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Urban Remedy Meal Delivery

Urban Remedy Meal Delivery

Urban Remedy Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Service | Urban Remedy Food

Urban Remedy Meal Delivery Features

  • Delivers meals from breakfast to evening snacks
  • Anti-inflammation and metabolism meal plans
  • Meals for chronically illness, food allergy, and weight loss

Urban Remedy Fresh Meal Delivery

Founded by Neka Pasquale, through her passion for the natural evolution of health and living a therapeutic lifestyle, she came up with her mantra of “food is healing” that later on became to be known as Urban Remedy - A fresh meal delivery. Inspired by the ones who care about their gourmet lifestyle and strive to eat for both pleasure as well as for nutritional health, she began her personal exercise for over a decade and integrated the acupuncture technique along with Chinese medicine to make a breakthrough in the world of healing modifications and cutting-edge nourishment to cultivate and stabilize optimal health.

Each and every ingredient in Urban Remedy is carefully chosen based on their healing properties from our naturally produced salts and oils and sweeteners. We assure our consumers of no compromise when it comes to the quality and integrity of our products.

It's a fact, good nutritional food is good for our planet. Thus, we strive to make each and every offering truly pure, natural and nourishing for every cell in your body!

Nutrition Facts!

Our packages are a 100% recyclable as well as recycled, non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, plant-based and a 100% eco friendly! We play the Farmer and not the Pharmacist!

Our Keto meal plan consists of minimal plant-based, the clean proportion of protein and robust amounts of fat consumption for achieving the nutritional ketosis!

Our organic juices are a perfect Urban Remedy drinks for detoxification as well as an afternoon or evening pick-me-up beverage, filled with nutrients, vitamins and enzymes.

Our handcrafted bars are also one of the best-sold products as well as an excellent meal substitute that is highly rich in healthy proportions of fat and protein.

Thus, by blending ancient methods with modernity, we empower our consumers to live a healthy and vibrant life! Other service with similar features are Keto frozen and Ketoned bodies

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