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Ketoned Bodies Meal Delivery

Ketoned Bodies Meal Delivery

Ketoned Bodies Organic Keto Meal Delivery | Order Keto Meal Online

Ketoned Bodies Meal Delivery Features

  • Fully prepared frozen keto meals
  • 100% grass-fed porks and beef
  • Handcrafted meals from Michelin starred chefs

Ketoned Bodies: Eco-Friendly Keto Meal Delivery Service

Extracted from the best regenerative agricultural farms such as from the renowned Polyface Farms that completely revamped the most worn out and eroded and abused farmland, Ketoned Bodies deliver you with the cleanest and the freshest meal delivery service right at your doorstep.

We believe in our regenerative agriculture method of farming and grazing as it works in favour of reverse climate shift, and the restoration of degraded soil.

Ketoned Bodies believe in feeding the planet, reversing the climate transition, creating drought-resistant soil, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, nurturing biodiversity, and most importantly improving our consumers’ health.


We keep our Keto food plan available for an entire week. We let you, our consumers decide and choose your most preferred meal from the menu option and place them in the cart. You can order Diabetic friendly meals too.

After you are done placing your meals in the cart, we offer you the discounts available that week that qualify your order depending on your order.

If you order ten or more than ten Ketoned Bodies meals, we offer you the free shipping offer.
With fifteen or maybe more, we offer you to save up to $15. And, with twenty-one or maybe more, we offer you to save up to $35. Hurray!

After you have chosen our Ketones Bodies meals that is the most suitable for you, we take you to our website’s checkout page where if you want to save additional money, you can opt for keto meal deliveries at a weekly or biweekly pace. If and after you choose to subscribe you will receive an email from us, where we offer to explain the different ways to change or modify your weekly keto meal plans and delivery.

Ketoned Bodies Delivery Process!

Your meals will be delivered in environmentally safe and eco-friendly Ketoned Bodies delivery containers. All you have to do is discard the lid. Now you have heat, reheat, eat and relish! Provenance meals and Yumble have similar features, you can select one according to your requirements. 

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