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WPEngine Hosting

WPEngine Hosting

WPEngine - Secure & Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting Platform

WPEngine Hosting Features

  • Automatic threat detection and blocking
  • 1TB local storage with 400GB bandwidth
  • CDN and SSL certification premium web hosting
  • Perfect to publish and update content

WPEngine - Provides Quality Managed WordPress Hosting

WPEngine has prevailed for over a decade now. Along with having 3 data centres, it has over 5 million customers across the world. This web hosting is primarily for those websites which are built with WordPress web hosting. Stop worrying about your IT team as WPEngine is here to save the day. Save your funds for creative processes as this hosting will handle everything, from IT tasks to fixing simple bugs. There are mainly three pre-designed plans for you to choose from, and you can also customize a plan for yourself according to your requirements. As the price goes up, the features keep on increasing.

With a guaranteed 99% uptime, your speed will never decrease even when the traffic on your website is heavy. This hosting service manages all the updates; thus, you can sit back and relax. WPEngine is mainly suitable for small businesses who wish to boost their growth. They provide you with resources that will improve your search and also the conversion rate. If you are developing a new site, then this hosting service will let you assess it before launching. No matter which plan you are opting for, you get unlimited data transfer as a default feature.

WPEngine gives you unmatched speed and also connects you to theme providers as well as marketing agencies. The customer support is fantastic as it is available 24*7. You can live chat with highly technical staff to resolve your issues instantly. Alongside, WPEngine hosting gives a 60-day money-back guarantee to all of its customers in case they are not satisfied with the chosen plan. Since it supports EverCache system that is mainly for WordPress, your website is going to load in the blink of an eye. Also, WP Engine runs daily scans for the virus to protect your website. Lastly, you can also count upon services like- Site Ground or Network Solutions for staying free of worries.

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