Best Beard Straightener Brushes

Multi-functional beard brushing tools are integrated with quick heating elements to straighten different types of beards.

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  • Provides a silky and natural straight look
  • Advanced fast MCH heating technology
  • High-quality ceramic iron teeth comb
  • Excellent portability for travelling
  • Best for short and long beard styles
  • Provides easy glide through facial hair
  • Advanced ionic generator to remove fizz
  • Unique anti-scald design beard brush
  • Latest MCH ceramic heating technology
  • Ceramic tines to deliver smooth strokes
  • Heated Hair and Beard Straightening Brush
  • Lightweight and durable straightener comb
  • Auto shut-off safety mechanism
  • Premium Stealth Pocket Beard Comb
  • 360° swivel cord for better smoothening
  • Auto shut-off and anti-scald function
  • Ionic technology to prevent split ends
  • LED display for convenient settings
  • Best for thin, fine and wavy hair types
  • Heat resistant panel for more protection
  • Convenient to control the temperature
  • Intelligent safety protection system
  • 3-in-1 multifunctional straightening brush
  • ergonomic handles for effective groomings
  • Convenient operation with one hand
  • Helps to create glamours beard and hair
  • Three different temperatures and modes
  • Powerful performance in every pass
  • Anti-scalding design to protect facial-hair
  • Lightweight and portable size for travellings

Step-by-step Guide To Buy Beard Straightener Brushes


Not all men keep beards, but those who have been complemented in the past for their look and lifestyle choices. But those who don’t have a beard do not know how difficult it is to keep the facial hair well-groomed and neat looking. Those who have curly hair usually have more difficulty maintaining their hair, but those who have straight hair can have split ends or uneven growth. Most men across the world do not know the solution to this problem of beard grooming. Some companies are still manufacturing straightener brushes designed specifically to straighten men’s facial hair.

5 Things To Consider While Buying Beard Straightening Brush

Certain features need to be considered before buying a beard hair straightener brush for styling men’s facial hair:

Beard Length

One of the most important things to keep in mind before buying the appropriate product is to know the size of your beard. Some men’s grooming products at least need a minimum amount of medium hair length to make use of the product. Some products need a particular amount of beard hair to easily be grasped for heat, whereas shorter facial hair can be groomed with a simple brush or beard straightener brush comb only. For people with shorter one can keep them in place with premium oils sufficient to style.

Application Time

This is an important question to ask yourself how much time you want to spend on grooming or style your beard. Those who have shorter facial hair have to give it a quick brush and put on some oil in the morning. The maintenance of shorter facial hair is quite simple. Those with long beards have to spend more time and treatment for their facial hair. There are tons of heating tools available in the market today, and the most ideal is the new brushes that require minimal effort and give permanent results with just one use.

User-Friendly Nature

Another important aspect to keep in mind is where you will be using these tools. One should always avoid straightening their facial hair in cars, but one should not buy an electrical device if they don’t know where to use them. Men’s Beard Straightener Brushes and combs are recommended for people because they can be used just about anywhere.


Another important factor to consider is your budget, which can be taken care of once you know the product you want to use.


Another thing you should have clarity upon is whether you are looking for something natural or are okay using a chemical solution. Some products make more use of chemicals than others, and you should consider this point before making a decision.

How Do I Choose a Beard Straightener Brush?

There are tons of beard straightener brushes available in the market today, and there are so many companies that advertise their products, stating that their heated brushes are easy to use and instantly work from being messy to glorious. They have been around for a long time now, but people are just not aware of this product due to the lack of information. But now, these products are not taking a backseat and are right here to solve all your beard problems.

Is Heat Bad for Your Facial Hair?

After lots of research, we have all come to realize that heat is more than 185 degrees. Celsius was the sweet spot for using any heating tools on your hair. There is a certain amount of protocol that one needs to follow to ensure that heating tools do not permanently damage your hair. But it is said that hair can be maintained if hair dried with a temperature of 95 degrees, 15 cm away. But, the answer to the question is ‘Yes.’ Using heating tools and using a beard straightener can damage your hair if misused or overused.

What are the Different Types Of Beard Straighteners?

So, as per the market today, there are two different varieties of the best beard straightener brushes that can be used to tame your beards today, hair drying brushes and heated thermal brushes. In addition to this, flat irons are always an option, but using them so close to your face can be a huge risk. Hair drying brushes are quite similar to a hair dryer because they throw out hot air, which comes out of the bristles. They come in a round shape, but some are available in flat paddle designs as well. Heated brushes from companies such as Aberlite and Invjoy make use of internal heating elements that end up heating along with the bristles. Other forms of straighteners are called:

  • Ionic: Ionic dryers make use of negative ions to help fasten the process of drying the hair. Faster drying helps ensure less frizz because it gives the hair less time to soak in the water.
  • Tourmaline: This is quite similar to ionic dryers but produces more water for letting go of the negative ions.
  • Ceramic, Porcelain, and Infrared: This is used for even and consistent heating of hair. 

How do You Use a Beard Brush Straightener?

  • Firstly, get rid of excess water from the facial hair that you will be straightening. The beard should almost be completely dry.
  • Add oil like you usually do. Make use of a comb to remove any knots or tangles in your long beard.
  • Apply some heat protector for your beard. This helps in preventing your hair from getting damaged from being exposed to so much heat.
  • Turn the straightener brush on and set the desired temperature that you want to use it at. Usually, 385 degrees is considered the ideal temperature for usage.
  • Please wait for the brush to reach its temperature setting. Begin with brushing the hair on your cheeks, and then start moving downwards in a soft, smooth motion. Never stop the brush at one spot and continue moving at all times. One or two strokes would be enough but always work with your beard and experiment around it to know how appropriate it is for you. Do not end up over straightening your facial hair.
  • The chin hair needs to be brushed straight down, and if your facial hair is longer, you can always end up the hair on the chin to the side by using the jaw and the cheek as a flat surface to brush against.
  • Move downwards through the neck, and for people with longer facial hair, the brush needs to be run underneath. Once the whole process is done, use a comb to shape the beard in place.
  • Always make sure that you use the product for the least time possible, preventing your hair from getting damaged due to heat. One or two strokes are usually considered enough to straighten your beard while keeping the natural look intact. You can also experiment with the brush and style. But if you end up doing too much of this, it might start looking like fake facial hair and hence needs to be worked upon.
  • According to straightener brush reviews, this product definitely fastens and speeds up the process of grooming and can even help you achieve a great style much quicker. Brushes are great for basic styling, and if you are in some hurry but should not be used too often, they can damage your hair with overuse.


Neatness has a huge significance in our society, and those who are well-groomed are always appreciated. Keeping this in mind, it does take a lot of effort to keep yourself groomed at all times, but with the help of beard straightener brushes like CNXUS, one can spruce up this process and achieve results much faster than usual. The skill of grooming and styling your beard is a great skill to have, and one must always keep experimenting with attaining different but great results. Additionally, one must embrace their beard, whether long or short, curly or straight, because it takes a lot of effort to grow a beard. Simultaneously, one must take care of the time they have invested and use the best possible product for long-lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do beard straightening brushes work?

Yes, beard straightening brushes do actually work big time for curly and frizzy beards. In fact, the bristles of those brushes are far more effective in straightening the beards than any hair oils, waxes or balms.

2. Are beard straighteners worth it?

Beard straighteners are definitely worth it as they are a better choice than any other beard products to keep it straight for a long time for staying professional and attending meetings. They maintain the volume of the beard as it is and take less time to do the job.

3. Is a straightening brush bad for your hair?

There is no direct damage done to the hair when it is straightened out by a top branded straightening brush. The only damage that a brush can do to the beard is when it is applied for a long time which implies that users have to take caution of the heat.

4. How can I make my beard straight?

There are products like oils and gels that help in straightening the beard, but a high standard straightening brush from brands such as Aberlite and CNXUS can do the same job thoroughly and that too in less time.

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