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ZLINE Cooktop

ZLINE 36 Gas Cooktop With 6 Burners | ZLINE Cooktop With Griddle

ZLINE Cooktop Features

  • Premium quality Italian burner
  • Temperature control system
  • Stainless steel Hand-finished cooktop with 6 burners

Zline RC36 - Experience The Ease Of Cooking

Zline appliances present you with the handcrafted zline induction cooktop to suit your best kitchen cooking experiences. The one-piece top cooktop with efficient burners cater to temperature control and cooking a healthy meal with even cooking. The high quality of the burners is stemmed from Italian manufacturers promising the best and safe cooking experience. The easy to clean platform promises long-lasting years.


On average, the zline cooktop is 60 % less expensive and more efficient than the burners, which are available in the market. The zline appliances vouch for catering to the best features to drive in more happy customers. The electric cooktop is fitted with six burners to help you cook several dishes at the same time. The premium alloy allows cleaning the burners with ease. The iron grill provided on the 6-burner induction cooktop promises long-lasting years and can carry heavy cookware. The 6-burner induction cooktop is exceptionally durable and has exceptional strength, when compared to cosmo or hibhob are low-rated mechanism by the clients. 

Smooth finishing

The cooktop has 7-layer finishing to give the cooktop a smooth finishing. All the burners are fitted with electronic spark ignition and can handle the voltage of 120V-240V.

The zline induction cooktop is one of the best magnetic induction cooktops best suited for your customized modern kitchen. 

The product is highly recommended for those who are looking for a smart option for their smart kitchen. The installation of the 6-burner induction stove is effortless and has an excellent customer care service. Do not settle for less, buy zline products online today!

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