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VTER Face Mask

VTER Face Mask

VTER Breathing Mask for Multipurpose | Washable Cotton Face Mask

VTER Face Mask Features

  • User-Friendly mask for all skin types
  • Ideal for camping,hiking ,gardening and travelling
  • Better visibility and balance with elastic straps
  • High quality knitted cotton mask for sweat- absorbing

VTER - Comfortable Washable Cotton Face Mask

Fitness is of utmost importance to the people today. People are very particular about their fitness regimes and hate to miss a workout. With the global outbreak, many people got an unwanted break from their outdoor activities and were stuck at home. Now, for anyone to perform any activity outside, it has become absolute necessity to wear multi-functional Adult masks for protection. For this purpose, the VTER Adult masks are the best in the category you want to go running, cycling or woodworking. These masks are made with premium quality cotton which makes them very breathable and safe for the skin.

These masks are the same in functionality as the Holibetry Adult Masks as they can be worn for outdoor sports or for people who are more in the general public daily. This mask is a CDC recommended mask during the COVID-19. The cover is made with 65%polyester and 35% cotton makes it washable without damaging the form of the mask. The dust particles and air pollens settled on the mask can be flushed out when it is washed with cold water. The mask is also repeatedly used up to 30 times. The mask has high grade 2 layer cloth, which is made with knitted cotton. This provides easy breathing, sweat absorbing, and dust collection efficiency.

These masks have no prints on them like the Coolha Adult Masks, which come in various editions. The fabric used for making the ear loops of the masks is such that it will not hurt the ears even if worn for a long time. The mask is very stretchable and can fit easily on most face sizes. The VTREN face masks are one of a kind and come at a very affordable price. The masks are readily available today to everyone and are a necessity in the time of the pandemic. It has many unique features that are not available in most of the masks, and since it comes in packages, it can be purchased for your whole family or office at once.

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