Best → Stoge Underwater Drone with 4K Camera
Stoge Underwater Drone with 4K Camera

Stoge Underwater Drone with 4K Camera

Stoge Lightweight Underwater Drone Submarine Camera for Video Recording

Stoge Underwater Drone with 4K Camera Features

  • Sturdy design and lightweight underwater drone
  • GPS tracking and flexible control system
  • HD lens takes high-resolution videos
  • Chargeable drone gives 4 hrs battery life
  • Features anti-lost warnings GPS chip

Stoge - Best Marine Drones For All Purposes

Are you looking for drones that can shoot live scenes underwater? Then, the Stoge underwater submarine drone is the best choice in the market. It is the best underwater drone, which is light in weight and portable. One can carry this underwater drone easily. 

It has 5 thruster structure designs. It reduces volume by 65%, weight by 56%, making it simple for operating. It is the best drone for beginners. It has a 1080p full HD camera, F / L.6 aperture, high-definition, low chromatic aberration, and accurate production. It can dive 15 meters to take high-resolution photos and videos and take lifelike underwater pictures. It is adjustable within ±45° of the fuselage. One can see more and shoot more. 

Locking the tilt angle can also advance, retreat, float, and dive. One can sail and hover at a specified depth to find and capture the picture you want precisely in the fixed depth mode. This marine drone is equipped with a GPS chip and displays the location promptly. It comes with a 4800mAh large-capacity lithium battery with 1-hour battery life. One needs to charge the submersible; other accessories do not need to be charged. 

This drone has similar features to the Stoge mini drone except for the shape. Stoge marine drone has 2 * 250 lumens that light up the colorful underwater world and see more clearly. It restores true colors, repairs underwater color distortion, removes impurities, and makes the picture quality clearer and cleaner. You can mere features in QIANLAI drone. It comes with three axis gyroscopes, compass, accelerometer. It can be operated with one hand. Capture your underwater memories with highest clarity and cleaner.

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