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VISIONHMD Bigeyes H1 3D Video Glasses | VR Headset For Netflix

VISIONHMD Headsets Features

  • Comfortable and lightweight VR gear
  • Multiple functionalities like screen size, brightness, pupil distance
  • HDMI input connect to Blu-ray 3D, DVD, Roku
  • Compatible with power banks

Best Vision VR Headset Online

Best Vision HMD bigeyes H1 gets you this exclusive video glasses that works great to watch 3D movies or regular ones privately. Also, you can use the Virtual reality glasses to connect to Netflix, Apple TV, 3D movie online etc. It isn’t vision hmd vr headset but makes the best 3D video glasses with HDMI input offering the composition of the amazing 3D image by two individual LCDs. The technology is such that it stimulates human eyes and you are able to enjoy a comfortable and soothing experience of the 3D environment.

HDMI glasses display offers clear and sharp picture quality and each individual eye has been equipped with a 1280x720 LCD and the two pieces of the LCD deliver a fine 3D experience. Best HDMI video glasses support three video formats like frame packing Blu-ray 3D, Side-by-Side, Top-and-Bottom and it isn’t ideal for text, cad drawing, gaming. Best VisionHMD easily connects to the DVD player, Blu-ray 3D player, Apple TV, Roku, iPhone / iPad (Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter required, and not included).

As for the vision hmd vr headset price, the glasses are nor VR, but comes with HDMI output with adjustable pupil distance. The adjustable lens Dioptre ranges from that of 0-5.0 D without astigmatism or presbyopia. If you happen to be farsighted, near-sighted, or you have astigmatism or bad eyesight, then you need to put on your individual glasses. Choose the virtual reality headset that offers a flexible, compact and lightweight headband for ultimate comfort. Alternate products that can be considered are Pansonite VR Headset and Wapster VR Headset to experience the real and new technology.

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