.

Air Blowing Brush- These straightener brushes come with holes in them while letting out hot air. These types of straighteners are suitable for all beard lengths. Make sure when using the air should blow downwards, and not directly on your skin.

Flat Iron- These straighteners are similar to hair straighteners, where the flat’s inner sides are heated. These straighteners are most suitable for longer beards, as using them on short beards might burn your skin.

Few Words To Conclude

If you care about your looks, and your overall well-being, you already are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy beard. While people do argue that the heat from straighteners can damage your beard, with the right settings turned on and with an added level of caution, you can protect your beard from all kinds of damage.

To avoid issues such as too much heating or burning, you must take care of your beard by using proper beard care products like serums, balms, and most importantly bread oils. A cayzor beard straightener will straighten your beard and make you look more neat and elegant, while the extra ingredients help in beard growth. So, without wasting much time, hurry up and get yourself the best beard straightener and start looking good today!

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